IT Support for the Education Sector

The education sector, like many others, is subject to profound technological changes due to the ever-changing landscape of digital operations. Not only is it essential for educational companies to have fully functional IT networks, but it also is important for their students to gain access to the latest technology. 


For educational companies, any changes to technology requirements must comply with data management and safeguarding standards. Due to a lack of resources and lower budgets for public sector companies, this can mean that technology is not always invested in.


The solution? IT support from professional agencies such as Creative Networks


Please continue reading to learn more about how IT support can change the game for educational companies and why it is imperative to invest in solutions before it is too late. 

What’s the Role of Technology in the Education Sector?

Technology has a huge part to play in the education sector, which will only continue to increase as we steam through 2023 and beyond. It is also increasingly becoming something that everyone relies up which means working without professional solutions behind your brand could have a negative impact.


It is reported that UK schools are some of the most advanced in the world regarding technology adoption, with 64% of schools using some form of technology in everyday learning and practices. This represents a clear correlation between IT support and student experience.


Technology within education is also important as it ensures the younger generations are being introduced to the skills needed for a modern digital world. In the UK, 92% of adults use the internet. This is a considerable proportion of the population and represents the need for technology skills to be taught as a core curriculum topic. Education providers must invest in their own IT support and services to ensure that the correct abilities are being taught.  


IT also has a key role in automating processes and reducing spending. UK educational budgets continue to be cut, and we don’t believe this should represent not being able to invest in IT. Instead, technology can reduce administration time, improve productivity, and reduce the spending needed on different software platforms. The future of IT outsourcing also demonstrates how educational providers can minimise spending on digital support. In this sense, technology is key in helping education sector businesses stretch their budgets further. 


What Advantages Can IT Support Bring to the Education Sector?

As you can see my checking out our article about what IT support companies do, the possibilities for helping education sector businesses are plentiful. Here are just a few of the main advantages that we think education companies can benefit from:

Cyber Security is Improved

Meeting educational institutions’ high data security requirements is achievable with professional cyber security support. This issue will likely be high on the radar for many companies as cyber-attacks within education will increase by 44% in 2022.


When cyber breaches occur in educational companies, it is not just company data at risk of being accessed but also student records. 


One of the main reasons that we see security breaches taking place is human error. Whether it is because a student has access to something on an unsecured network or a phishing email is received by an admin assistant who doesn’t realise what it is, the risks are genuine. User awareness training offers a huge benefit to educational companies as it allows additional measures to be taken to combat cyber threats in the form of all involved personnel becoming gatekeepers.  


Other forms of IT support, including security compliance and security risk assessments, also mean that education sector businesses can operate with much less risk. Investing in professional IT support to improve cyber protection also includes benefits such as reduced spending, stronger disaster recovery strategies, and improved brand perception. 


Remote Connectivity Facilitated

IT support can also ensure that digital learning can be accessed remotely and securely. Students of all ages benefit from remote learning, which is why it is a popular choice. 

Whether it is a piece of remotely accessed information that can help a child with their homework or a full online adult education course, the need for remote connectivity is undeniable. IT support can facilitate this through bespoke software applications and cloud services.


This brings many advantages, with student and employee experience being high on the list. It also offers cost savings versus being in a physical space and ensures more people can access resources, providing additional revenue-increasing elements. Collaboration capabilities are also improved for students and education company providers, who can better communicate with suppliers and other institutions.


The benefit of achieving remote connectivity through a professional IT provider is that it can be set up with safety in mind. If IT support is not used to achieve this, there is a risk that the wrong people can access data. End users could also receive a glitchy experience if full server connectivity is not achieved, which could negatively impact the company in question.  


Out of Hours Support to Ensure Resources Are Always Available

For many education companies, out-of-hours support is essential. This is because students and suppliers will need to be able to access help when the main office hours have passed. IT support means that 24/7 help can be offered, which is key to keeping everyone happy and online. 

To achieve this, we offer complete remote support and Level 4 support services.

Level 4 IT support is given to any technical IT tasks that are outsourced to a third-party company, otherwise known as a Managed Service Provider. 


This brings with it many benefits, which include the following:


  • Faster response times and improved customer experience.
  • Improved efficiency and productivity for everyone involved. 
  • Companies can bring in additional IT talent without committing to full-time staff, which is essential for education providers with smaller budgets. 
  • Smaller companies can benefit from a more professional IT network and operate in line with their larger counterparts without spending over their budget.
  • Cyber security is strengthened and can be managed more closely to further mitigate associated business risks. 


What services can Creative Networks provide for Education Sector Companies?

Scalable Solutions 


We understand that educational needs are constantly changing, which is likely to be reflected in your technology demands. All our professional IT services can be fully scalable to ensure that as your business changes, so does your IT network. Whether you need to bring in more users, add a new piece of software to your network or expand the range of your servers, we can do it all.


System Back-Ups 


Keeping all student and professional data safe is essential. When it comes to learning, losing data will ultimately result in losing funds and knock-on effects that push students off course. Our backup networks ensure everyone can operate with complete confidence and be able to access any information whenever it may be required. 


Data Security


As specialists in cyber securitydisaster recovery, and security compliance, we are well-equipped to keep your educational student’s data safe. Thanks to IT processes, this can all be automated and correlate directly with various software programmes to ensure you always have access to the information needed. 


We also provide services that enhance user security, including MFA App password support and user awareness training.


Technology to Connect


We offer Microsoft 365 and Telecommunications services (PhonesCloudMobile and 3CX), offering education sector companies the tools they could possibly need to work collaboratively. Whether you need to set up hundreds of accounts for students or implement professional operations in head-office environments, we offer the services that bring people together. 


Reactive IT Support


We offer all levels of IT support, which can be tailored to suit your own operating model. This means that costs can be saved without services being compromised. 


How Do I Choose the Best IT Company to Support by Education Sector Business?

A few factors should be considered when placing an IT support company. The main of which being the services that are on offer. The last thing you want to do is bring in additional companies because an agency is not equipped to manage the full plethora of challenges that education can bring. 


We also recommend that you select an agency with experience in supporting education sector businesses. This is because the industry is niche and requires an understanding of the unique demands and compliance regulations. You can view case studies and testimonials or ask an agency to share their relevant experience. 

As experts within the field of education IT support, we are proud to confirm we meet all these criteria and are equipped to offer elevated support to all forms of education companies.


Still unsure how to choose an IT support company? Click here to read more.


Choose IT Support from Creative Networks

As experts with more than 15 years of experience supporting education companies, Creative Networks is the ideal company for your IT support needs.

To find out more about how we could support you, please contact us today.

Educational is a fast-moving industry and the technology demands will only continue to increase. By investing in professional support now, you are equipping yourself for a successful future.


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