ISO 22301 saw a global increase of 82.9% in 2020, which has continued to grow positively to the present day. Reflective that more companies are recognising the importance of business continuity management, the standard offers a universal way to manage cyber safety across various sectors.

At Creative Networks, we are big believers that ISO compliance implementation has the power to transform cyber safety for all businesses. With that in mind, we are sure you want to know how to secure this highly regarded ISO award. Keep reading to find out.

What Is ISO 22301?

Before we look at how you can become ISO 22301 compliant, let’s first check what the standard covers.

ISO 22301 is an international standard from ISO that covers Business Continuity Management (BCM). Continuity planning is not a new concept, but it is certainly a critical business factor that has increased in prevalence during recent years due to the maturity of cyber threats. By implementing a framework that can monitor issues and keep operations running smoothly at all times, this standard helps organisations to prevent, prepare for and respond to any unexpected incidents.

The global average cost of a data breach in 2023 currently stands at $4.45 million. This represents a huge portion of spend that companies did not have budgeted. Providing a framework that highlights risks and keeps departments moving even in times of uncertainty, overall performance can be enhanced whilst risks are reduced simultaneously.

As with all other ISO certifications, 22301 has the power to safeguard each department within a business. This offers enhanced security and means that other aspects, such as company culture and financial performance, are improved.

What Is The Process For Obtaining ISO 22301?

What Is The Process For Obtaining ISO 22301?

If you are not convinced that ISO 22301 is right for your organisation, there is no time like the present to start putting the foundations in place for this award. The steps you will need to follow to achieve the award are as follows:

Choose Your Support Team

Owners must be assigned at the start of the project and noted in all formal documentation. This could be internal support or external assistance.

At Creative Networks, we offer a full ISO 22301 service, which means support can be offered at any stage. While this is important for implementation, the ongoing considerations of the certification should also be factored into resources, as the responsibilities don’t end at a successful pass.

Understand and Analyse

Before making any changes or plans for your business continuity model, familiarising yourself with the associated materials for ISO 22301 is vital. This includes the controls, requirements, definitions and upcoming schedule, as all will play a role in how successful your business is in achieving the award.

A gap analysis should occur once all stakeholders have been armed with the knowledge.

This will allow you to understand what needs to be achieved to reach the ISO 22301 standard.

When this assessment has taken place, a complete implementation plan should be created, which breaks the tasks down into a focused timeline of tasks with clear project owners. This information may need to be viewed during the application process, so keep detailed notes.

Create A Framework and The Right Processes

Once the gap analysis results are available, you must create a successful business continuity plan. Throughout this phase, a document structure, policies, processes, and employee management elements should all be firmed up, as these are the basis of the compliance application.

There must also be a clear understanding of your business’s risk factors and proven ways of resolving these should disaster strike. If this is deemed to not sufficiently cover everything, it is unlikely that the audit phase of the application will be passed.

You should also be ready to test the measures in place as an efficient continuity plan is ready for execution at any time. Before you apply, it is recommended that several internal audits are carried out to highlight any remaining issues. This also gives a company more chance of first-time success.

Official Auditing Process

This includes the official internal and two-stage external audits by our chosen awarding body. All audits are carried out in line with the measures and controls of ISO 22301 to test the performance of the strategy and the effectiveness of the risk management planning.

A three-year certification term will begin if you successfully pass all audits. During this time, internal audits, compliance processes, and up-to-date documentation are still required; otherwise, the award could be removed.

The Benefits of Securing ISO 22301

The process for becoming ISO 22301 compliant is not that different from other ISO standards. However, the benefits can reach beyond the remit of other standards as business continuity is an aspect that really does impact every inch of operations.

The main benefits are as follows:

Improved competitiveness As well as being a safer option for suppliers and customers, having a resilient business continuity plan ensures a strong positioning against competitors. If sector-wide issues affect a company, your business will outperform the rest by being prepared.

The award is also globally recognised, meaning compliant organisations stand out against competitors across various regions.

Better legal compliance and resilience Most continuity plans are interwoven with sector-specific legislations and insurance services, making for better legal alignment. This also means should an issue arise and the resolution process is put into motion, the legal side of things is much easier to deal with.

The term resilience also relates to being able to keep operations flowing in times of uncertainty. Whether it’s an issue specific to your industry or a global disaster, with a strong plan, you should be able to keep things running as normal.

Efficient resource planning Part of continuity planning is having the right people in place as well as the tools needed to complete a task. With this ISO standard, a plan and back-up options are always available.

Stronger brand image and legitimacy Companies with ISO 22301 are taken more seriously as the award improves brand perception. Being associated with ISO is enough for many people worldwide to know that the business has invested in operations and takes its responsibilities seriously.

Improved employee experience and customer ratings The clue is in the name of this one. Continuity means that services can be delivered without delays or interruptions. By being known for constantly operating no matter what issues may arise, employees and customers will be more likely to choose brand association with your business.

With 71% of customers saying they would prefer to buy from a brand they trust, the link between that and dependability is clear.


Solidify risk management Risk management is a business-critical factor that has the power to protect companies from detrimental situations. Creating a robust risk management system can benefit every inch of a business. These bonuses are then also passed on to other stakeholders, offering them protection by proxy.

Ways That Creative Networks Can Support With ISO 22301

Ways That Creative Networks Can Support With ISO 22301

Would your business benefit from continuity planning that makes a real difference?

Our leadership team has created the Creative Networks service offering to provide information and support where required. In terms of our ISO 22301 services, we can aid with any stage of implementation of long-term management. The process can be managed internally, but by working with an external agency full of experts, you are adding a specialist set of eyes to your defined processes. Regarding business continuity, this can be the difference between an issue being captured and one slipping through the net.

To find out more, click the link to learn who we are or get in touch with our team. Continuity is something that can be planned for but one that comes into its own after some time. By planning for the future now and becoming compliant, your business will benefit from increased resilience in the face of cyber threats.

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