With the ActivTrak employee monitoring agent boost your staff’s operational efficiency

Rewrite productivity benchmarks with ActivTrak.

Track productive vs. unproductive time, whether you are leading a team from the office or remotely, so that your workers are happy and focused. 

Here’s why Creative Networks is proud to offer an incredibly flexible ActivTrak employee monitoring software as a leading managed service provider offering:

Mainly, most management tools on the market are focused on catching illicit employee behaviour. But, with ActivTrak’s software you get to make decisions with detailed reports that cover the health of your employee’s work performance. Throughout the day, get a real-time vantage into your staff’s productivity metrics. Although, users only get the advanced features with the Premium subscription plan, giving you access to all sections and more accurate reports. 

We all know that the pandemic has forced businesses to reimagine how they conduct their on-premise and work-from-home policies beyond 2022. With so many companies offering a hybrid environment, it’s best that your team members have the leading tools to get their jobs done. 


4.5/5 ⭐ rating on G2 and 4.6⭐ on Capterra 

What is An Employee Monitoring Software? (ActivTrak)

ActivTrak is a cloud based platform that collects activity data through websites and applications — regularly clicked on. This helps decision makers understand how their staff works. The acquired insights are populated into a simplified dashboard, which can be integrated with popular tools and business intelligence solutions. The list includes, Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace Suite, Slack, Qualtrics and others. 

Learn behavioural patterns and side by side performance correlations from the most used apps and tools within your teams. Thanks to ActivTrak, employees can use the monitored information to create better work days and an empowered workplace. All the data stored is encrypted with the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), ensuring that companies take advantage of GCP’s capabilities to safeguard threats against your cloud assets. 

ActivTrak features:


  • Team Productivity Pulse: Live snapshots of employee productivity insights, team member availability status (such as active or offline), apps in use and a total summary of hours worked.
  • Dashboard: A real-time overview of what your teams are up to, much like a live office feed only with key user activities.  
  • Website Blocking: Disables employees from visiting certain websites during work hours to ensure productivity and security.
  • Activity Reports & Classification: ActivTrak automatically segregated productivity and categories of workstation usage, customized for each organization. 
  • Custom Alarms: This is a built-in feature that establishes the user’s risk within severity scores with activities that cross the compliance boundary. 

Although there are many ways ActivTrak captures employee activities, a personal favourite of ours is the Activities Timeline. A run down of work activities, colour-coded, that gives a preview of your whole team from a single interface. 

  • Active Time — Active hours spent working on computers. 
  • Break Time — Hours used on breaks including exceeded times.
  • Manual Time — These are hours spent on activities that are not a part of daily tasks. Employees are allowed to add them manually, but they can only be approved/rejected by managers or admins. 
  • Idle Time — This is easily detected through keyboard/mouse usage. 

A “not to be missed” feature is called ActivTrak Coach — it maximises the full potential of the workforce productivity platform. It consistently gathers and reports employee activity insights. Personalising recommendations that can be used to enhance the productivity scores of every team member. FYI, productivity coaching is a valuable element not many ActivTrak competitors offer. There are also extra help elements including a learning hub and suggestions for improving efficiency through the productivity lab.


ActivTrak employee monitoring dashboard

ActivTrak Screenshot Capture✔️

With snapshots of the screens you can see what each team member is looking at. ActivTrak will take shots of specific URLs or websites with an interval of 10 seconds. Interval times can be adjusted accordingly for screenshots. With an advanced subscription plan, you can simultaneously take screenshots for URLs or apps opened. 

As a decision maker, if you want that kind of visibility into what’s happening in your workforce – that’s a decision entirely up to you. 

Website Categorisation✔️

ActivTrak lets you categorise websites and apps under productive or unproductive segments.

This feature helps you determine if your employees are using their time productively on work related activities. It’s also a good overview of employee patterns. 

For instance, if one of your workers is spending time browsing through job boards, that’s probably because they are looking to move on. This information can be helpful for managers to come up with better retention strategies and resolve any issues he/she might be having. 

The latest version also includes a Web Content Filtering service. What it does is block specific web content – it shields your remote workers from cyberattacks. Keep problematic content (e.g., adult content, gambling sites, and anything illegal) from the prying eyes of your team members through the filtering tool.

If you ask us, it’s a game changer that ActivTrak allows you to have access to user risk scores. As a manager, you have the right to know which of your team members is conducting high-risk activities under your nose.

