Penetration Testing Services

Protect your small business today and be ready for tomorrow’s threats with our advanced cyber security solutions.

Penetration testing tests for exploit vulnerabilities in IT infrastructure to identify weaknesses, risks, and areas for improvement. We can test internal and external IT, network services, apps, client-side, wireless networks and much more.

We are CREST accredited, so we are fully qualified to plan and perform penetration tests across IT infrastructure. We specialise in white box, black box and grey box pen testing, providing a complete service you can depend on.

Why choose us for penetration testing? As CREST members, we meet the international standards for pen tests. All pen tests are planned and reportable, giving us the unique ability to provide insight into your IT infrastructure’s security.

What is Penetration Testing?

Pen tests are security tests that pit ethical hackers and security architects against your security protocols. Pen tests are performed by human beings, as opposed to vulnerability scans which are automated by software.

The purpose of pen testing is to exploit vulnerabilities. Pen tests need to be conducted by cyber security experts. Otherwise, the test conditions won’t simulate the cyber-threats and dangers your business will face in real life.

White box, black box and grey box pen testing are available. Here are the basics: white box testing means we have access to your credentials and security info, black box testing means we have no information at all, and grey box testing means we have limited information.

Why Penetration Testing?

When it comes to security, no business is immune from cyber-attacks. Pen testing is essential to identify and eliminate gaps in your security, so you can assure the integrity of your systems and meet compliance requirements.

Our cyber security team includes ethical hackers, security architects and vendor experts, who can design pen tests that simulate real conditions and attempt to exploit vulnerabilities just like determined criminals would in real life.

By identifying threats and gaps in your It security, we can close these gaps to keep hackers, malware and other threats out, saving your business from data breaches and avoiding potential fines related to non-compliance with regulations.

Types of Penetration Test

Penetration tests can be internal or external, black box, white box or grey box, comprehensive and limited to certain services and infrastructure. All tests are custom-designed, with our approach based on real-world threats.

Internal/External Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Internal/External Infrastructure Penetration Testing tests your on-premises and cloud infrastructure. We will look at your firewalls, routers, switches and other internet-facing IT.

Web Application Testing

Web Application Testing tests your websites and web apps for security exploits, such as injection attacks, DDoS attacks, brute force attacks and cross-site scripting.

Wireless Penetration Testing

Wireless Penetration Testing tests your WLAN, Bluetooth, NFC, and other wireless infrastructure for weaknesses in security and encryption.

Mobile Application Testing

Mobile Application Testing tests your mobile apps, which could be on an official app store like Amazon Fire or available as a third-party download.

Phishing Simulation Test

A Phishing Simulation Test simulates phishing when malicious emails are sent to employees in an attempt to steal information and download malware.

Build and Configuration Review

A Build and Configuration Review will test your network builds for misconfigurations, security loopholes and problems with the design.

Compliance Requirements for Penetration Testing

For businesses that deal with IT infrastructure, pen testing is essential to create accountability and assure security. Some businesses also require CREST accredited pen testing to do business with others.

Your business may also be obliged to carry out penetration testing. For example, organisations that need to comply with PCI DSS and ISO 27001 need pen tests once a year. Our experts have a great deal of experience conducting tests to these standards.

If your business controls or processes personal data, it also has legal obligations under the UK and EU GDPR. Pen testing may form part of your obligations. We can advise if this is the case, so you invest your time in the right tests.

What To Expect

Our penetration testing service can provide a comprehensive security assessment of your IT environment, or it can assess only certain parts of it. For example, you may have already assured the security of your apps and need a pen test for your network.

In general, we recommend a complete penetration test assessment to be sure the same standards have been used across your environment.

Regardless, pen tests can be internal or external. An external test aims to mimic an attacker attempting to compromise your systems from the outside, while an internal test aims to mimic an attacker working within your IT infrastructure.

For example, an internal attacker could have obtained access credentials for your server or access to an employee email account. An external hacker might have no information at all or only a specification sheet of your security systems.

Why Choose Creative Networks for Penetration Testing?

We are IT and cyber security experts, helping SMEs design, build, deploy and secure IT infrastructure at scale. We will safely test your security using industry best practices and put in place new security controls that plug any gaps.

Once we identify any cyber security risks, we will analyse these and recommend changes that need to be made. As your cyber security partner, we will work with you to create more robust security controls that are built for the future.

Our customers trust us for penetration testing, managed cyber security and incident response. We are on the front line against cyber-threats, with up to date knowledge of all the latest threats from hacker techniques to new malware.

Get Started With Penetration Testing Today

If you are concerned about the security of your IT infrastructure, or you have a new IT configuration you’d like testing, we are here to help.

Take advantage of our free vulnerability scan to find out where you stand, and feel free to contact us anytime for advice. We’re here to help you secure your IT and assure continuity in your systems so you can do business with confidence.

Why Work With Us?

Our cyber security packages are proven to keep SMEs safe. We have successfully averted thousands of cyber-attacks, saving our customers millions of pounds.

Our packages are competitively priced and scalable without getting obscenely expensive. We will scale with your business. Many of our customers are in the Fintech, Edtech and Biotech spaces. These industries have extreme cyber security regulatory requirements, which we help them meet as a trusted IT partner.

Above all else, our cyber security experts are approachable and helpful. We’re here to help you do business safely, no matter what type of business you do. Reach out to us for a chat today, and we’ll take the time to explore our packages with you.

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