BP plc, sometimes referred to by its former name British Petroleum, is one of the world's six "supermajor" oil and gas companies. Afton Chemical manufactures fuel & lubrication additives for gasoline, ethanol, engine oil, diesel, transmission fluids & gear oil.

Key Outcomes


The 3CX solution has changed the way Petty Real's customers communicate with them, with uniformed IVR, specific hunt groups and dedicated call forwarding for all sites which help with the customer journey.


Mobile workers now enjoy an effective solution where they can make calls of their mobile apps or the softphone feature. This has added another dimension to providing excellent service all round.


The flexibility, features and quality of the 3CX solution has meant efficiency has increased internally and therefore increasing customer satisfaction.

What were the challenges?

BP and Afton Chemical partnered on a joint venture to explore the next generation of fuel. With surging demands for fuel, it is vital for leading companies like BP and Afton Checmicals to stay at the forefront and constantly develop and refine fuel for both economy and efficiency. Whilst doing so, it also is fulfilling their social responsibility to protect the environment.

To achieve this, they required a specialist team. The trials were to be carried out and Germany using a range of Mercedes and Volkswagen cars. Each car was fitted with specialist equipment to read data, which had been logged from the vehicles over the period of one week. The trials lasted for several months producing a vast amount of data from each vehicle every day. Once the data was captured, it was soon realised a method of analysing and distributing the data was required.

What were the solutions?

Creative Networks was engaged to analyse, manage and distribute the data to all the involved parties. Thrilled at the opportunity, engineers met with the team and the manufacturers of the data capture systems to find a research its functions and operations.

A project plan was created and Creative Networks took control of the management of data. Each week data from 6 vehicles was shipped to our offices. Using specialist equipment and software the data was converted, analysed and reports were generated. The reports were then delegated to the necessary participants.

The project was successful and it allowed vital research to be carried out.

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