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Feature packed that allows all your staff to gain maximum efficiency regardless of what roles they may have, from office based to homeworkers this will unify all of them together. With continuous support and expertise you can reduce costs, increase effectiveness and transform your communications with a solution that will always be up to date allowing you to get the results that you expect and deserve from a leading telephony solution.


Reduce Costs

With no need for separate voice connectivity, infrastructure and on premise hardware, this is a truly flexible solution that enables your business to reduce costs, from up to 75% reduction in call tariffs, free on net calls to other sites and users, and video calling to reduce the need for face to face meetings, cost reduction is a real thing right here and now and not just a business myth!



We give you the freedom to be an integral part of the business even if you are not there, remote working needn’t be a headache, mobile phones can be expensive. With the ability to download our UC application to your devices you can make and receive calls between them for free.


Business Continuity

Our solution has been designed to live in the cloud and built on highly available infrastructure, this means it will always be available. Even in the worst case scenario that your physical office is un-accessible, through the use of our applications you can still be connected to your customers.



We have partnered with multiple vendors to deliver our leading telephony solution, it has been designed, tried and tested to have 99.99% availability. As part of the UK’s biggest networks this really gives you the benefits of cloud based technology.

Desktop UC Application

The UC client is a sophisticated application which enables you to make and receive calls directly to and from your PC. You can also:

  • See other users’ Presence, exchange Instant Messages and hold video calls.
  • Control your desk phone by clicking to call from the client and then using the handset to have the call with your USB or non-USB microphone headsets.
  • Perfect when working from another desk, office, from home or on the road, the UC application integrates with Microsoft Outlook and the Hosted Voice
    corporate directory to allow you to dial a number from the client at the click of a button.

Mobile Device UC Application

Building on the desktop experience, you can also extend your Hosted Voice solution to your mobile device or tablet.

  • Bluetooth integration means you can tether theapplication to your car or other device.
  • This provides access to your corporate directory, presence and the ability to exchange Instant Messages on your mobile phone.
  • Any calls made through the application back to other users on the platform will not incur a charge, and any calls beyond the platform (e.g. to customers) will be charged to the company, as if made from the phone system directly.

Features List

  • 3-way call
  • Alternate numbers
  • Anonymous call rejection
  • Answer confirmation
  • Authentication
  • Automatic call-back
  • Basic call logs
  • Call barge-in exempt
  • Call director
  • Call forward selective
  • Call forwarding (always/busy/no answer/not reachable)
  • Call hold (incl. flash)
  • Call line ID blocking/delivery (internal/external)
  • Call notify
  • Call park, call pickup
  • Call return, call transfer (consultative and 3-way conference)
  • Call waiting
  • Calling name retrieval
  • Client call control
  • Directed call pickup with barge-in
  • Distinctive and priority ringing
  • Do not disturb
  • Hot-desking guest
  • Hot-desking host
  • Intercept user
  • Last number re-dial
  • Personal contacts
  • Phone services
  • Push to talk
  • Remote office
  • Selective call acceptance/rejection
  • Sequential and simultaneous ringing
  • Shared call appearance
  • Speed dialling
  • Toolbar
  • UC Office for smartphone
  • Video calling
  • Voice messaging (incl. voice portal calling)

Site License

  • Account codes
  • Authorisation codes
  • Auto-attendants
  • Call capacity management
  • Call director, call logging
  • Call history
  • Call management features
  • Call park, call pick up
  • Call statistics (average hold time and transfer count)
  • Calling plans
  • Camp on with recall (directed hold)
  • Company contracts
  • Configurable extension dialling
  • Configurable feature access codes
  • Contact directory filtering
  • Day/night mode, messaging (send emails from desktop)
  • Device management
  • Directed call pickup
  • Group call park (initiate line hunting on incoming calls to groups)
  • Group calling line ID
  • Group contacts
  • Group intercept Voice portal
  • Holiday schedule
  • Hunt group
  • Line monitoring
  • Multiple directory support
  • Music on hold
  • My room bridge
  • Phone services
  • Series completion
  • Speed dials (a list of up to 100)
  • Time schedule
  • Voicemail transfer, call barge-in (operator intrusion on busy lines)

Handset Options

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