ActivTrak-Productivity-DashboardSource: ActivTrak

Accessible Reports✔️

The data available are generated using usage patterns. ActivTrak gives end-users an enhanced collection of easily accessible reports, which include:

  • Activity log
  • Alarm logs
  • Most used applications
  • Most used websites
  • Top users
  • Top websites
  • Productivity report


ActivTrak’s insights are not privy to gather data that was conducted post office hours. The software doesn’t use intrusive employee monitoring technologies. It provides an extensive suite to protect user’s privacy, which includes: 

  • Features Audit logs and non-track lists
  • Schedules work hours
  • Protects critical data 
  • Anonymising information when necessary
  • Configures user permissions

Invisibility Cloak✔️

ActivTrak has been invisible by default just like Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak. Your employees won’t be able to find it in their task manager. It’s on the company, whether or not they want to keep their employees in the loop regarding tracked activities.  For this, make sure to go over your labour laws to better judge if this is something your employees should be made aware of. 

ActivTrak Free Trial Period✔️✔️✔️

Get started with a 14 day free trial period! 

Even though many champion features are not part of the free subscription plan, you can monitor up to three workstations with 3GB of storage. 

*Multiple screenshots and remote installation options for applications and websites are only part of the paid plan feature. 

How To Create An ActivTrak Account

You can download the ActivTrak employee monitoring tool on any device you wish to be part of your data pool. 

By clicking the ‘Download ActivTrak Agent’ you can manually upload the button to your dashboard. This can be a little tricky for free accounts as you have to individually download the tracker on each device. Same goes for uninstalling the tracking software.

The tracking agent has automatic updates, so it runs for maintenance applications without you having to physically do it.

Is ActivTrak compatible with anti-malware softwares?

Mostly, many anti-malware softwares on the market disable monitoring tools. That means you need to create exceptions in your malware protection configurations to ensure that ActivTrak is running smoothly on your desired systems. 


ActivTrak doesn’t log keystrokes. Keystroke tracking records what users type across web browsers and applications and timestamps them. Some firms find this service valuable, but many find it invasive. Our Teramind review covers this functionality.

ActivTrak doesn’t support continuous screen recording. This functionality might help users who want a secure monitoring system. ActivTrak offers alarm-triggered screenshots, which might help secure your system, depending on how broad your screen monitoring is. InterGuard review has screenshots.

ActivTrak Pricing 

The cost for paid accounts starts at £6 monthly. 

Free Plan: Access to reports on the most popular apps, websites, users, and categories, as well as automated classification of user behaviour, are all a part of this suite of features. This plan offers email-only support and no add-ons.

Advanced Plan: This subscription includes everything in the Free plan plus a team productivity pulse, working hours analysis, enhanced Slack and Microsoft Teams notifications, alarm-triggered screenshots, group productivity classification, remote installation, and detection of USB devices and file transfers. This subscription plan’s phone, email, and web chat support are good. Diagnostics, health checks, onboarding, and enablement are included.

Premium Plan: It offers Advanced plan features and more to boost business procedures and efficiency. You get enhanced efficiency insights, workload balance and technology use, individual and team benchmarks, goal creation and tracking, team and personal productivity dashboards, and virtual coach advice. It offers a learning hub and productivity lab recommendations.

Enterprise: Large companies can get in touch with ActivTrak to make a plan for monitoring employees that fits their needs. Prices can be made to fit your needs.

Even though ActivTrak is an award winning software, like any technology, it also comes with its own set of flaws. 

  • Report for top users only shows summaries. You’ll need to run the insights 7 times to get proper data on how many hours someone worked each day in the week.
  • Screenshot intervals can’t be fixed. Activtrak has complex rules that don’t allow you to set proper interval times. Sometimes this methodology isn’t efficient. 
  • Individual screenshots can’t be deleted. Although, you may delete captured screenshots in bulk. 

Although, the ActivTrak employee monitoring tool is incredibly easy to use. Even first time users can navigate it without a hitch since the platform is streamlined and uncluttered.

Editor’s Strength Score: 9.2/10

Ease of use9.7/10
Customer Support9.3/10
Compatible operating systems9.3/10

ActivTrak’s best-in-class employee tracking software gives your company the opportunity to evaluate bad work habits and build positive ones. Save time on unnecessary distractions, so that you can dedicate that extra time to doing things that bring you joy😊!


If you’re looking to get the most benefits from this award winning solution, Creative Networks is a proud partner portal. We can help you implement ActivTrak into your operations and keep your employees engaged, productive, and efficient. Activate a 14-day free trial and see how ActivTrak can add value to your business. Contact us and get the best pricing plus dedicated support starting today!

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