We take pride in offering a first class service. Here are 10 reasons why you should choose us as your Managed IT & Telecoms provider

1. We understand IT and speak your language

We know how frustrating jargon can be, we deal with it every day, which is why we do our best to keep it jargon free and simple. Support is 1 call or email away, and the engineer dealing with your issue will have the knowledge to solve your problem, all our engineers hold the relevant qualifications and most importantly experience.

Our team is the backbone of our company, they are our ambassadors and the ones our customers speak to when there is a problem. They design and implement all our solutions and stay at the forefront of technology. We as a company ensure our team have all the resources, knowledge and tools available to deliver an excellent service.

2. We are Customer Centric, it’s all about you

Our business revolves around our customers’ we are here for our customers, and here because of our customers. For this reason we make sure that the customer is central to everything that we do. We make sure we listen to them and adjust our services so it is focused entirely on their needs.

Our customer centric approach is the reason why our customers have chosen us, for us it is all about them so we ensure we stay on top of the level of service we offer and always strive to be excellent.

3. Excellence as standard, we strive for it

Excellence is our minimum standard. This applies not only to the services we provide but also our knowledge and “know how” of the industry. We are constantly improving ourselves in order to maintain our excellence.

Our mission is to stay at the forefront of technology and we are constantly investing into our people and infrastructure in order to make sure that we are delivering excellence.

4. We Deliver on our promises

If we say we can do it will be done.

5. We have strategic alliances with big brands

We partner with Industry leading brands ensuring we have the best hardware, software and support.

6. We’re here to stay

Having seen growth over the past 10 years we have gone from strength to strength and seen strong growth even through the economic down turn. Which is not only testament to our excellent business set up but our resilience and attitude.

It is simple we are here for the long term and will not simply disappear overnight so you can rest assured you will never be let down.

7. We Love Tech

We are Tech people. We love what we do. It is our passion.

8. We go above and beyond the call of duty

Little things make the biggest difference, so just as we appreciate it, we do what we can to go that extra mile.

Since the focus of our service is based on making people happy we go the ‘extra mile’ in order to make sure that our customers’ are satisfied. We are known to do the little things for free simply to make our customers smile. This could be unrelated to the services we provide our customer, yet we endeavour to make sure it is addressed if you ask.

9. We take control, manage and become your IT Department

Being the IT department of our customers we naturally take control in regards to IT and lead rather than wait to be told what to do. We manage rather than simply support, we see it as our duty to make sure that your IT is ran in a manner that would be expected from an IT manager employed directly by our customers.

We strive to help our customers grow so we make sure we are always in contact with suggestions and recommendations that will help our customers grow.

10. We’ll give you a good game of pool and an excellent cup of coffee!

It’s true! We love to play pool and we love to drink coffee. Any time you want to come and enjoy with us, you are more than welcome!

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We employ our own 3CX accredited engineers, and with our partners we’re able to offer support and installation services for a whole range of other systems including NEC, Siemens, Avaya and Mitel.

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