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Introducing our new Spam Filter

The Spam Digest has been updated. It will still be coming from but will now be called the Quarantine report when it arrives. Below is an example of the new report. The options are largely the same with the new addition of a preview function. The preview function allows

Manage your email signatures

Do you send emails with just your name at the bottom? Consistent email signatures can be used to raise brand awareness and portray a professional image to recipients. With our solution, every email processed by your Exchange server will receive a full and dynamic email signature, across every device. With

How to Set Up Remote Desktop Connection

1. Click the Start Button and type “Remote Desktop Connection” in the search bar 2. Enter the Computer name or IP address provided 3. Enter login credentials (normal credentials used inside the office)

How to Configure Your VPN Connection

If you need to download the VPN Client, please click here to be shown how to do this. 1. Click on profiles 2. Click on Add 3. Enter the details provided for your VPN Configuration Profile Name: VPN IP or Hostname: use details provided Username: use details provided Password: use

How to Download the Draytek Smart VPN Client

Draytek Smart VPN Client Setup guide Launch your preferred web browser and navigate to From there, select Download Version, followed by Smart VPN ZIP file to begin downloading the application. Open the downloaded file and run the application called “SmartVPNClient_5.3.0” Open the program “Smart VPN Client” from the windows


Initial Set-up When accessing the voice mail system for the first time, set up your personal voice mail. – Press the message key on the telephone or dial the extension assigned by the administration portal to access the voice mail menu. – Then select “0 Mailbox Options” to set up

Do not Disturb (DND)

The Do Not Disturb (DND) function rejects incoming calls automatically.(Incoming calls will be shows as “missed calls”). To activate the DND-mode on your telephone: – Push the DND soft key will enable the DND mode. Your telephone is in DND mode as soon as the display shows either or .

Call Transfer

To transfer an incoming call, you have the following options: Attended Transfer – After taking the call, press the Transfer soft key or *. – Now enter the extension number. – Press . – Announce the incoming call. – To transfer the call, press the Transfer soft key or *, then

Convert PDF Files

Convert a PDF file to Word 1. In Acrobat, select File > Save As Other > Microsoft Word > Word Document. You can also click the Tools pane in the top right, open the Content Editing panel, click “Export file to…” and then select Microsoft Word Document. 2. Type a

Microsoft Outlook & Word Tip – when you forget to turn caps lock off

When typing, it’s easy to sometimes forget you’re typing with CAPS LOCK ON IF YOu know what I mean. Easy fix for this when typing in Word. Simply press “Shift” and “F3” together and watch the case change. For example: I type “TEST”. After pressing “Shift” and “F3” the first

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