What is an Outsourced Service Desk for MSP?

An MSP, otherwise known as a Managed Service Provider, can look after your IT networks without needing to be an employed staff member giving you greater flexibility. Our outsourced service desk for MSP support allows you to implement a professional IT infrastructure and care plan in a cost-effective way. There are many benefits to outsourcing service desk support, one of the main being that as many as 86% of people believe it helps with productivity levels.

An IT service desk is the hub of a business, with employees of all levels and from all departments relying on everyday support. With anything from user access to employee onboarding being an essential task service desk, it is no surprise that IT departments are most likely to experience staff burnout.

A helpdesk is essential for answering queries, solving any IT issues, engaging with business strategy, and generally providing support to the entire business. IT is one of the few departments in a company that needs constant staff coverage. With someone at the end of the phone to sort out issues, a company could experience serious operating issues. That is why having an outsourced department is a brilliant idea for many companies, as it ensures expert support is available 24/7.

If you think that outsourcing your IT service desk is a solution for you, please contact us today. We offer services for companies of all sizes that keep operations running without a hitch.

By outsourcing your IT service desk to Creative Networks, you can rest assured in knowing that no stone will be left unturned in achieving operating success. Outsourcing is the chosen method of IT management by 92% of G2000 companies showcasing just how popular the service is. No matter the size of your company or the sector that you operate in, every business has the same demands on IT, especially as we experience digital growth worldwide.

Our outsourced IT service desk service is designed to cover every aspect of daily working life so your business can keep performing at its best, no matter what is thrown it’s way.

Our support includes the following service functions:

Resolution of technical issues. Office employees lose 46 minutes every day due to technical IT issues getting in the way of their tasks. By having an outsourced IT service desk always ready for calls and messages, these timeframes can be greatly reduced. No having to wait around for the IT manager to be free as you can have access to an increased amount of resources for less cost.

Facilitation of Microsoft Office 365 accounts. We also specialise in Microsoft 365, so we can sort out any issues your teams have. Whether it’s an issue logging on or needing a new account, we have covered you.

Full management of phone systems. Employees averagely spend 33% of their workdays making calls. It is therefore vital that robust communication lines are in place. We can implement and manage both mobile phone systems and traditional 3CX phone setups to keep your teams connected. From video calling to conference calls on the move, no ask is too much for our team to arrange. We also ensure that security is enabled via all forms of communication always to protect your business.

We also provide ad-hoc support for any other technical or IT issues and can be easily contacted at any time but your teams. By acting as a seamless extension to your organisation, you can benefit from all aspects you would with a full-time team but for a fraction of the price.

As with all our services, we aim to provide plenty of benefits to your business. When you choose to select Creative Networks as your MSP of choice, you will benefit from the following:

  • Quicker resolution to your issues – Our team are on hand 24/7 to resolve your teams’ issues, meaning that your business can operate much more efficiently.
  • Broad knowledge and increased expertise – By working with an entire team and not just one person, you benefit from access to a wide range of IT knowledge that can elevate every aspect of your business. We have experts specialising in a range of areas so that each of our clients benefits from the best support possible.
  • Reduced spending on IT support – Paying a full-time salary would cost you more than outsourcing IT service desk support. We offer a selection of service packages so that you can find an option that suits any budget. By working with businesses of all sizes, we have fine-tuned our approach to support, which means that no matter what you pay, quality service is guaranteed.
  • Focused IT services – In-house IT teams have a whole host of responsibilities which often take them away from daily tasks. Our team focuses on providing help and support so that your employees never feel like a number on someone’s list.
  • Improved productivity–By quickly dealing with queries, your business will benefit from increased efficiency in all areas. Teams will not feel constrained by their IT solutions but instead empowered to achieve their goals.
  • Less commitment – A huge benefit of outsourcing IT is that you do not commit that you would with a hired team. You can change how you work and operate easily, as we are happy to change how we work to suit your needs at the time. We also offer various contracts so you can select terms that suit your strategic objectives.

Outsourced IT service desks suit businesses of all sizes. As you can see from our case studies, we work with a wide range of companies that differ in size and sector. The beauty of outsourcing IT service desk support is that the benefits we have listed can apply to all businesses.

For smaller companies, the benefits also include being able to add a professional element to operations whilst operations are still small. Just because you may have a smaller budget doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to still operate safely to protect your business. Working with experts, such as our own, also improves the technical knowledge that your team has making for a strong workforce.

Larger companies can also benefit from outsourcing this form of support as it allows a focused resource that can be applied to many employees.

With more than 15 years of experience, we genuinely bring knowledge and resource that helps companies achieve operating greatness. Help desk support is something that every company needs, and as such, we have been able to fine-tune our approach to helping teams.

Our services make sure your teams are put at the heart of everything, resulting in happier and much more efficient teams. From cloud-based technologies that facilitate collaborative working to glitch-free systems, we make it possible for you to create a strong company culture. Not only do we offer a succinct service, but we also make it fully bespoke for each client.

Our outsourced services also allow you to reduce overall spending on IT infrastructures and combine services under just one fee. The simplified way of working is ideal for companies that want to operate more efficiently and without expensive contractual constraints. Printing is something that can still be managed successfully without a team member in-house thanks to our various methods of monitoring performance and maintaining strong workflows.

When you choose to work with us, you will also gain access to not expertise in all areas of IT, as our team has varied skill sets. To bring that amount of talent in-house would cost you greatly and be different, given how hard IT recruitment can be. You can also check out our blog as a representation of how many areas of IT we have specialist knowledge within.

You will also benefit from best-in-class service as providing excellent results is something we hold highly important, which can be seen in our 5-star Google rating!

Not convinced? You can find out more benefits of working with Creative Networks by clicking here.

If you want to operate with complete confidence in knowing that your IT network is robust and ready for anything, then contact us today.

Having a team of experts on hand to help your teams is essential for keeping things running smoothing. It also ensures that your employees feel respected and looked after by having useful resources at their disposal. Without an efficient IT help desk, what would have been a small issue could escalate and become something much bigger that takes longer to resolve. With Creative Networks by your side, that will never happen.

With a range of packages and different pricing options, we can find a solution that suits your business in many ways. IT excellence is achievable when you invest in support services from Creative Networks.

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