Cyber Security For Small Businesses

Protect your small business today and be ready for tomorrow’s threats with our advanced cyber security solutions.

Small Business Cyber Security

A small business in the UK gets hacked or compromised every 19 seconds. Cybercriminals routinely target SMBs because they lack a robust cyber security policy, making them an easy target for phishing, malware, denial of service attacks, SQL injections, and other nasties that can compromise systems, networks, and data.

40% of small businesses in the UK experience a cyber-attack each year (Statista), and 60% of SMBs go out of business within 6-months after a cyber-attack (Inc). The bottom line is small businesses cannot afford to take risks with cyber security.

At Creative Networks, we offer a range of small business cyber security packages to solve the most significant threats you face. We will build security into your IT infrastructure and create a 360°, enterprise-grade cyber security solution for your business. We will not only fix vulnerabilities but also fortify your defences against future threats.

Managed Cyber Security Packages

Our managed cyber security packages offer a 360°, enterprise-grade cyber security solution for SMBs. They go beyond protection by incorporating training, monitoring, scanning, threat detection and remediation into a single package.

We will build your cyber security package to the unique requirements of your business. We use scalable systems and technologies from leading vendors.

All our managed cyber security packages are flexible and scalable, so we can add and remove features based on demand. In other words, our cyber security solutions will scale up, down and around the needs of your business.

Common Cyber Security Threats

There are millions of cyber security threats ranging from website spoofing and phishing emails to targeted DDoS attacks. The types of cyber security threats your business is exposed to depends on your IT infrastructure.


an email-borne attack that tricks the recipient into downloading malware or opening a website with malware.

SQL injection

a web security vulnerability where a hacker will interfere with a website’s code to tamper and gain access to data.


a communication-borne attack that tricks the recipient into believing the source is legitimate, to scam and gain privileged access.


a type of malware that encrypts data on a computer and demands payment in return for granting access.


a type of malware that enters a system and disguises itself as a standard piece of software so it can run malicious code unhindered.

Denial of Service attack or Distributed Denial of Service Attack (DDoS)

where a hacker uses multiple computers to target a system and crash it.

Spear phishing

an email-borne attack where the attacker learns about the victim and impersonates someone they know.


a security vulnerability in a system that allows a hacker to gain access to it, perhaps through password guessing or a back door.

Information leakage

usually an accidental leakage of important information that is unencrypted and compromises your systems and IT.

How To Deal With Cyber Security Threats

There are five simple steps your business can take to deal with cyber security:

Invest in cybersecurity training

your employees need to know about the threats they face and how to deal with them appropriately.

Encrypt all data

run encryption on all devices, from USB drives to servers, to ensure any compromised data is valueless.

Secure all workstations

enable two-factor authentication and use password managers as company policy to prevent hacking.

Secure all networks

use a firewall, proxies, access control, anti-malware software, anti-virus software and a VPN.

Monitor your IT infrastructure

monitor your systems, devices and databases in real-time, so you know about attacks and can deal with them.

How Our Packages Deal With Cyber Security

Our cyber security packages offer best-of-breed security systems and tools designed to protect you from new and emerging threats.

Many of our customers work in industries that are highly regulated. We help them meet compliance and security standards, including ISO standards. No matter the complexity of your cyber security needs, our packages are an ideal solution.

We offer unique value in several key areas: advanced threat detection and response, building security into IT infrastructure, and consultancy. Our experience in the cyber security sector ensures sound advice and best practice.

While hundreds of cyber security experts are out there, we specialise in helping small and medium-sized businesses ensure continuity. We aim to assure the security of your IT so that you can operate with confidence and certainty.

Why Work With Us?

Our cyber security packages are proven to keep SMEs safe. We have successfully averted thousands of cyber-attacks, saving our customers millions of pounds.

Our packages are competitively priced and scalable without getting obscenely expensive. We will scale with your business. Many of our customers are in the Fintech, Edtech and Biotech spaces. These industries have extreme cyber security regulatory requirements, which we help them meet as a trusted IT partner.

Above all else, our cyber security experts are approachable and helpful. We’re here to help you do business safely, no matter what type of business you do. Reach out to us for a chat today, and we’ll take the time to explore our packages with you.

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