Free Dark Web Scan

Is your organisation mentioned on the dark web? Our free dark web scan will find out.

Even without direct interaction with the dark web, you need to be vigilant about exposure to it. Being mentioned on the dark web means your organisation is in a place it shouldn’t be, potentially putting your business at risk.

The dark web is dangerous because it’s unmoderated, unregulated and anonymous. In addition to the obvious dangers of rubbing shoulders with arms dealers and assassins, your data and information could be stolen and sold here.

What Does The Scan Involve?

Our free dark web scan involves scanning millions of sources on the dark web for your organisation and its digital footprint.

We check botnets, forums, chatrooms, blogs, private networks credential repositories, auctions, malicious websites, social media accounts and many more sources, leaving no stone unturned. Hopefully, the scan will turn up nothing, but if it does, we will put a plan in place to mitigate threats and prevent further leaks.

We recommend our free dark web scan to all organisations because being mentioned on the dark web can attract unwanted criminal attention.

Dark Web Monitoring

We can protect your organisation further with dark web monitoring, where we will continually monitor the dark web for mentions of your organisation. We will track your digital footprint in real-time, 24/7, 365 days a year.

This service is ideal for mitigating threats. Your data could be added to the dark web anytime. Using a combination of human and artificial intelligence, we monitor millions of sources found on the dark web.

As with our free dark web scan, there is no risk to your organisation from continuous monitoring. The searches are anonymous. There is no need to connect your organisation to any searches, so monitoring will be undercover.

What Is The Dark Web?

The dark web populates an area of the internet made up of darknets – websites that are only accessible with a specialised software tool like Tor.

You’ve undoubtedly heard lots of bad things about the dark web, such as it being a hotbed of criminal activity (which is true). The reason the dark web attracts criminality is that users are anonymous, and services are virtually untraceable.

The dark web is a marketplace for illegal content and services. Data leaks often end up here, packaged and available to the highest bidder.

Another area of the dark web exists that is hyper-exclusive, where people need access authorisation. Here, sophisticated criminal networks ply their trade, selling and buying illegal content and services with impunity.

‘Deep Web’ and ‘Dark Web’

The deep web is an area of the internet hidden from public view, not indexed by standard search engines. It consists of private social media accounts, medical records, email records, and other protected things.

The Dark Web

The dark web is an area of the internet that hosts websites unavailable through an IP (Internet Protocol) address. Darknets use complex systems that anonymise IP addresses and require software or a special browser to open.

The Deep Web

So, the deep web and the dark web are two different things; the deep web only contains non-indexed websites, while the dark web contains illegal services and websites.

Why Does The Dark Web Exist?

The dark web was created as a way to conduct business anonymously. It exists because it isn’t illegal – yes, it hosts illegal services and content, but the dark web is no less illegal than the open web you use every day.

The dark web uses virtual traffic tunnels to randomise network infrastructure and various layers of firewall and encryption to protect it.

While the dark web is known for its criminal activity, the first dark web was created in the 1990s by two research organisations in the US Department of Defence, who created an encrypted, secret network for espionage communication.

Take Control Of Your Security

Your organisation is at risk from the dark web in several ways. For example, stolen data could find its way onto the dark web for sale, compromising your organisation, undermining trust in your brand and leaking trade secrets.

Other risks include infection or attacks on your systems and networks from malware, botnets and DDoS attacks, remote access breaches, espionage, credential theft, phishing, spoofing and ransomware that holds your systems hostage.

The dark web is a dangerous place to be. Transactions are nearly always carried out using untraceable cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

If your data and credentials end up on the dark web, you have virtually no way of knowing before it’s too late, which is where we come in. Our free dark web scan will scan every corner of the dark web for your company and credentials.

How To Stay Safe

The most dangerous thing you can do is access the dark web from your work computer/network. You could get hacked or held to ransom. Some complex malware on the dark web can also slip behind anti-malware programmes.

To protect your organisation, ban the use of all gateways (software that enables access to the dark web) like Tor, I2P and Freenet. You should have technological controls in place to stop these tools from being downloaded and run.

However, even without direct interaction, your organisation might run into the dark web at some point. Your data might end up on the dark web, or someone might enlist the help of a hacker group to bring down your systems.

Our free dark web scan is a good starting point to stay safe. We also recommend dark web monitoring, so you have visibility over everything.

Take The Dark Web Seriously

If you are concerned about your organisation’s exposure to the dark web, our free dark web scan will put you in the know. We will make sure your credentials aren’t for sale on the dark web, as well as uncover mentions of your organisation.

Take advantage of our free, no-obligation dark web scan to find out where you stand, and feel free to contact us anytime for advice.

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