IT Support for the Construction Sector

Since the pandemic in 2020, 75% of construction companies have changed their operating models, with digital presence being one of the main areas of change. IT support agencies have had an enormous role to play in this as, typically, information technology management is not a department included within many construction businesses. 


The reality is that digital has the power to add value to a business which is essential for construction. This is because even though the industry is set to be worth £476.6 billion by 2027construction still accounted for 18.5% of all UK insolvencies in 2022.


At Creative Networks, we offer specialised support to clients within the construction sector that improve confidence and knowledge of the various opportunities that It can offer a business. Whether you are an engineering, industrial or structural construction company, this article will explore how having a digital presence can elevate performance. Continue reading to find out more.


What is IT Support?

IT support is the act of providing technical help or knowledge to support a company with its hardware and software needs. The term can relate to a whole host of information technology specialities, with cyber securityserver maintenance and telecommunications management being just a few of the areas covered.

The Creative Networks’ definition of IT support extends beyond just carrying out tasks; it also refers to a strategic relationship between a client and a supplier. When considering what IT companies do, for us, it is about the wider tasks associated with IT infrastructures and smaller ad-hoc tasks.


There are also different levels of IT support which you may have seen referred to. This relates to the professional’s skill level and the types of tasks that are covered. Breaking down the work into levels allows companies to effectively manage their IT duties without missing items. These levels included are as follows:


  •     Level 1 IT support is the initial level of support.The tasks commonly included within this level of support include fixing troubleshooting issues, assisting employees with hardware and software, reporting, helping with access issues, and maintaining security-compliant systems.
  •     Level 2 supportsolves any major technical issues that could not be fixed by level 1 support. This could include anything to do with the entire IT network, so professionals at this level tend to be multi-skilled and have ways of supporting in many fields. 
  •     Level 3 IT supportrefers to the most senior level professionals within a business and often is supported by top IT managers. These are the most senior and experienced professionals within a company and are often responsible for managing other levels’ staff.
  •     Outsourced IT support is called Level 4.This covers all the tasks in the other levels but means that the entire team provides support from a different business. 


You can learn more about the different types of IT support by clicking here.


Why Is IT Support Important for the Construction Sector?

IT has a critical part to play in the construction industry’s digital transformation. Typically, a paper-and-pad style industry, building companies around the world are noticing that if they do not optimise IT networks to manage their business, they risk not being aligned with customers, suppliers, and new hires.

IT support is essential to consider for businesses who do not have prior knowledge of digital networks, as, without it, a company could be exposed to risks and look unprofessional. For construction companies who want to beat off the competition and create a sustainable business despite supply chain issues, lower customer spending, and lack of staffing, having a strong IT presence is essential.

Technology has a huge part to play in the daily business operations of many companies, and that is becoming more predominant within construction. Put simply, if IT support is not considered, projects and team members may be lost out to competitors who have put more effort into achieving a digital presence.

IT Support for Construction Benefits

Contemporary IT Strategy to Reflect the Digital Transformation Within Construction

By investing in professional IT support at this time, a construction business is giving themselves the tools needed to become a market leader. Without a strong IT strategy, a company will struggle to scale and grow, not just in terms of sales but also in brand awareness. 


With the construction industry having been defined as being pivotal to delivering the government’s ’Global Britain’, there are lots of opportunities for forward-thinking companies to grow their operations. 


Being digitally advanced within construction will mean that when it comes to bidding for new tenders, hiring staff, and working with suppliers from across the world, there are no limitations in the way. Being IT-ready could be the difference between being ready to take on a new contract or just missing out to the competition. 


Having a strong IT strategy means that every eventually is considered and planned for which mitigates risks and improves business longevity.


Allow the Construction Sector to Be More Environmentally Friendly

IT is also essential in helping the building sector become more sustainable. 

The nature of construction means that it will likely always be one of the main contributors to greenhouse emissions. Still, statistics such as the UK construction sector being responsible for 40% of emissions need to change. Whilst there are many other measures that need to be taken, investing in IT networks can help a company become more eco-friendly in a couple of ways. 


Taking construction off-site is important as it reduces machinery and travel needs. A strong IT set-up is needed to facilitate team relationships and communications. IT, such as cloud operations, also helps companies reduce manual data processes and support transitioning paper-based comms to a digital platform. 


Enhanced Data Security

The construction industry is at risk of cyber-attacks, just like any other sector. The frequency of these has become more prevalent over recent years, resulting in the National Cyber Security Centre partnering with the Chartered Institute of Building to bring light to the matter.


Investing in greater cyber security measures provides many benefits to construction companies which include the following:

– Improved brand perception within the industry means companies are more likely to win new work and tenders. 

– A minimised risk is reflected in aspects such as lower insurance premiums.

– Facilitates a move to digital dating storing.


To help companies achieve a higher level of safety, we recommend a range of methods, including optimising MFA App passwordsinvesting in user awareness training for teams, aligning with security compliance standards, and planning disaster recovery strategies. 


How Can Creative Networks Help Companies Within the Construction Sector?

As one of the best IT agencies in the UK, we understand exactly what challenges the construction industry faces in becoming more technologically savvy. 


In our opinion, outsourcing IT support is the best option for the construction industry as it helps keeps staffing overheads down and ensures that managing a new function is not taking away from the day-to-day running of the business. Within this sector, if you take your finger off the ball, project timelines could slip, and losses could be made, which are hard to recoup. 


Creative Networks can help construction companies digitise their work. This helps protect data and allows it to be managed much more efficiently, further saving administration time and costs. 


We can also help companies stay within budget by offering solutions to access data and information when moving around. Microsoft 365 is just one of the tools we use to facilitate this, as it means that each team member can be securely connected to a network and access content without risk, even on a building site. Managing projects more dynamically reduces risks of delays and spiralling costs. 


When digitally connected, it is also easier for building companies to source materials, offering further money-saving benefits. Furthermore, having a strong digital presence also makes it easier to hire new talent, which is an ongoing issue within the sector due to the lack of upcoming talent. 


Finally, we can also help with industry-specific software procurement, such as those needed for CRM and BIM. Finding the best software for your company requires a bespoke approach if you want to remain competitive and operate efficiently. 


Thanks to our wide range of skills and team of experts, we can handle IT challenges easily!


Choose IT Support from Creative Networks

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of the IT challenges facing the construction industry. For many other industries, the change has been gradual but due to outside influences, for building companies, the changes are required much more quickly.

Placing an IT agency can be a daunting task but when you choose to work with Creative Networks, you can rest assured in knowing that we understand what it takes to run a successful small business. The construction industry is unique, and so are its IT needs. It is therefore imperative that companies take the time to develop succinct strategies now before the traditional methods of operations are completely replaced by modern digital solutions.

To find out more, contact us today.

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