IT Support for the Legal Sector

With the continual digital transformation that the legal sector continues to witness, it will come as no surprise to hear that IT budgets for legal companies are predicted to increase threefold by 2025. The rise in industry competition, increasing digital expectations from clients, and scalability demands all have a role to play within this. This is further enhanced by the fact that 60% of legal professionals plan to increase their technology investment by the end of 2023.


Our own experience of providing IT support to the legal sector has echoed these trends. The reality is that technology helps companies meet the modern demands of consumers and employees and offers solutions to long-term operational headaches within the industry. 


Continue reading to learn how IT support can improve the performance and efficiency of legal businesses.


What’s the Role of Technology in the Legal Sector?

Bound by tradition and legislation, the legal sector has come a long way in terms of its use of technology in recent years. Between November 2021 and 2022, law firms increased their spending on technology and IT support by an average of 7.1%, confirming a positive increase in the totals being spent. 


Technology has a role in modernising the legal sector and automating historical processes that have previously relied on manual working. Automation is essential as it allows for cost savings to be made, which are essential given the rising costs of resources worldwide. This also reduces the chance of risks occurring and allows legal professionals to operate more confidently with the data supporting them. As a sector that relies on facts, figures, and cold-hard evidence, IT support can provide the required data type. 


There is also a need for technology to improve transparency within legal operations. This benefits clients and legal professionals by demonstrating compliance and efficient procedures. Being able to operate more reactively is also relevant as the very nature of legal operations is being able to respond in a timely manner.


Finally, it should also be noted that technology allows legal companies to operate virtually. This improves client and staff acquisition capabilities and provides further cost-saving benefits. Technology, as with its purpose in other sectors, is responsible for providing modern solutions to longstanding issues that will give the legal sector stability for the future.

What IT Support Tools Can the Legal Sector Optimise?

Cloud-Based Services

There is no denying that cloud technology is changing the landscape for all industries. Cloud services allow all operations to occur online and be accessed securely from anywhere in the world by approved team members. 


As the legal industry has only really adopted cloud technology as a preferred method of working since the pandemic, some confidence issues need to be ironed out. By working with professional IT support teams, cloud services can be set up efficiently to provide teams with the digital structures needed for long-term operating success. Additional benefits associated with adopting cloud computing include cost-savings, improved collaboration potential with clients, positive brand perception within the industry, tighter security, and flexibility. 


Cloud services, such as Microsoft 365, are also user-friendly and allow workplace teams to collaborate more effectively. Bespoke networks can also be set up to align with industry-specific programmes, which provide further efficiency advantages and automation facilitation.  


Cyber Security

Operating safely online and protecting client information is paramount in the legal sector. This is why we recommend our cyber security services to law companies. 


75% of law firms report being a victim of a cyber-attack, likely due to the nature of the data involved and the email-heavy nature of the role. The wealth of sensitive data being managed by law companies will always be at risk; unfortunately, security breaches are becoming more intelligent. This proves that a professional cyber security network is not just a nice to have but a necessity.  


User awareness training is a recommended form of IT support for teams as it allows professionals to be more confident when using digital platforms. This training covers every aspect of safe working online and ensures that when cyber-attacks are initiated, they can be spotted by every team member. 


Another IT support service that can improve cyber security for law firms is undertaking a cyber risk assessment. This should be carried out at least every few months and allows a clear view of a company’s entire IT infrastructure to be obtained. As well as providing a list of actions that need to be fixed to ensure safe operations also helps a company save money as risk is reduced. A professional IT agency can conduct an assessment quickly and not leave any stone unturned. 


You could also choose to outsource the management of your cyber security completely or partially, which gives legal companies the option to choose an IT support package that is ideal for their budget. 


Security Compliance

The legal industry is also subject to strict compliance. This is because large amounts of sensitive data are being stored. It should also be noted that there is a requirement for many parties to be able to access a certain piece of data which can further enhance the risk associated with it. Security compliance IT services offer a way to showcase that a company is operating to the highest standard of security procedures. 


Some popular options we offer are the ISO standards, a universally recognised stamp of professional services. ISO-27001 is a great choice for the legal sector as this monitors the security and data protection associated with information security management. This is also a standard that many clients will be familiar with, meaning that trust can be promoted for companies that comply. You may also want to consider ISO-22301 (Business Continuity Planning) and ISO-9001 (Quality Management).


IT support agencies, such as our own, cannot only help obtain industry-recognised certifications but also provide the structures that facilitate constant compliance. Other benefits to companies include lower insurance premiums and increased competitive advantage. 


Telecoms Management

IT support companies can also provide legal businesses with professional solutions for telecommunications management. This is important as traditional systems are unsafe to use in the modern digital world due to increased security risks and technological advancements.

At Creative Networks, we offer this support through phone systemscloud telecomsmobile, and 3CX technology. This covers all areas of communications requirements and ensures that team members are sufficiently set up for all means of contact. 


It is important for legal clients that they can always contact their representatives, so having professional telecom systems is vital for facilitating this. Other benefits also include cost-savings, improvement to company culture, and reduction in the amount of hardware that is needed if cloud solutions are chosen.


Does IT Support Offer a More Cost-Effective Solution for Law Forms to Technology Management?

As we have covered, the demand for technology within modern legal practices is high. This means that if not managed efficiently, increased costs could be passed on to businesses. 


Professional IT support is a way for companies to benefit from increased information technology presence without having to pay for multiple full-time staff members. There is also the option to outsource all tasks or just a few, allowing greater budget flexibility.


A professional IT expert will be able to design an IT infrastructure that contains all essential software and hardware in a way that makes more financial sense. 


You can find out more information about how you can create an effective IT support budget by clicking here.


How Can Creative Networks Help Companies Within the Legal Sector?

As one of the best IT consultancy companies in the UK, we are confident in the support that we can provide to legal companies of all sizes. The various types of IT support that we provide mean we can create bespoke packages unique to each company’s requirements. 


Creative Networks can also help in the following ways:


  • Provide remote IT support that any team member can access to ensure issues are resolved quickly.
  • Improve accessibility for your teams by creating bespoke cloud networks and secure connections. 
  • Help improve productivity for employees as we can implement systems that are simple to use and free from errors.
  • Improve your brand image by providing you with all the levels of compliance needed to be seen as a trusted legal firm. This is further enhanced by our role as a G-Cloud 13 partner, as our company is recognised as offering excellent services suitable for public and private businesses. 
  • Ensure that your company culture is positive and digitally minded, essential for continuing growth in technology-driven markets.


Choose IT Support from Creative Networks

As we have covered, the legal industry is undergoing a vast digital transformation which means now is the time to invest in professional IT support. Having the right foundations in places ensures companies can be scalable, flexible, and operate dynamically, no matter what is thrown their way.

To find out more about how Creative Networks could elevate IT support for your legal company, please get in touch with us.

IT support is a flexible solution that we believe all forward-thinking law practices should be investing in. Are you ready to start your digital transformation?

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