Support for IT Managers

Unrivalled IT support for IT managers and internal teams. Enhance your capabilities with remote and on-site IT support that helps you succeed.

Are you an IT manager struggling to meet service demand? Our IT technicians are here to help

Creative Networks is a trusted IT outsourcing partner to SMEs and larger enterprises. We help IT departments run efficiently by delivering expertise and support wherever needed so that internal resources don’t get too stretched.

Another application for our IT support is 2nd and 3rd line support, where we take over the handling of specialised IT problems. This allows us to deliver deep value by freeing up specialists in your team who have other things to do.

We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our expertise and how we can work in partnership with you to improve service levels.

2nd and 3rd Line Support

Our team of IT technicians can work with your internal team to provide support for challenging support issues. We provide 2nd and 3rd line support to improve service levels and deal with the most complex tickets you have.

Whether you have a critical incident or a challenging user request, we will always be available to help remotely on the same day.

IT Support Wherever You Need It

IT departments have a lot on their plate. Project timelines can be eaten into by support requests. IT managers can be forced to sacrifice one deadline for another. All of this can be avoided with our first-class IT support service.

You can outsource tickets and projects to us. You can use us for 2nd and 3rd line support. You can plug skill gaps with our experts. Wherever you need support, we’re here to help.

Overfill Services

Busy IT teams can easily be overwhelmed with support requests. Why not let our IT specialists deal with these requests for you? We can either handle requests or take over your normal activities. Either way, this will free up resources.

We also provide cover for peak times and cover for absences and holidays to ensure your IT department is always at its most capable.

Deep IT Expertise

We are a full-service IT company with deep expertise in the fields of cyber security, cloud computing, hyperconvergence, disaster recovery and telecoms. You can trust our expertise and knowledge to support all your IT requirements.

We give you access to certified IT experts so you can add quality to your team and free up congestion. This is the best way to enhance your IT capabilities.

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