Choosing the right IT support team could drastically reduce downtime.

IT support is also known as technical support and it is basically the process of providing assistance with any issues that you may be facing with your IT.

affordable it support

What services do we offer?

affordable it support

What services do we offer?

IT support is also known as technical support and it is basically the process of providing assistance with any issues that you may be facing with your IT.

Increased efficiency and productivity through improved hardware and software performance

Proactive maintenance to reduce the risk of IT problems occurring

Improved data security, with regular backups and anti-virus protection

Access to expert advice on selecting the right technology for your business needs

What IT Support do we offer?

Did you know that even though global spending is lower due to the economic downturn, 90% of IT leaders predict that IT spending will continue to increase as we head into 2023? 

With companies from all industries being required to operate digitally to remain competitive and relevant, it is more imperative than ever before that IT structures are in place. The IT Support Services from Creative Networks allow companies of all sizes to implement IT operations that are scalable and secure. The growing demand for requirements means that simply relying on an internal team to manage all the needs is outdated. Whether you outsource your requirements entirely or take a hybrid stance, we can provide complete IT support under one supplier.

From creating safe operating models to enhance cyber security to installing internally operating phone systems that connect teams, we can provide the exact support that your business needs to thrive in the digital age.

Our helpdesk

Creative Networks operates a manned helpdesk and has its own internal SLA’s to ensure our services are efficient. A self enforced SLA allows our clients to remain focused without the hassle and worry of support.

All our customers have access to our helpdesk and can request support by email, the online portal or by phone.

Ticket numbers are provided for each issue and prioritised in relation to the issue. So you can rest assured you get the best service.


Tailor Made

We tailor an IT solution to meet your exact requirements, so you can rest assured you get a service that doesn’t compromise your business. By outsourcing all your IT requirements, you will get the benefit of a full IT team without the typical hassle and costs associated with employment and staff.

As a business, we understand the importance of economy and efficiency so we work hard to remove the inconveniences that increase costs and reduce efficiency.



Creative Networks monitoring service is provided by default to clients who use our contracted helpdesk. Our monitoring service provides notification to our helpdesk staff in the event of a critical equipment or service failure.

Our monitoring service allows us to analyse network trends, we can gather statistics such as web and email usage. The volume of viruses blocked, the number of network attached that have been blocked and any attempts to bypass the network by users. We can also monitor network access and server performance, details include CPU, Memory Disk and Network usage. This information is very useful and more than just a troubleshooting aid, it allows for capacity and availability planning.


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