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Microsoft Office Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are some quick IT tips to get you through the day. May be you want to add bullet points, simple:  ‘CTRL’ + ‘SHIFT’ + ‘L’ to add bullet points   One more, make you text Bold:  ‘CTRL’ + ‘B’ to make text bold Finally always save your work: ‘CTRL’

3CX and Call Transfer on a Yealink T20

There are two types of call transfer, Blind and Attended, I will explain the two types and how they both work. Blind Transfer: A “Blind Transfer” is one that allows you to transfer the call without speaking to the intended recipient, this is often used when you quickly look over

Microsoft Word, Increase Font Size

Why not increase the size of the text by using your keyboard, save you a click. Simply highlight the text you want to change and press the following key combination: ‘CTRL’ + ‘]’ to increase text size by 1 point ‘CTRL’ + ‘[‘ to decrease text size by 1 point

Managing 3CX Voicemail

There are several methods to manage your voicemail, via the 3CX Windows Phone or your mobile, one of the easiest ways is using your desk phone. You can manage your Voicemail using any Desk Phone by dialing “998” (This may vary on your configuration). A voice menu system will announce

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