Disaster Recovery

Take steps today to resolve problems tomorrow

The measures an organisation takes to ensure that they can continue to operate during a disaster, whether natural or the result of a criminal act is known as Business Continuity, not to be confused with Disaster Recovery. Every company should plan for potential disruption. An effective recovery procedure can significantly reduce the impact on your productivity, revenue and customers should the worst happen.

The most important factors to consider are location, key people, and what systems you simply can’t do without. At Creative Networks we can provide for all of these.

How can Disaster Recovery help your business?

  • Minimise the impact of an unforeseeable disaster

  • Understand the implications, to ensure that in the face of the unforeseeable, your business will still be able to work with minimum downtime

  • Ensure that your network and systems are robust

  • Develop a comprehensive recovery plan with regular testing

  • The knowledge that your company is prepared for the worst can allow you to concentrate on your business Stress Free

  • Thorough documentation and an understanding of equipment inventory

  • Detailed documentation as part of a good backup and recovery plan helps you clearly understand the way a network is functioning, which allows you to remedy issues quickly

  • Part of your disaster plan involves making sure at least two people can do any one task. This keeps you covered in an emergency, but it doesn’t have to be a full on disaster for task redundancy to be useful

  • It can also help you identify areas where you could be saving money, particularly if it’s time for a hardware upgrade

  • How can you test a plan you don’t have? If you have a disaster recovery plan you can run through what would happen in various scenarios, which allows you to see your recovery in action

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