In this post, we’ll break down the many ways a VoIP phone system can transform SMB operations. 👇 

What is VoIP? 

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP for short, refers to telephonic communication that takes place through an IP network such as the internet. That alone isn’t innovative, but VoIP phone systems are. 

Types of VoIP phone services? 

  • All of the leading providers now offer fully managed cloud-based phone systems. Just a few examples include Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and beOnline. These businesses operate their own proprietary platforms that are accessible with a membership. While you focus on operating your firm, they will handle the underlying infrastructure. There are pros and cons to adopting such a system; although there are advantages, such as, little maintenance and minimal effort required to operate, there are also disadvantages, such as, a lack of adaptability and increased expenses. 
  • You purchase licences to utilise the software, but how and where you set up the phone system is entirely up to you. With a software-based phone system, you have fewer platform restrictions and more freedom to pick your SIP trunk provider and handsets. This category includes 3CX: it offers far more leeway and customisation than fully hosted alternatives while costing much less to use in your firm.

VoIP for small businesses 

Many of the tools and advantages we discuss in this post have been available to major corporations for some time, yet were previously out of reach for SMEs. We’ll go through how many of the VoIP phone systems include a plethora of features that are ideal for enhancing communication and productivity in small organisations. 

What are the benefits of VoIP phone systems? 

  1. Cost Savings using VoIP 

It should come as no surprise that one of the main advantages of VoIP is that it is more cost-effective than a conventional phone service. Businesses may save up to 50% by adopting VoIP for calls. Most VoIP phone systems eliminate the need to purchase costly gear up front and instead require only a monthly subscription fee, with many plans including an almost infinite number of phone lines and minutes. 

One last benefit of VoIP is that it allows you to ditch your PSTN or ISDN phone lines in favour of your internet connection. By connecting your phones to your computer network, not only will you save money on phone calls, but you will also avoid the expense of installing separate phone wiring at each workstation.  

  1. VoIP systems boast increased efficiency

In many cases, while switching from a traditional PBX to VoIP for your phone needs, you’ll get access to a wide variety of features and alternatives you hadn’t been able to use before. Hosted VoIP providers spend a lot of money on R&D to deliver feature-rich services to its corporate customers. 

VoIP phone services often contain the following features: 

  • Automatic call routing 
  • Hunt groups – with several choices for responding to calls 
  • Conference calls: planned and ad hoc. 
  • On-hold music or recorded advertisements 
  • Pick up the phone and return your co-workers’ calls 
  • Place calls on hold and transfer them to other devices using your IP phone. 

Among many others. 

  1. Superior call quality

Clear calls. High-definition calls ensure your team never misses a beat. Enjoy superior call quality and unparalleled dependability as long as you have access to a high-speed Internet connection. Because of the dramatic growth in internet speeds in recent years, internet calls have advanced at light speed. 

Many different types of call management tools, such as search groups, call queuing, auto-attendants, and interactive voice response systems (IVRs), are available to enterprises with VoIP phone systems. There is no longer any need to pay someone to sit at the front desk, since this can all be automated, speeding up the process of directing consumers to the appropriate department and saving money. 

  1. Marketing window

The fact that most of the top VoIP service providers will let you play music or prerecorded messages to callers on hold is a feature of business VoIP phone systems that is frequently neglected. Want to get the word out about a new service or good you’re offering? A message might be recorded to play in the background as clients wait. The range of outcomes is practically infinite. 

So, what is custom music on hold?  

When a consumer is placed on wait, they can listen to their own unique music or audio files thanks to a service called “custom music on hold.” Contrast this with the silence or background music that may be the default on some phone systems. This feature can drastically add value to the user experience. This is also the one time you can get away with broadcasting shameless marketing messages (for example: company updates, information regarding limited-time specials or brand-new services) to callers in queue.  

  1. Integration

Most firms employ CRMs, video, and internet live chat. The finest VoIP phone systems use Unified Communications to centralise all systems. Imagine a customer phoned your office and your CRM instantly pulled up their record,or someone begins a live conversation that goes right into your internal chat system. VoIP phone systems integrate systems to boost corporate performance. 

Why should your small business ditch traditional phone systems for VoIP? 

Phone calls are still considered the finest way to communicate, even if email, text, and social media have advanced. Office telephone systems provide regular and dependable contact with customers, clients, and staff. 

However, VoIP phone systems have helped corporations save money. Traditional telephone systems connect organisations to consumers, suppliers, and significant business contracts, so choosing the correct system is crucial. 

Cloud-hosted VoIP service 

Most of the firms we’ve spoken with have opted for cloud-hosted phone solutions rather than buying and maintaining their own telephonic equipment. One major perk of using a hosted VoIP platform is that you won’t need to worry about doing any sort of routine maintenance or installing any kind of software updates. Get yourself connected to a fast internet service, choose some phones, and get ready to make calls; everything else is handled automatically. With a hosted solution, your employees may still make and receive calls even if the company’s internet connection goes down. 

Creative Networks – UK VoIP reseller provider 

Now that you understand the features and potential benefits of a VoIP system for your business, you may be wondering how to make the transition from your current phone setup. 

Get in touch with a VoIP service provider like us and discuss your needs. Creative Networks has extensive knowledge in telecommunications and networking and can assist you in making an informed decision and a seamless transition. 

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