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Cyber Essentials is recognised globally. The scheme was created in the UK, using local case studies as examples, but has been developed to be relevant to international markets.

Cyber Essentials was launched by the UK government in 2014 to regulate security processes for companies. Supported by the National Cyber Security Centre, the scheme promotes efficient safeguarding for organisations of all sizes against the genuine risk of cyber-attacks. To achieve this, the system covers five pillars of operations, all deemed critical to achieving safe operations.

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What is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber essentials can be achieved by showing compliance with the above-listed factors. Most companies achieve this by working with a professionally managed service provider to implement the processes that will result in adherence to the five categories. The scheme was also updated in 2022 to include additional criteria which better represent modern security risks. This is just one of the many reasons we promote conformity with the outlined pillars to our clients.

If you want to find out more, check out our cyber security toolkit.

Creation of firewalls

Designed to protect against incoming and outgoing data, a firewall is essential for any company using digital programmes.


User control

Whether you have a global team, work with international suppliers, or need updated access occasionally, ensuring safe user control is essential. We offer safe user settings such as Microsoft 365 accounts and the implementation of cloud networks.


Secure software

Ensuring that software is safe to use is highly important. Whether you need to use general tools or industry specific programmes, cyber essentials ensures safety across the board.


Malware protection for all users

This is one of the most important elements if you bid for government contracts, as data safety is among the highest priorities.


Patch management

This protects against any access that may be made via third party programmes, which we know are essential for all business forms.


Features and benefits of Cyber Essentials

Reduced risk of cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

Improved compliance with data protection legislation and regulations.

Increased security awareness among employees

Enhanced reputation and credibility with customers, partners, suppliers, etc

Reduced insurance premiums for cyber liability coverage.

Peace of mind knowing that your organization is secure from cyber threats.

The certification offers measures that both prevent and resolve cyber-attacks. Having all bases covered in cyber protection is essential for improving success rates of solving problems and reducing the financial risk that a company faces. As the certification requires input and education from all team members, it also improves user knowledge and awareness, a critical component of digital safety.


Companies that obtain the Cyber Essentials certificate can bid for government and public centre contracts. This is because the compliance standards require stricter security measures which this certification demonstrates. 


The scheme is also available to organisations outside the UK, allowing for better cross-country collaboration and broader recognition for those who achieve the accreditation. By proxy, this also improves competitiveness in wider markets.


Cyber Essentials requires ongoing measures to be in place even after achieving the status. By having standards to meet, companies can develop robust IT infrastructures that appeal to customers and suppliers and maintain employee happiness.


The scheme also offers the ability for companies to work closely with professional managed service providers who specialise in IT operations. This not only helps develop a strong relationship but means that other areas of digital performance are likely to be strengthened at the same time.


Robust cyber security measures help a company develop a healthy IT network. Cyber Essentials gives businesses the procedures and tools required to operate resiliently, which offers many other benefits to the entire company.


The cost to achieve a Cyber Essentials certification starts from just £300. This signifies a cost-effective solution for companies to adopt when looking to improve their cyber safety and enhance company reputation. Think to yourself, does paying this cost sound like a lot when you consider how much could be lost if a breach takes please?


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