Free Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Our free assessment is the first step to bolstering your cyber security defences.

Our free cyber security risk assessment is the easiest way to determine if your cyber security defences are up to scratch. We will test your IT infrastructure and recommend steps to fortify yourself against the most significant threats you face.

According to the latest Government figures published in 2021, two in five businesses (39%) and a quarter of charities (26%) reported having cyber security breaches or attacks in the last 12 months – and these figures are growing each year.

Worryingly, only 83% of businesses have up-to-date anti-virus software, and figures show fewer businesses are using security monitoring tools now than in 2019. Companies are also finding it harder to roll out security measures during the pandemic.

At Creative Networks, we believe all organisations should have access to cyber security, which is why we created a free assessment. If you want to know whether your security is good enough, our assessment will test it and find out.

What You Get

Our free cyber security risk assessment is 100% free for all organisations and comes with no obligation to buy any add-ons or extra services. We will test your network, review your security measures and controls, and analyse the health status of your systems and IT environments. On completion, you will receive a risk report that outlines our findings and recommended steps.

Your cyber security controls may already be adequate for the threats you face. Either way, our cyber security assessment is the only way to know for sure. We will discuss our findings with you and advise on any changes. We can deploy and integrate new systems into your IT environment and provide training.

What You Will Learn

Our free cyber security assessment will give you a risk score based on multiple security points, with explanations for what the findings mean. You will know where you stand with cyber security and what you need to do next.

Our cyber security experts will discuss the findings with you. We will explain what threats you face and provide actionable advice to mitigate them.

Although this is a free assessment, we can bolster your security defences by installing security software, complex firewalls and system controls. We are here to make sure your organisation is fully protected.

Our Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Who Is The Assessment For?

Our assessment is particularly suited to SMEs. SMEs are prime targets for cybercriminals because they have fewer resources, fewer skills and smaller budgets, making it easier for cybercriminals to hack and penetrate SME defences.

Cyber-crime poses a threat to every organisation, especially those that deal with IT. Our cyber security assessment is for you if your organisation uses IT, be it a server room, cloud services, or a self-hosted website.

Cybercriminals are aware of all possible security vulnerabilities, and some will look for and target specific vulnerabilities. Any lapse in your security defences will give cybercriminals an opportunity to breach your IT.

Why Is The Assessment Important?

In today’s increasingly digital world, nearly all organisations are at risk of cyber-crime, and you don’t need sophisticated hardware to be a victim.

Something as simple as a weak password to a cloud service your organisation uses, like Google Drive or Office 365, could compromise your organisation. Likewise, something as simple as phishing could destroy a workstation.

It is vital that you understand all the security threats you face and know how to resolve them. Our free cyber security assessment ticks both boxes. You will gain a deep understanding of how secure your organisation is.

We will work with you to resolve security issues, fortifying your organisation against known threats, which will help satisfy your commitment to the UK GDPR, which requires you to take data security seriously with proper security controls.

Taking Cyber Security Further

Our free assessment is the first step to bolstering your cyber security defences. The next step is rolling out and satisfying relevant cyber security frameworks.

The UK GDPR is the big one. Your organisation must comply with the UK GDPR, as defined by the Data Protection Act 2018.

Depending on where and who you do business with, overseas cyber security frameworks could also apply, such as HIPAA (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and SOC 2. We can help you comply with all of these.

We also offer cyber security certification. We can certify you on the Government-backed Cyber Essentials scheme and help you gain ISO 27001 compliance.

Cyber Security Numbers In Detail

Two in five businesses (39%) and a quarter of charities (26%) reported having cyber security breaches or attacks in the last 12 months. Of these, one in five (21% and 18% respectively) ended up losing money, according to Government figures.

Another worrying figure from the same research is that around a quarter (27%) of businesses reported experiencing a cyber-attack every week. The most common type of attack is phishing, followed by impersonation (spoofing).

2021 research by Hiscox found that 1 in 6 businesses experienced a cyber threat that threatened their business in 2020, and the industries that experienced the most incidents were energy, retail, financial and food and drink.

What do these numbers tell us? They tell us that a significant number of businesses suffer cyber breaches. A breach means a breach in defences. Thus, the importance of ensuring your security measures are up to scratch cannot be overstated.

Why Choose Us?

In 2020, 46% of businesses reported a security breach or cyberattack (Gov). Among this 46%, 36% reported experiencing issues at least once a week. This goes to show that cyberattacks are not one offs. They are relentless.

Common causes of security breaches include unauthorised use of computers or networks by staff, ransomware, viruses, malware, spoofing and phishing. All of these threats can be nullified by having a robust cyber security policy in place.

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