Reasons to use our Hosted Desktop service

A Hosted Desktop allows businesses to work from anywhere, with no need for servers or associated IT hardware. We provide you with loads of file storage, a server (to host your business applications), Microsoft Office with Outlook (or use your own licence if you have, say Microsoft 365), a full system backup, bank grade security and encryption, all managed and supported by us 24/7 x 365.

All you need is an endpoint device like a laptop/tablet/phone. Users can work from anywhere with an internet connection and access everything they need as if they were in the office.

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Reasons to use our Hosted Desktop service

Work remotely from anywhere in the world

Use any device to work from

Improve security

Ensure your business is always fully backed up

Your data security is top priority. We do not negotiate on security. We understand any breach can have disastrous consequences for your company, your reputation and ours. We will make sure you are safe guarded. You can rest assured and with confidence that your data is safe and secure at all times with our hosted remote desktop solution.

We understand Every company has its own requirements and is unique – in their size, services and who they serve. That’s why your Hosted Desktop package is made to measure for you. We’ll tailor it to suit your exact requirements and include all the applications you’ll need. Each setup is unique. Whether you need a setup for 1 user or 10,000, we’ve got you covered.

Our solution is powered by Microsoft providing mobile, flexible working and security of your business.

Don’t let the speed and performance of your current network frustrate you. Say goodbye to the price and hassle of maintaining your existing network with a fast and efficient Hosted Windows Desktop solution. We will design and manage the solution specifically for you. From design, deployment and management as well as any monitoring and updates to keep everything working perfectly.

e are hear to help, we have a UK based manned service desk ready to support you every step of the way. If you have any questions or concerns about our Hosted Desktop services or pricing just ask. Our customers are always our number one priority.

We use industry leading technology allowing you to run your business applications with us. We also offer a full suite of Microsoft Applications including, Office 365.

Successful businesses rely on IT and communication. That’s why your Hosted Remote Desktop solution must be reliable and robust. At Creative Networks, we offer an incredible uptime of 99.9% so your business can keep running smoothly, even in the unlikely event of hardware failure.

We take backups of your server environment and a perfect copy is replicated to a standby server. We store them for a total of 30 days.

Features and benefits of Hosted Desktop


Increased mobility and flexibility for remote access.

Improved security by centralising data in the cloud.

Reduced IT costs from eliminating physical hardware requirements.


Easier collaboration with colleagues, no matter their location.

Streamlined onboarding process for new employees or contractors.

Greater peace of mind knowing your data is safe and secure in the cloud.

Faster response times to customer inquiries due to increased accessibility from any device.

Enhanced scalability when expanding operations or changing business needs quickly and efficiently without additional investments in hardware infrastructure.

Improved user experience through a unified interface across all devices that allows users to work seamlessly on any device they choose, anytime and anywhere they need it most.

Automated software updates so you always have the latest version running on your system without manual intervention.

Accredited to the max

We have combined several years of experience and worked with a wide range of globally recognised partners.

Why not see what we can do for your business?

Our friendly team is ready to answer any questions you may have. If you are interested in any of our products or services, then have a discussion with us!

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