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We offer high performing Services that keep your software up and running without disruption.

You don’t want your business to succumb to a grinding halt as a result of Network issues. It would be a shame if unresolved interruptions were getting in the way of your productivity and revenue. As the backbone of all businesses are networks and servers.

Being a Dell partner, Creative Networks has extensive experience in purchasing and installing servers. No one understands the consequences of network downtime better than us. Our network and server management covers system failures, network equipment issues, and application updates.

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Types of Servers


  • A dedicated server is all yours it isn’t shared and its purpose is specific
  • Dedicated resources are being used, without outside interruption, which means applications will run smoother.
  • A website will run smoother since the services won’t be interrupted, for an effective server that is always available.
  • Root administrator access is also available with a physical server.
  • Physical servers also allow customization, as it can be configured which are not usually available on other forms of hosting.


  • Less Cost
  • Dynamic Performance with acceleration tools speed up performance
  • Single point of administration with command-line.
  • Easy Migration from physical to virtual
  • Easy and various ways of Disaster Recovery
  • Point of Failure: every physical server should have redundant server but on virtual only the main physical server and a redundant server with load balancing tech. at most causes so face two issues point of fail and improve performance.

Accredited to the max

We have combined several years of experience and worked with a wide range of globally recognised partners.

How can 3CX Phone Systems help your business?

We employ our own 3CX accredited engineers, and with our partners we’re able to offer support and installation services for a whole range of other systems including NEC, Siemens, Avaya and Mitel.

Flexibility and Simplicity

Communications today have come a very long way from where they used to be. Our 3CX System allows you to keep your communications as flexible as your business needs it to be. The 3CX software allows you to easily manage your setup from the comfort of your computer.

If you’re just looking for support and maintenance for an existing system, or if you’re due for a new system and would like to take advantage of new technologies like VoIP and remote working, then Creative Networks can help.

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