Servers & Networking

Our team of IT specialists will provide the best server support for your individual business needs.

We know that no two businesses are the same. That’s why we provide a flexible support service that can be tailored to your requirements.

A server is a computer program or a machine that waits for requests from other machines or software (clients) and responds to them. The purpose of a server is to share data or hardware and software resources among clients.

We have experience in purchasing and installing servers, being a partner with Dell we have access to servers at very competitive rates. We have extensive experience in installing them and providing continues support for servers.

Tailored server solutions.


  • A dedicated server is all yours it isn’t shared and its purpose is specific
  • Dedicated resources are being used, without outside interruption, which means applications will run smoother.
  • A website will run smoother since the services won’t be interrupted, for an effective server that is always available.
  • Root administrator access is also available with a physical server.
  • Physical servers also allow customization, as it can be configured which are not usually available on other forms of hosting.


  • Less Cost
  • Dynamic Performance with acceleration tools speed up performance
  • Single point of administration with command-line.
  • Easy Migration from physical to virtual
  • Easy and various ways of Disaster Recovery
  • Point of Failure: every physical server should have redundant server but on virtual only the main physical server and a redundant server with load balancing tech. at most causes so face two issues point of fail and improve performance.
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