IT Support for the Education Sector

With more than 1.3 million job vacancies in the UK, competition to secure top talent is higher than in recent years. Recruitment is an ongoing struggle for many companies, with Brexit posing a considerable issue as almost 500,000 EU nationals have left the UK since the referendum


The industry itself has also undergone a vast digital transformation in recent years, with recruitment technology and digital automation proving a popular choice for many companies. This means that IT support for the recruitment sector is at an all-time high, with agencies choosing to stick to traditional methods of hiring at greater risk of not appealing to top talent. 


At Creative Networks, we offer tailored IT services ideal for the recruitment sector. We do everything from enhanced cyber security, which protects candidates’ data, to IT support that facilitates the entire process. 


If you are a recruitment specialist looking to harness the power of digital hiring through professional IT networking capabilities, contact us today to learn more. Continue reading to find out more about the specialist support that we believe recruitment companies need to thrive in competitive job markets.


Why Is IT Support Important for the Recruitment Sector?

UK recruitment is predicted to keep getting more competitive as we journey through 2023. The balance of candidates to available jobs still favours potential employees, meaning that more needs to be done to secure their interest. 


Candidate attraction hinges on many things, with digital presence being highly important. IT is pivotal to reaching the right people, along with being able to process them promptly. 


Another trend at large which highlights the importance of IT services is that of company branding analysis. It is noted that technology can enhance employer branding, which helps candidates remember a business, easily depict companies they want to apply for and improve overall competitiveness. IT support can apply this branding to each element of an IT network to create a consistent and professional brand image that represents what a business stands for.


Knowing the importance of technology in recruitment is one thing, but finding the right solutions is another challenge. The task of applying technology to recruitment is specialist, which is why selecting the right agency is important. When considering how to choose an IT support company, you will want to consider their experience within the recruitment sector, as this showcases an understanding of the unique challenges that the industry faces.


With the future of recruitment looking increasingly digital, placing the right agency sets a brand up for long-term staffing success.

How Can IT Support Improve the Chance of Hiring?

IT support is a broad term that can relate to something different for every business. What IT support means for recruitment, in our opinion, is a way to facilitate high-volume applications and reduce administration duties. 


At Creative Marketing, we have created a bespoke set of services that perfectly suit busy recruiters’ needs. This improves hiring success in the following



Improved Candidate Experience


When candidates are given a streamlined digital application and interview process, their experience is greatly enhanced. 78% of candidates say that the experience they receive is a clear indicator of what the hiring company is about. 


IT support can enhance the experience by creating digital processes that make for an automated and easy application process. This often relies on bespoke systems which IT professionals can implement. Candidate experience is not just about the application or interview process, but also all of the stages in between which includes reference collecting, appointment setting, and onboarding for successful hires.


Reduced Administration Time


Using the right IT tools can reduce admin time, making hires faster. Whether you want to install a piece of bespoke software that automates the application process or optimise cloud data for easily shared content, IT support can help. Less time taken to handle an application means that candidates are selected more quickly. For top talent and competitive markets, the IT systems could be the difference between a successful hire or a lost candidate.


Improved Visibility for Job Ads    


Content and website optimisation improve a candidate’s chance of coming across an advert. Within recruitment, the first battle is appealing to the right audience. 

IT support can improve visibility by developing a more substantial IT presence for the hiring company. 


Why Should Recruitment Companies Choose Creative Networks?

Customer Service

We provide excellent support from expert IT professionals experienced in supporting the recruitment sector. By understanding the demands placed on hiring managers, we can provide solutions to elevate the entire recruitment process using IT support. 


As well as providing remote support whenever a team needs it, we also have experience using industry-specific software, meaning we can implement IT networks that will make a genuine difference.


System Back-Ups

This service ensures that data loss and system errors never result in delays to the recruitment process. We can manage your data and software to ensure that everything is protected so that hiring managers can operate more confidently.

Reactive IT Support

No matter what issues you may be facing or new demands that you have, our team can provide rapid assistance thanks to our professional IT support service. Recruitment is a fast-paced business, and our services match the dynamic nature of operations that come along with it.

We keep your hiring campaigns on track by providing support with everything from administration issues to software facilitation. This is also important as recruitment is one of the sectors that cannot suffer from downtime. Clients and candidates both expect a personalised approach which relies on having the right technology support in place. Our IT support keeps things on track and everyone happy.

Data Security

As specialists in cyber securitydisaster recovery, and security compliance, we are well-equipped to keep your candidate’s data safe. Thanks to IT processes, this can all be automated and correlate directly with various software programmes to ensure you always have access to the information needed. 


We also provide services that enhance user security, including MFA App password support and user awareness training.


Scalable Solutions for Digital Transformation


As with any sector, digital transformation is changing the world of hiring at a rapid rate. Our IT experts can advise on the best digital technology for your own needs to facilitate easy hiring. This allows you to use your IT networks as a competitive advantage that sets you apart from other recruitment agencies. By being at the forefront of digital hiring, candidates and hiring managers will be more likely to use your services.


Technology to Connect with Candidates

We offer Microsoft 365 and Telecommunications services (PhonesCloudMobile and 3CX), which facilitate recruitment. This also allows for efficient spending and easy deployment of technology to new team members, further enhancing productivity. 


The main aim of all these forms of IT support is to allow hiring managers to focus on the job at hand and not worry about IT systems letting them down. Each of our services allows for automation and efficiency in abundance, two key characteristics or modern-day recruitment.


What Recruiting Industries Can Creative Networks Help?

As you can see from our broad range of case studies, we have experience in many different industries. 


This is no different from the services that we provide for recruiters. The benefit of working with us is that our team take the time to understand a company’s strategic mission and purpose of IT support. With each recruitment agency, we work with you to understand the challenges of the sector being recruited for and to create dynamic IT networks that abolish those issues. 


Our services allow recruitment agents from all sectors to operate more responsibly and have the tools for long-term hiring success.


Choose Creative Networks for Your Recruitment Company IT Support Needs

With more than 15 years of experience providing IT support, Creative Networks is perfectly placed to support recruitment agencies. We are also proud to be G-Cloud 13 partners, have achieved SafePQQ certification, and also ISO-compliant which marks the level of quality that we can bring to your hiring campaigns.

Please do contact us today to find out how we could elevate your hiring potential and implement IT support that sets your recruitment apart from the rest. With Creative Networks as a part of your team, you will be amazed by the power that recruitment automation has over the hiring success and onboarding for new candidates.

Recruitment is not a standard practice, and neither are our IT solutions.

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