IT for Dentists

IT support and solutions for dental practices. Assure patient satisfaction with no IT hiccups getting in the way. No jargon, no fuss. Just IT you can trust.

How many times has a computer frozen in your dental practice?

When your dental practice relies on IT to operate performance issues and downtime can directly impact patient satisfaction and patient care. What you need is an IT system that is fit-for-purpose and built to meet demand.

That’s where we come in. We design, install, configure and remotely monitor dental IT systems that are future-ready and fit-for-purpose.

From cloud deployment and networking to phone systems and cyber security, we cover every gamut of your IT requirements. We have deep expertise with leading dental practice management software and provide industry-leading IT support.

What we offer

IT Support

Secure Email

Wi-Fi and internet

Advanced Cyber Security

Cloud Deployment

Telephone and VoIP

Dental Software Rollout

Backup and recovery

Dental IT Support

Whether you have an Office 365 issue, no internet connection or your phone systems are down, we provide rapid IT support and response.

We have qualified engineers and a manned help desk. We are always available and happy to take your call. Most dental IT issues can be fixed remotely. There’s nothing we can’t handle, and we aim to provide a solution within 1 hour.

Dental IT Systems

We specialise in the design of dental IT systems on a hardware and software level. Our IT systems are future-ready and fit-for-purpose.

Whether you want to use cloud-based collaboration tools, on-premises storage or specialised dental practice management software, we’re the team to call. We are vendor neutral and design solutions for all practice sizes.

Dental Backup and Recovery

Our backup and recovery solutions save copies of important files so that in the event of a crash, hard drive or virtual storage failure, they can be recovered.

When you are faced with a situation of data loss, it’s essential that your dental practice can recover that data and get back up and running as soon as possible to minimise downtime. Backup and recovery is also essential to comply with the GDPR.

Dental Wi-Fi and Internet

Our Wi-Fi and internet solutions for dentists take full advantage of local infrastructure and deliver a fast, reliable connection everywhere.

Solutions include 5G and 4G connectivity, wireless business broadband, ADSL business broadband, leased lines and FTTP and FTTC. We are vendor-neutral and can recommend the best internet connectivity solutions for any application.

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