As we all find ourselves in 2024, software solutions will likely be more important than ever as digital transformations continue to sweep across all sectors. By choosing software integrations, the combination of programs can improve functionality and performance.

At Creative Networks, one of our core missions and values is to help companies thrive through the personal configuration of software solutions. Two software tools we often get asked about are HubSpot and Microsoft Dynamics due to the platforms’ potential power of communication.

In this article, we will answer this question for you and share some insights on how software solutions can elevate performance when used professionally.

What Is Hubspot?

HubSpot is a marketing, sales and customer service platform offering software features designed to help companies grow within commercial spaces. As a CRM platform, HubSpot offers a place for storing sensitive customer and supplier data securely. This allows multiple approved stakeholders to access the information and use it for commercial activities, such as sending marketing emails or updating sales records.

HubSpot has more than 194,000 customers, from solo users to large company accounts. Thanks to its global reach and innovative software solutions, it offers something for everyone, regardless of sector. The platform is broken into five hubs with associated programs. These are marketing, sales, service, CMS and operations. Each hub includes a range of tools that all make processes easier and manage data efficiently.

What Is Microsoft Dynamics?

Microsoft Dynamics is an enterprise solution offering companies professional tools that support various business functions. Dynamics 365 includes tools for finance and operations, sales, marketing, customer service, project service, field service, retail, and talent, which ensures all employees can be catered to with a versatile portfolio of features.

The tool, which is cloud-based software, offers an enticing cost saving for companies as the various programs would often need to be outsourced to different suppliers. Instead, the Dynamics software includes various software options for different employee needs to ensure everything is fully configured to individual requirements. Furthermore, Dynamics can be integrated with Microsoft 365 to offer even more functionality to its customers. This means that as well as having access to unique software, such as finance and operations planning tools, the regular office features are accessible to everyone.

This is the tool to select for companies looking to streamline spending, enhance software security, and allow customers a dynamic approach to operating reactively.

Can You Integrate Hubspot and Microsoft Dynamics Together?

Now that you have clicked on this article, can you integrate HubSpot and Microsoft Dynamics? The answer is yes, you can!

To make this possible, only super admin accounts have the power to action the integration. As accredited IT experts, you can choose to either use services like the ones on offer from our team or manage this task in-house. To connect the HubSpot and Dynamics account, simply follow the below instructions:

  1. Visit the ‘Marketplace’ icon and select App Marketplace.
  2. Search for the term ‘Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration’ and select that option when the results appear.
  3. Choose ‘Connect app’ to start the process.
  4. Enter the Dynamics 365 subdomain on your account and click ‘Install App’.
  5. You must then turn on the syncing process by visiting ‘Connected accounts.
  6. Click ‘Microsoft Dynamics 365’ and then ‘Set up your sync’. You will then be asked to select the items you wish to share between the two accounts, so it’s a good idea to plan how you want to use the software when combined.
  7. Once the sync has been proceeded with, all information will appear in both accounts. To reverse the process, simply follow the same steps and just select ‘Turn off Sync’.

The task should only take minutes as long as both accounts are already established and include suitable information.

What Are the Integration Features When Combining Hubspot and Microsoft Dynamics?

What Are the Integration Features When Combining Hubspot and Microsoft Dynamics?

Now we have shown how simple the process is of connecting the two software accounts, there is nothing stopping you! If you are still undecided if this is suitable for your business, check out the integration features listed below to the benefits that await you:

  • Custom mapping fields can be used across both pieces of software to allow better software configuration. This could be anything from a marketing email to a financial planning document.
  • Two-way syncing is another benefit, as it means information can be shared with complete ease. This is important for these two software tools as the content included in both can help elevate the programs in the other. The seamless sharing of content, data, and account information is also facilitated securely thanks to the built-in security protection, removing associated risks.
  • As a marketing and sales tool, the connection allows the strongest level of collaboration across commercial teams. As well as facilitating transparent data management, this allows teams to work easily on essential tasks such as sending emails from sales reps, managing the sales pipeline and following up with hot leads.
  • Finally, all work can be carried out within the Dynamics 365 platform, meaning employees only need access to one software tool. By ensuring efficiency in the way tools are used, productivity levels are bound to increase.

What Are the Benefits of Integrating Hubspot and Microsoft Dynamics?

Although we have already touched on a few advantages of choosing this integration, we can assure you there are even more benefits.

Improve Data Visibility

Data visibility is essential for a business as it improves performance and knowledge across an organisation. As well as making daily tasks easier, this acts as a way to unite teams by sharing information that is imperative to getting the task done. The integration between HubSpot and Microsoft Dynamics allows real-time data processing and visibility, meaning everyone within an organisation can access relevant content without delay.

Simple to Set Up, Use and Manage

Both software tools are easy to use which are benefits that carry through to functionality when integrated. By visiting the sync section, the master admin account can easily edit the content that is being shared as well as add new data fields if needed.

Users can then work with ease as both tools offer an intuitive way to manage task loads.

Updating of Systems is Largely Automated

Once new data and information is added to either program, it will automatically be shared across the board. This means instant views of updated information are available for everyone. As well as eliminating the manual task of updating databases, this means teams can work together much more efficiently as various jobs associated with new data can be actioned without delay.

Optimised Inventory Management

Another benefit to the integration that is sometimes not considered is the inventory management. Whilst both tools are aimed at commercial departments, the automation of data sharing can improve inventory visibility which is essential for all teams, especially those within finance and sales. Furthermore, for employees who have a direct responsibility for managing inventory, suppliers and other stakeholders involved in a sales pipeline, both data tools can be bespoke-configured to create a unique software experience.

How Can Creative Networks Support the Integration of Hubspot and Microsoft Dynamics?

How Can Creative Networks Support the Integration of Hubspot and Microsoft Dynamics?

If this article has inspired you to take the plunge and connect your HubSpot and Microsoft Dynamics accounts, our team is ideal. Not only do we offer support for both software tools already, but our experience lies in creating bespoke solutions for companies through efficiently optimising software tools.

Our leadership team has made it their mission to ensure all our services enhance how companies of all sizes operate. By implementing a carefully crafted integration software account like this one, companies have the resources needed to scale and thrive.

To find out more, contact our team. Are you also interested in learning more about Creative Networks and what we are up to? Check out our company news.

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