What is Level 1 IT Support?

The life of an IT team is a busy one, to say the least! With the phone ringing off the hook, endless support emails flying in, and a range of business demands, it is no surprise that at least 37% of companies outsource some form of IT support.  You may have


How can VoIP Phone Systems Impact SMBs?  

In this post, we’ll break down the many ways a VoIP phone system can transform SMB operations. 👇  What is VoIP?  Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP for short, refers to telephonic communication that takes place through an IP network such as the internet. That alone isn’t innovative, but VoIP


What is Network Security for Businesses and Consumers? 

Network security protects a company’s data and resources throughout its network. This article covers network security, its varieties, and recommended practices.  A secure network prevents unauthorised users from accessing your data and disrupting your operations. Network security, in its simplest form, is a collection of policies and settings put in


Cookies & Cybersecurity: How are they connected?

Cookies stored in a user’s web browser are a crucial component of modern web navigation. Cookie Consent talks have been going on for more than ten years, since its introduction in 1994. Even among today’s most devoted internet users, there is a significant knowledge gap about cookies, their purpose, and


5 Ways Virtualisation can Give Back to SMEs in 2022 

What are some of the key benefits that virtualisation can bring to your SME?  If you’ve used Google Docs or Dropbox, you’ve used virtualisation of cloud computing. With newer and more powerful technology, virtualisation of cloud computing gives even more benefits to individuals and SMEs.  Many IT businesses only employ


9 Best Practices to Improve Your Disaster Recovery (DR) Planning

Here’s how to take your Disaster Recovery planning to the next level, whether you’re starting off or not. We live in a world where disasters, such as security breaches, data corruption, or hardware failure, will unfortunately occur regardless of how well we plan for them. Therefore, it is critical to

Is Raspberry Pi the Future?

The Concept The concept behind Raspberry Pi is simple, to encourage school pupils to learn how to develop programming skills. The tiny computer is the product from Raspberry Pi Foundation, a charitable organization setup for the aforementioned goal for young children. The Hardware The board is available in two models,

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