Cluster 18: Microsoft Dynamics

What are Microsoft Dynamics?

Could your business benefit from being more energetic and agile when it comes to digital operations and connectivity? If so, it sounds like you should be considering Microsoft Dynamics.


Microsoft Dynamics is one of the many solutions to successfully bringing teams together in the digital era we find ourselves in. Known as a portfolio of intelligent business applications, Microsoft Dynamics programmes are available in more than 70 countries representing the global connectivity power available to companies of all sizes. 


Instead of simply relying on chosen programmes and bridging gaps only when a business issue arises, this efficient suite of applications allows businesses to set firm IT infrastructures in place for smooth operations. The applications also far exceed the capabilities of Microsoft 365 which has been adopted by more than one million companies worldwide. Instead, when you install Microsoft Dynamics into your business, you will gain all of the programmes included in Microsoft 365 but also benefit from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms to bring your digital operating needs into one place. 


Ideal for businesses from various sectors, dynamics is a versatile programme that offers each company the chance to use the applications in a bespoke way. At Creative Networks, we specialise in helping businesses get the most out of Microsoft Dynamics by implementing unique setups that benefit the whole organisation. 


How can Creative Networks assist your Microsoft Dynamics needs?

At Creative Networks, we offer a complete suite of IT-managed support services that helps businesses keep IT costs without compromising on resource capabilities. 


To ensure you get the most out of your Microsoft Dynamics applications, we create bespoke operating systems for each client. This makes sure that the applications are being used to their full potential and that they are also seamlessly integrated with broader business programmes. The modular applications are designed to extend existing Microsoft 365 setups with complete ease, which is ideal if you are already using the system. If not, we can also fully manage your 365 integration remotely so that your employees can work quickly across a series of cloud-based applications. 


Our team is on hand 24/7 to install dynamics into your IT infrastructure and keep it operating correctly. Should any issues arise, or business requirements change, with Creative Networks by your side, we can maintain a steady flow of business activity so that you never have to experience loss, earnings, or productivity. 


Are you interested in adopting Microsoft Dynamics into your operating processes? Contact us today to find out more.


What are the benefits of using Microsoft Dynamics for business?

With 70% of companies agreeing that digital transformation is essential to their strategy, now is the best time to implement a professional Microsoft Dynamics network into your IT infrastructure. As the applications offer different benefits for each function, you will be pleased to hear that the advantages for your company can be plentiful. Therefore, we install Microsoft Dynamics as our business networking model of choice. 


Some of the top reasons that we recommend companies of all sizes adopt this IT solution are the following:



When this is combined with our full security package, you benefit from much higher levels of safety for your entire business.


  • The setup is quick for companies of all sizes. No matter how many employees, customers, or clients you have, Microsoft Dynamics is designed to be easy to implement, as all modular applications are already built. You can connect to existing Microsoft setups in just a few clicks or create new systems in record time. 


Our team uses these modular applications to create bespoke operating systems aligned with your broader business operations to bring everything together into one central place. This also means that new team members in any location can be integrated into your company’s programmes with complete ease. 


  • Harness the power of the cloud. Microsoft Dynamics creates unrivalled IT networks by integrating seamlessly with wider cloud programmes and offering access from anywhere in the world. Not only does this improve company culture and employee experience, but it means that companies of all sizes can be made scalable in just a few clicks. 


Gone are the days of constantly reviewing IT infrastructures, as this system allows your business to react to any influences without the additional cost needed. 


  • Remove barriers from your business. Dynamic by name and nature, teams can access your online applications from any location with complete security ensured. At Creative Networks, we specialise in wider security, such as VPNs and SSLs, to add further protection to daily operations.


  • Companies of all sizes can use the applications. The beauty of Microsoft is that you can implement professional networks without spending all your IT budget in one place. We help you to choose operating systems that suit your company now and set it up for the future. 



IT has the power to make or break your company operations which is why we think that creating a succinct operating system offers the best chance of long-term success. 


Which departments are covered by Microsoft Dynamics?

Like wider Microsoft programmes, the Dynamics applications offer something for every department. By bringing together commercial and operational needs, you can create a company with successful communication running through every performance element.

Supply chains and commercials can use the applications to keep a close eye on performance which helps companies make informed decisions. This also assists sales and marketing as an improved look at customer trends can be obtained, which can then be managed directly through CRM and integrated outreach applications. Stronger levels of customer service can be provided as knowledge is key for making a lasting impression with both B2B and B2C consumers.

As you can see, the main purpose is to bring all functions together to offer a streamlined way to manage processes. The fully managed service from Creative Networks means you don’t have to worry about operating programmes, meaning you can just focus on the information being provided to you.

Why should I choose Creative Networks?


As a business with more than 15 years of experience, we know everything there is to know about IT support and services. All the Microsoft applications may seem simple from the outset but are constantly changing how they work, which means having an IT professional by your side is ideal for staying ahead of the game. 


When you choose managed IT services from Creative Networks, you will benefit from the following:


  • Improve operational performance, allowing every business decision to be backed by data-justified decision-making.
  • Stronger levels of automation which improve previously manual processes. Microsoft Dynamics offers everything from helping supply chain teams obtain a clear view of product performance without a spreadsheet on site to allowing marketing teams a pool of target customers to focus on. This lets your teams work smarter and with more agility. 
  • Happier employers and more connected teams who can operate without any barriers getting in the way. This makes for a more secure workforce that never feels frustrated due to digital operations causing headaches. 
  • Our outsourced services allow you to reduce overall spending on IT infrastructures and combine services under just one fee. We do everything from mobile business networks to phone systems that integrate with digital applications. This also means you can use Microsoft more professionally without incurring additional mounting costs. 
  • We have experts in EVERY field of IT, meaning that no task is too much of an ask for us. Whether you want us to focus on Microsoft Dynamics or help with other operations, no ask is too much. 
  • We hold service in high importance, which can be seen in our 5-star Google rating!
  • No matter the time of day, we are available to resolve any issues meaning that business never has to stop whilst you are waiting for agency support.
  • We make our services accessible and understandable for companies of all sizes thanks to our inclusive approach to serving different markets.

Not convinced? You can find out even more benefits of working with Creative Networks by clicking here.

Are Microsoft Dynamics Services from Creative Networks right for your business?

Please do get in touch with today if you want to find out more about our Microsoft Dynamics Services. You can see first-hand by our latest case studies just how many companies we have helped already!

You can also find out more about our various areas of expertise by checking out our blog. You will be able to see first-hand just how much knowledge and passion we have for providing an elevated service to each of our clients. 

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