We are thrilled to confirm that Creative Networks has become a SafePQQ-verified supplier. This continues the focus that we put on security and transparent operations to offer our clients the best IT services possible. We are joining the 35,000+ contractors and 480 suppliers who have already become SafePQQ certified, which will further enhance our clients’ benefits. Carry on reading to learn more about this certification and to find out how your business benefits by working with us. Creative Networks Becomes Safe Contractor Certified

What Does the SafePQQ Certificate Mean?

The Safe Contractors certification was expanded upon in 2022 to include more industries, which is when the Safe PQQ certification was released. The certification is a recognition of businesses that observe high levels of financial, safety, HR, environmental, quality, anti-bribery, and modern slavery compliance as well as presenting their elevated quality management systems. SafeContractor, the awarding body, has more than 20 years of industry experience, representing the high prestige associated with achieving this certification. The award represents both the companies’ own operations and processes that comply with the listed standards but also the onward services that they can offer their own clients.

How Has Creative Networks Met the SafePQQ Standards?

During our years providing IT support services, we have made it our mission also to build an ethical and secure company. One of the main elements of IT support is trust, and we want all of our clients to understand that by working with us, they are entering into a contract with a professional brand that cares about their team. Below are some of the categories covered by the SafePQQ certificate and some information about how we meet them.

Efficient Supply Chains

One of the elements considered is supply chains and sourcing, one of the components that remained from the previous contractor certification. Some of the legislation that must be complied with under this element include The Bribery Act 2010 and The Modern Slavery Act 2015. Each part of our supply chain, whether physical hardware or services in the form of labour, meets these strict criteria. For us, it is a no-brainer; that is how business should be done. This means that all our clients also benefit from having wholly transparent and compliant supply chains because of working with us.

HR Compliancy

SafePQQ also considers different HR and people management components. Our own processes are professionally managed in-house and ensure a safe working environment for each member of our team.

Quality Standards

The ISO-9001 standard is just one of the elements considered for the SafePQQ certificate we are holders of. Not only do we comply with the rules ourselves, but we also offer full ISO training and strategy services to our clients, which represents our deep understanding of this standard. ISO-9001 is a globally recognised quality management standard that ensures companies adopt globally recognised business processes. This can cover a whole host of tasks, including product creation, team management, and sourcing but ensures that the same standards are maintained no matter how it is applied.

GDPR Guaranteed

Whilst EU GDPR is no longer required within the UK, the rules still remain in the form of The Data Protection Act 2018. The process of data safety that GDPR implemented is something we have kept firmly in place as it aligns with our own cyber security services.

What Are the Benefits of Working with an SafePQQ Certified IT Support Agency?

Choosing the right IT support company to work with is an important decision. Not only does it have a significant impact on your budgets and operations, but it also adds to the reputation of your own company. One of the reasons that we want to achieve the SafePQQ certification is that it outlines all the areas of compliance in one place, making it easier for prospective clients to view our suitability. Facts are facts, and showcasing the hard evidence of how compliant we are showcases to our clients just how much of beneficial additional we would be to their IT teams. The benefits of working with a SafePQQ-compliant company include the following:
  • You know you are choosing to work with a company that has safety and security at the centre of operations. Within IT, this is integral as the safety of a company hinges on the strength of its IT infrastructure and supporting network of professionals.
  • Being compliant with all the elements of SafePQQ also represents a talent for strategic planning which can be applied to client companies. Meeting the standards required by SafePQQ showcases that an agency has a high level of understanding and expertise in all the aspects required to pass. If your business is looking to incorporate even just one of those factors, working with a company recognised as an expert in the field greatly improves the level of service that can be offered.
In other words, SafePQQ requires a combination of operational and strategic excellency.
  • Quality management standards mean better services are on offer. Not only can you benefit from working with an agency that has the best on offer thanks to its own quality management systems, but this will also then be absorbed by your own business. Within IT support, we believe in transparency of operations. This not only improves the chance of success and makes for tighter security, but it also mitigates risks.
  • Data security is enhanced, reducing the risk that can be associated with bringing in outsourced support. When you choose to work with a SafePQQ-certified business, data safety is guaranteed. As well as needing to be GDPR compliant, strict operational processes need to be met. This means your company’s data is never exposed to risk, even when additional professionals are privy to it.
  • Quick placements of companies can be achieved as all information needed within a tender process is readily available as part of the Safe PQQ certification process. If your tender process requires certain boxes to be ticked, choosing a SafePQQ-certified company is a great idea.
Taking time to collate information and assess the suitability of an agency can lead to project delays. With this certification, everything you need is clear to see.

How Do I Know if a Company Is SafePQQ Registered?

As well as searching the official SafeContractor database, you should also look for the individual certification that is received by successful companies. The blue and white logo is also available to use by compliant suppliers and contractors on their website and other materials, which means when you see this, you know it is an officially recognised brand.

Why Should You Choose Creative Networks?

Man working in it support Achieving the SafePQQ standards is just one of the ways that we have designed our service offering to support brands from all industries. With more than 15 years of experience, we have implemented these safety processes in recent years and over our entire history of trading. This certification is just a confirmation of the work we are already doing, which is why we are so proud to be included. Alongside our compliance, we also offer a wide range of services, including security compliance supportsecurity risk assessmentsdisaster recovery, IT supportcloud servicestelecommunications assistance and Office 365 help. This allows our clients to benefit from placing just one IT agency to manage their entire IT networks. This further reduces risks and enhances efficiency. By working in line with SafePQQ standards, we can confidently bring happy and supported team members to our clients. This is reflected in the quality of work produced and the collaboration potential between our business and yours. Please contact us to learn more about our journey to becoming SafePQQ certified or to enquire about our services. You can also view our certificate by clicking here. We are excited to continue our journey being SafePQQ certified and hope to be able to support even more clients now that our professional operating standards have been recognised by this prestigious organisation.
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