IT Support For Law Firms & Solicitors

Get industry-leading IT support for your law firm with no fuss from our experts. We take care of everything IT so you can get down to business.

A better breed of IT support

Your law firm needs correctly specified and reliable IT systems to conduct business. But the last thing you want is a complexity headache.

We understand the unique challenges you face. Our experience helping law firms puts us in the best position to solve your IT problems. From vendor and system selection to VoIP issues, we provide support and deliver value in all areas of IT.

Case management systems

We have extensive experience with case management systems. We have expertise in Leap, Proclaim, Peppermint, DPS and many other case management platforms, allowing us to provide support faster than your vendor.

We also assist with vendor and system selection, installation, setup and training. Whatever your law firm’s challenge, we will help you meet it.

Telephony and VoIP

We offer a range of telephone solutions. These include traditional onsite telephone systems and fully hosted and managed “cloud” based systems.

When you have problems with your telephone systems, this can affect your ability to do business and communicate with legal clients. We will provide technical support and solutions on the same day to get you back up and running.

Managed IT

From hardware and software installation to maintenance and troubleshooting, our managed IT services take care of your law firm’s IT infrastructure.

Services include hosted telephony and VoIP, IT support, managed cloud and hosting, network provisioning, disaster recovery, network security, networking testing, upgrades and updates. Leave everything to us. We’ve got this.


The old way of IT support – providing support as and when you need it – only goes so far in today’s world. That’s why we utilise network monitoring and observability solutions to catch problems and respond in real-time before they get worse.

This ensures we are always in the right place at the right time. It means you can leave your law firm’s IT to us with no worries about reliability.

We’re specialised

Extensive experience working with law firms

We’re available

Reliable 24/7 IT support when you need it

We’re scalable

Scalable IT support to meet any demand

We’re affordable

Monthly plans available with flexible add-ons

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