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8 out of 10 businesses have no disaster recovery plan. Are you one of them?

The measures an organisation takes to ensure that they can continue to operate during a disaster, whether natural or the result of a criminal act is known as Business Continuity, not to be confused with Disaster Recovery. Every company should plan for potential disruption. An effective recovery procedure can significantly reduce the impact on your productivity, revenue and customers should the worst happen.

The most important factors to consider are location, key people, and what systems you simply can’t do without. At Creative Networks we can provide for all of these.

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Differences between a local backup and a remote managed backup?

An onsite backup is a local backup of your data that is stored on the premises of your company. This backup method has the distinct advantage of providing low-cost data protection. Data retrieval times are faster than web-based ones because the data can be transferred to your desktop via a wired connection. A local backup has the drawback of frequently being subject to the same catastrophes as your primary data storage device. If your hard drive is stolen, your local backup is likely to be stolen as well.

This is where remote backup can come in handy for business owners. You can add another layer of security to your data retrieval strategy by keeping a copy of your data in a geographically separate location. Although remote backup upload times may be slightly longer than local backups, your data will be safe and fully accessible when you really need it.

Designed to maximise performance, cost, and data storage effectiveness.

24×7 Safeguarding

Our skilled engineers keep an eye on and safeguard your data from our secure UK data centres.

UK Data Centers

All our secure data centers are ISO 27001, PCI compliant and Tier 3, ensuring a truly secure domain.

On-Premises/Cloud or Hybrid

Data storage and managed backup services on-premises, cloud or hybrid — it’s totally up to you.

Features and benefits of Managed Backup


Prevent data loss due to hardware failure.

Reduce the risk of malicious attacks on your system.

Restore files quickly and easily in case of accidental deletion or corruption.


Gain peace of mind knowing that you have a secure backup solution in place.

Save time by automatically backing up data without manual intervention.

Feel secure knowing that all your important data is safely stored offsite and can be recovered quickly if needed.

Accredited to the max

We have combined several years of experience and worked with a wide range of globally recognised partners.

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