Microsoft Teams for Education came to the rescue when the COVID-19 pandemic made things hard. With Teams, the academic community can now work, study, and cooperate in a safe and engaging environment. Today, on-site classes and exams are unfeasible, but Microsoft Teams has solved some of the education industry’s biggest problems.

Creative Networks can easily deploy Microsoft Teams for Education to allow teachers to promote learning in a virtual classroom. 

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Benefits of Microsoft Teams for Education 

With Teams for Education, you’ll have instant access to all of your preferred means of online teamwork in one convenient location. Teams is built on Office 365, so schools may integrate it with their existing Office applications.

Here’s how it benefits students:

  • Meet classmates in a comfortable setting.
  • Simply upload assignments and work.
  • When necessary, request assistance.
  • Work on assignments with classmates.
  • Simple and time-management-friendly for students.
  • Safe workplace and file storage.


Using Microsoft Teams for Education, educational institutions may set up virtual classrooms where students and teachers can work together and share resources. It’s also useful for coordinating studies at different universities and improving communication with faculty. Using Microsoft Teams, students may collaborate more effectively, improve their academic performance, and successfully transition to distance education.

“A great classroom comes to life wherever students and educators meet.” 
— Anthony Salcito, VP Education at Microsoft 

Microsoft Teams for Education has several amazing features, here’s a few:

Virtual Classrooms 

Team’s built-in collaboration features and easy installation make it a natural choice for online education platforms. In addition to the chat, which can be used to share links and files, and the virtual whiteboards that can be utilised by both hosts and attendees, Teams meetings include many other useful features that may be put to good use in the classroom. Also, Microsoft is always releasing upgrades for Teams for Education, which strengthens its function in the classroom.  

  • Free for schools with up to 300 students, Microsoft Teams for Education enables constant communication and collaboration for improved teaching and learning.
  • Smarter education is made possible by the plethora of tools accessible in one central place, including the ability to create and manage online courses, distribute and collect student work, facilitate group projects and discussions, and even view instructional films for use as study guides.
  • Using Microsoft Teams, you can organise secure online study groups and reduce responsibilities for everyone involved.
  • Easily utilise the Office 365 Education and Learning Tools to provide differentiated instruction on a large scale, allowing you to reach every student in your classroom. 

Multiple Accessibility Features 

Importantly, Microsoft Teams is easily accessible. The fact that Teams allows for remote learning is a huge benefit to making traditional classrooms more open and welcoming to students of all backgrounds.

Educators can also use the tools available in Teams and Teams meetings to increase the number of students who can participate in their online classes. Live caption, which automatically creates subtitles and message translation, supports 90 languages; and the Immersive Reader feature, which helps reduce distractions for those reading on the screen, are just a few examples. Such features are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the accessibility tools available to teachers. 


Teams for Education has a built-in Assignments function, so teachers may assign work to students directly within Teams, supporting its suitability as a work platform. The School Data Sync can send each student’s Team Assignments to their legal guardian weekly. 

Teachers can exchange rubrics and Teams Assignments. Teams makes creating and saving rubrics easy. Rubrics help students with tasks and simplify grading. 

Select Create, then Assignment.

Source: Microsoft

Professional Learning Community 

Teams provide app users a private location to share and save files, conduct chats, and more. Class Teams, consisting of both instructors and students, may be formed using Teams for Education. Teamwork is essential in the classroom, but so are Staff Teams, which are made specifically for instructors to use with one another.

Moreover, PLC teams facilitate faculty interaction by centralising and regularly updating information, which in turn facilitates communication and cooperation. 

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Ready to get started? 

With Microsoft Teams students have access to an environment optimised for agility and interactivity.

Experts in  Microsoft’s business software, Creative Networks is a Microsoft Silver Partner. We encourage you to get in contact if you have any questions about new Microsoft 365 subscriptions, Microsoft Teams installation, or Microsoft Teams for Education. 

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