Backup is critical to any business, if the worst should happen – a fire, flooding or theft is it worth taking the risk of losing your data?

Backup always forms part of your Disaster Recovery plan so its good practice to have one.

Thousands of people rely on your data, from colleagues to customers and everyone in-between. Losing it is an effective way to bring a business to its knees. Backup as a Service makes sure that doesn’t happen.

Creative Networks offers both online and offsite backups tailored to your needs. The requirements are individually assessed before any recommendation. Backup size, legal requirements, speed are all factors to be considered.

Keep your business moving.

Safe and secure

Online backup can be a great asset, it allows you to backup your files securely offsite to a secure location. Files are encrypted locally so only the key holder can access them.

Wherever you are

The days of backup tapes and zip drives have gone, it is now more cost effective and efficient to backup online. It allows for quick retrieval and peace of mind. We at Creative Networks use a range of providers to meet all standards so if you are in the Finance or Legal industry or are governed by an external body then we can provide the right backup solution.

Prepared for anything

Our online backup solution allows for full Disaster Recovery, should there be a need, we can spin up a copy of your server in the cloud to quickly re-establish services.

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