Petty Real are a well established and reputable estate agent group with 15 sites across Lancashire and Cheshire. They pride themselves on providing excellent service which has led them to winning numerous awards. Petty Real had a disjointed telephony solution which was having an impact on customer experience. Their current solution was also lacking in terms of functionality and ease of use.

Key Outcomes


The 3CX solution has changed the way Petty Real's customers communicate with them, with uniformed IVR, specific hunt groups and dedicated call forwarding for all sites which help with the customer journey.


Mobile workers now enjoy an effective solution where they can make calls of their mobile apps or the softphone feature. This has added another dimension to providing excellent service all round.


The flexibility, features and quality of the 3CX solution has meant efficiency has increased internally and therefore increasing customer satisfaction.

What were the challenges?

The current telephony solution was split between various providers across the region with varying service levels. This was vital to be managed as Petty Real is a service driven business and downtime is critical. The various systems wouldn’t allow effective communication between offices and mobile workers which meant high costs and lack of service when dealing with customers and internal teams. As the systems were with different providers, there was limited reporting and feature capabilities, thus not allowing the business to be working as effectively as they wanted to – especially with the growth plans they had in mind.

What were the solutions?

Petty Real engaged with Creative Network to discuss options and the best way to manage the whole network of offices with one solution. We introduced 3CX as this could be rolled out to all the sites effectively, easily managed by one central solution whilst still giving each individual site control of reporting function and features. Petty real wanted to move to a system that was not only cost effective, but was also offering a host of considerations including flexibility, agility, ability to scale, integration, a range of features and a solid disaster recovery function.

The outcomes

With extensive growth plans, the 3CX system will allow Petty Real to scale upwards as quickly as they need to.

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