What was once a solid wall of cyber security now poses risks regarding Multi-Factor Authentication. No matter how robust you believe your network to be, savvy criminals are becoming increasingly advanced in their breaching techniques.

At Creative Networks, we are huge advocates of effective MFA passwords but have seen first-hand what associated fatigue can result. The scary thing is that your company could be a victim of the contemporary attack and not even know about it!

Keep reading to learn what MFA fatigue is, how to see the signs, and how to nip this cyber annoyance in the bud once and for all.

MFA Fatigue Statistics 2023

Check out some of the latest MFA fatigue statistics below:

What is MFA?

If you ever needed to add a double-layered password to a software account, you have encountered an MFA.

Multi-Factor Authentication is an intelligent software technology that requires complex passwords and multiple forms of identification before data can be accessed. Most commonly, users must set a secure password and have another form of identity checking, such as a telephone number, alternative email address, or email authentication app on another device.

MFA is one of the most popular forms of online security, which is why it has transferred from business software to everyday eCommerce websites. Despite its innovative protection methods, it is still susceptible to breaches commonly caused by MFA fatigue.

What is MFA Fatigue?

MFA fatigue is a modern problem that anyone with online accounts will likely experience at some point.

The process relates to malicious breaches which aim to confuse the user into accepting an MFA request which is not genuine. By pushing through multiple authentication requests, hackers aim to gain access via the received notification. This can lead to cyber criminals accessing data on the targeted platform and others because the password has been compromised.

MFA fatigue is carried out by a repetitive script which pushes notifications through to a user repeatedly. This is coined as a fatigue technique designed to wear the user down over time. Another element that makes this look authentic is the formatting that closely matches the targeted platform. For many people, seeing a notification from an expected source continually would make them believe it is a legitimate attempt to prove their identity.

Another method if MFA fatigue taking place is the re-use of previously accessed passwords or credentials. Think of it as a digital weak spot that is make much larger once a small fragment becomes loose. All the hackers need is a small opening to be able to make a big impact and over a long period of time.

Why is MFA Fatigue Dangerous?

MFA fatigue is known in the industry as hackers’ new favourite cybercrime technique as it is still relatively unknown. By using social engineering attacks, access can be made to multiple platforms in a short amount of time. The automated process also makes it tricky for companies to manage due to the sheer volume of requests. Unless a robust cyber security structure is in place, these messages could be missed and successfully reach their intended target.

Alongside the obvious undesirable impact of data being successfully accessed, other negative repercussions for a business when MFA fatigue occurs are the following:

  • Once passwords are accessed, the chance of uncovering naming conventions for other users’ accounts is heightened. This is one of the reasons that we recommend professional support in creating MFA app passwords, as complex access routes will be harder to decipher.
  • The act of MFA fatigue is designed to be stressful to the target. Receiving numerous messages will cause psychological pressure, negatively impacting other areas of work.
  • If an attack is successful, the hacking agent will be more likely to target the same organisation again. This can be combatted by adhering to security compliance regulations and working with an IT specialist who can create robust barriers.

How Can You Resolve MFA Fatigue?

Being aware of the risks associated with MFA fatigue is one thing, but knowing how to tackle it makes the difference. To help companies and users stop these hacking experts in their tracks, we have created a set of services offering resolutions.

We are also big believers in preventative measures, as the situation is much more complex to resolve once a breach has been made. We aim to eliminate risk and ensure people can operate confidently online without falling victim to MFA fatigue.

Employee Awareness

Creative Networks Solution: User Awareness Training

The nature of MFA fatigue attacks is that they prey on victims who will not know the verification message is harmful.

Whilst these messages have been developed to look genuine, making it harder to depict when there is a risk, some user awareness of the issue will make a difference. Aspects such as slight design differences, understanding the process needed to trigger a message, and sharing details of this risk will significantly reduce the chances of a successful attack.

Confident employees are also happy, meaning that businesses will see a positive impact on their company culture and productivity levels, so it is positive all-round! Furthermore, this training also provides information on other areas of the business making for improved knowledge in all IT fields.

Security Compliance Measures

Creative Networks Solution: Cyber Security Compliance Support, ISO 27001 Services, Cyber Essentials, and many more!

Being a cyber-security-aware business by implementing compliance measures will reduce the risks of MFA fatigue attacks. Aspects such as OTP protection, firewalls, and malware will help catch these fake messages when they come across.

Alternatively, if access is successfully made, the security measures will combat the attack before data and information is compromised. Being compliant means that organisations constantly have their fingers on the pulse of their security networks and modern risks that they are likely to be victims of.

As you can see from the Creative Network accreditations, this is also our own preferred method of security protection. 

Professional Support

Creative Networks Solution: IT Support Services

One of the best ways to implement robust security measures that combat MFA fatigue is by using professional IT experts. Whether you want to hire your team members or outsource, this means that someone is always available to assist.

This improves a company’s chances of noticing MFA fatigue and implementing recovery plans when a breach occurs. Professional agencies can also advise and configure additional security measures such as security software, password processes, and data protection.


Hackers are becoming increasingly intelligent which means they can outsmart many professionals. Internal IT managers are likely to be extremely busy with other duties which these criminals know. By having someone who is solely responsible for preventing these attacks and resolving any issues that do arise, overall safety is greatly improved.

How Can Creative Networks Support with MFA?

As we have showcased, our range of support services is ideal for preventing MFA fatigue.

Alongside our support, we also bring our intel on the latest industry events and risks, which can be found via our company news page. We share our thoughts on trends and situations affecting businesses to educate people and highlight the areas in which our team is passionate. Stopping MFA fatigue hackers in their tracks is just one of the many ways that we demonstrate this.

To find out more, contact us today or check out which upcoming events we will be attending to speak to us in person.

MFA fatigue is a threat that we believe companies can beat. They just need to be able to know what to look for, educate their teams, and have the right security measures in place to resolve any issues in a speedy manner.

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