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Cyber Security is set to cost a business around the world more than £8.4 trillion by 2025. This very real risk is something that every company needs to be planning for, which is something that the Managed Detection & Response (MDR) services from Creative Networks can help with.

With time being the pivotal factor in a company being protected or exposed to a malicious risk, the average of 287 days to define and contain a breach will not be good enough over the coming years.

We have developed an approach to security management that combines the best technology with expert professionals to help organisations of all sized protect themselves.

Are you interested in implementing a process for your managed Detection & Response (MDR) that mitigrate threats? Contact us today to find out more.

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What is Managed Detection & Response (MDR)?

Managed Detection & Response (MDR) is a modern way of managing security threats. This Cyber Security process combines expert human knowledge with security-combing technology to perform threat checks, ongoing monitoring, responses, and reporting. This form of observing and action allows threats to be highlighted quickly and contained before they have the chance to damage a company’s operations.

The process itself relies on a succinct set of practices that align with a company’s IT infrastructure and Security Compliance so that threats can be resolved in line with contingency planning measures.

Not only does this offer the most efficient methods of mitigating issues, but it also offers a high chance of success which means it provides a cost-effective solution for companies of all sizes.

You may think that ISO regulations fall to operations teams, but, IT have a huge role to play.

Planning and preparation are one of the things that we do best at Creative Networks, which includes getting companies of all sizes up to ISO-compliant standards. If you do not have proper operating procedures in place, you not only run the risk of losing your ISO certification, but you will likely find that areas of your digital performance are not secure, leading to order protection issues.

We provide a whole range of IT support services, so we clearly understand exactly what it takes to carry out business with will ISO compliance. Our service allows you access to a team of experts that are privy to the latest ISO developments, which your business needs to adhere to. To do this, our professionals CAN carry out the following activities:

  • Create IT infrastructures that are ISO-compliant from the very start. This means that no matter how your business grows or develops, you have started with a robust structure that will ensure safe activity. From your company communication plans to HR data handling with new colleagues who are given IT access, we cover aspects included within the ISO standard to ensure full compliance.
  • Provide risk assessments and security policies which allow you to understand where the company is currently falling. This aligns with your company operations and strategy, as integrating every element into your daily operations is the best way to operate successfully in line with ISO standards.
  • Provide resolution services for companies that have either failed an ISO test or identified their issue with operations.
  • Work directly with your in-house quality engineers to provide a seamless extension to internal teams.

At Creative Networks, we aim to keep all companies safe in a way that makes complete operational and financial sense. When companies decide to adopt a Managed Detection & Response to security threats, they can benefit from the most intelligent technology and top-level experts in order to keep things running smoothly.

The advantages of this, that any company can observe, include the following:

  • Improved chances of highlighting risks that could have otherwise been missed. 39% of companies in the UK reported cyber-attacks in 2022, but there are likely many more that were unaware that the malicious activity was taking place. This form of threat detection ensures issues are resolved much quicker than other methods and directly feeds into the compliance-ensured resolutions that keep companies safe.
  • 24/7 monitoring of the entire IT infrastructure means that just because the working day may have ended for your teams, the security your business has doesn’t. The balance of human and automated activities goes together with our outsourced approach to always provide complete observation.
  • Companies can also benefit from an improved ROI for the money they are spending on IT security measures. This is because any issues are not going to be missed and also because all bases are covered.
  • This process is also compliant with ISO-27001 measures, which help companies maintain strong performances in Information Security Management. We offer full Security Compliance services, including ISO-9001 and ISO-22301, so we can bring the whole process together for you in a way that keeps every cog of your business turning succinctly.
  • Active threat detection allows for the best chance of catching breaches.
  • This form of security monitoring also ties directly into Vulnerability Management, allowing everyone concerned with your security management to have a clear view of operations.
  • Experts can manage threats as soon as they arise without needing to bring in third parties, which could delay the resolution process.
  • Stronger levels of reporting can also be obtained, which feeds into wider IT strategy and actions. This allows all future decisions to be information-led and removes additional risk from IT decision-making for companies.

Another benefits that our clients like is that we can offer complete of partial management of the process. The beauty of outsourcing tasks is that tailor made packages can be created. Whether you have no one in house currently working on security or have a team and need some expert additions, we can create a package that works for any needs.

The process of MDR has been created to help companies stay on top of security management, no matter their structure or budget. Each business chooses to manage security differently, which could be down to several different reasons. Implementing MDR offers a way to bridge many gaps in IT challenges, offering a way for companies of all sizes to combine automated and human management in a way that works for them.

High-volume risks can only be detected through a robust method that doesn’t let anything get through the cracks. Companies of all sizes are faced with daily challenges, with an average of 2200 threats being at play. MDR allows even the smallest of teams to have all areas of incoming threats covered so that a tough shield is in place against breaches.

A successful MDR strategy can also mitigate the lack of in-house talent. With the average IT Manager salary being £53,960 in the UK,  it is clear to see that not all companies can afford to pay for top talent. With the implementation of an MDR and an outsourced team managing the process, it means that spending on staffing tasks with security can be lowered.

This also removes the chance of overstretched teams missing vital alerts and information if they work over their capacity. This is of paramount importance when considering that as many as 95% of data breaches result from human error. 

As an endpoint tool, an MDR provides a concise way to detect and deal with threats in one service. The human and automated elements weave together seamlessly so that neither is ever put under a misbalance of pressure, as this is where errors can start to arrive in other formats of data management.

The Creative Networks process follows the following three steps:

Creation of Threat Hunting Processes Unique to any Business

Putting the right system in place is our first task, as this is what success hinges upon. This involves us getting to know your business and resources so that the right software can be chosen. When setting this process up, we also programme content so that all associated risks to your hardware and software are included, covering all bases.

Investigation of Highlighted Issues

This is when the human side of things comes into play, as sometimes when issues are highlighted, an expert is needed to investigate the detail. An MDR is ideal as it only feeds through genuine risks that need resolution and automatically fixes others to save time. This means that our team can deal with issues as soon as possible before they develop into anything much harder to resolve.

Resolution and Learnings for Future Operations

Once the threat has been identified and resolved, we will ensure aspects such as a company’s IT infrastructure have been updated to reflect the modern threat that it has faced. Full reporting that is security compliant and team briefings are also provided, as transparency is the best way to handle threats.

The company’s size and operating industry will add its complexities, but rest assured knowing that an MDR works for any situation.

With more than 15 years of experience, we genuinely bring knowledge and resource that helps companies achieve operating greatness. Security is something that has constantly evolved and a part of operations that our team are experts within.

When you choose to work with us, you will also gain access to expertise in all areas of IT, as our team has varied skill sets. To bring that amount of talent in-house would cost you greatly and be different, given how hard IT recruitment can be. You can also check out our blog as a representation of how many areas IT that we have specialist knowledge within.

We also understand that trust is important when choosing to work on a security project, and this is something that we take very seriously. As such, you will also benefit from best-in-class service as providing excellent results is something we hold highly important, which can be seen in our 5-star Google rating!

Not convinced? You can find out more benefits of working with Creative Networks by clicking here. From security management to IT support for teams on a daily basis, we offer something for every business need.

Are you interested in working with us to create a robust MDR that offers you efficiency in all forms? If this appeals to you, please do contact us today.

With a range of packages and different pricing options, we can find a solution that suits your business in many ways. We guarantee that every inch of your operational model will be improved when you use the power of data and insights to align your strategy intentions.

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