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More than 200,000 people are set to have to pay an extra 9% to use Microsoft services after April 2023, according to an update from the software giant. As is the case for many companies, the fluctuation of the dollar and other currencies means that disparities have arisen between the amount

The Future of IT Outsourcing

Between 2023 and 2027, the business process outsourcing market is set to increase by 6.8%. This is sure to be for several reasons, but the underlying fact remains for all situations; outsourcing allows teams to be strengthened affordably. At least one-third of UK business leaders are looking to outsource some operations, with IT

Top 10 IT Consultancy Companies in the UK

The IT consultancy sector is predicted to grow by 5.96% by the end of 2023 across the world. Due to ever-increasing digital pressures and consumer expectations, companies must now put their best technology foot forward if they want to be respected within their industry. Creative Networks offer an elevated service for companies

What Are the Different Types of IT Support

Are you clued up when it comes to the different types of IT support or does the world of technology leave you feeling that you are lacking a piece of vital code? In 2022, £2.6 trillion was spent on IT support services, which is expected to keep rising over the

What Is Level 4 IT Support?

If you have come stumbled across this article, you are likely trying to figure out what is Level 4 IT support? This top-level IT assistance comprises essential skills that every company needs to possess in 2023 and beyond to remain safe and competitive. Whether you are looking for ways to

What Is Full Service IT Support?

Given the operational demands imposed by the modern world, IT support has become more critical than ever before for companies of all sizes. From the perils of the dark web, which means cyber security needs to be more intelligent, to the complex demands of hybrid working teams, IT teams must be able

What Do IT Support Companies Do

If your IT operations are not working for your business demands, an IT support company could be a brilliant option for you. We often get asked, ‘what do IT support companies do?’ so we decided to pull together our guide in this blog to set the record straight. The IT outsourcing

What IT Support Means

IT Departments feature in every business, but unless you are a technology whizz yourself, the detail of what they do is likely a mystery to you. What IT support means is likely to be different for each company, but some factors will remain the same no matter which specialists you

telephone systems & voip

Phone Services

Did you know that employees averagely spend 33% of their working day using the phone? Making calls and sending messages is one of the main ways your teams can connect with people in your business and in other companies. Professional Phone Services from Creative Networks have been created to allow companies safe ways of

What is Level 3 IT Support?

Did you know that IT downtime can cost a business as much as £4600 per minute? Keeping an IT infrastructure running without issues is a complex task, but one that can be easily achieved with the right people. IT support at all levels is very much the technical glue that holds

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