If your IT operations are not working for your business demands, an IT support company could be a brilliant option for you.

We often get asked, ‘what do IT support companies do?’ so we decided to pull together our guide in this blog to set the record straight. The IT outsourcing marketing is estimated to hit a market volume of $31.15 billion by the end of 2023, as more companies choose to bring in expert skills for an efficient cost.

Often, people know that help is available but are unsure as to how outsourced IT support can be integrated into existing businesses. At Creative Networks, we have perfected just that, so keep on reading to find out what IT companies can offer and how it can work for your business.

What Does IT Support Mean?

IT support is the name given to the function in a business that maintains solid technical performance across all software and hardware. By assisting people in a company that are facing IT difficulties, aspects such as employee efficiency and cyber security are greatly enhanced.

IT support is an extremely busy role and requires a constant hands-on approach and expert knowledge to keep operations running the way they should be. The function also covers operations which include backup managementcloud operationsdisaster recoveryemployee IT support, and telecommunications management. Due to the broad amount of areas covered; IT support can mean something different for every business. The similarities can be found in the approach required to keep companies online and fully functional.

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What Is an IT Support Company?

What do IT Support Companies do
What do IT Support Companies do

An IT support company consists of a team of IT specialists who provided targeted support to a range of businesses. Providing a range of services which cover the entire plethora of IT responsibilities, IT support companies have the advantage of being privy to the latest industry updates which means they are at the top of the field when it comes to IT development.

Whether you want to outsource your operations completely or provide some helpful support for in-house teams, IT support companies can offer solutions for everyone. Otherwise known as Managed Service Provider or MSP, IT support companies also specialise in all levels of IT support which includes Level 1 (First line IT management), Level 2 (Intermediate IT support), and Level 3 (Expect IT management and directors).

When choosing to work with an IT support agency, a business can take a hands-off approach to manage its IT networks and security, as all the work is done for them.

What Services Are Covered by an IT Support Company?

The answer, in short, is that every element of a company’s IT operations can be designed, built, and managed by an IT support agency. It is down to the business to decide how much involvement they need and the IT agency to recommend the services that would best suit their needs.

Some of the main areas covered are included below:

Define security compliance and cyber security strategies and manage their running and dealing with any issues. IT support teams are responsible for implementing the procedures that allow companies to achieve elevated results while protecting them from risks. An IT support company can advise on the best methods to follow, offer experts that create safe working processes, and assist in achieving compliance standards such as ISO-27001ISO-9001, and ISO-22301.

Provide support with hardware and software purchases and installation. Setting up teams to work requires lots of planning that you may still need to consider. An IT support agency considers budgets, intended usage, and wider network safety to provide solutions that facilitate daily tasks. Covering anything from headphones to printers, this also considers security measures to ensure no risk to company safety when new equipment is used via the network servers.

Set up employee accounts and manage their system requirements. IT support agencies also undertake daily administrative tasks that traditional in-house teams manage, including looking after employees. This can involve resolution to issues, implementing training, and providing support for additional issues such as customer queries. When you have someone available to reset a password, resolve access problems, and advise on operating questions, you will find that a business runs much more smoothly.

Implement disaster recovery planning plans and procedures. With responsibilities for helping companies react if the worst happens, disaster recovery represents a company’s ability to respond and recover if a threat is faced. An IT support agency will have lots of experience in dealing with such issues. They can also provide wider support plans that extend beyond just the business itself. This improves the chance of a successful recovery plan and helps mitigate risks.

Manage all forms of TelecommunicationsIT agencies can support everything from mobiles to intelligent 3CX phone systems. Many companies take this task for granted and do not consider the complexities of helping teams communicate safely. IT support agencies, such as our own, provide:

  • An end-to-end service which involves obtaining hardware.
  • Setting up software.
  • Integrating all forms of communications into the approved cyber security vulnerability management plans.

Report on, design, and implement IT strategy. IT agencies can also provide professional reporting and insights which support wider business activities. This helps companies make better decisions, save money, and reduce the risk of developing their digital presence and networks.

Manage servers, software licenses, and accessibility. This is one of the most important functions as it is the one that keeps the business operating successfully. From managing servers to improving staff access, IT support companies have extensive experience in creating IT infrastructures that establish positive operations.

What Are the Benefits of Working with an IT Support Company?

What do IT Support Companies do
What do IT Support Companies do
  • A company gains access to a broader range of experts that would have otherwise been costly to employ full-time.
  • The experience that is provided automatically elevates company performance as the companies can implement tried and tested management methods. This is particularly great for smaller or new companies that want to establish themselves as authority figure in their market. Our own approach involves us staying on top of everything from small market trends to big business to ensure our service is the best that it can be!
  • Processes are also much more efficient as IT agencies can provide the support that is not impacted by elements such as staff illness or busy schedules.
  • IT infrastructures have a greater chance of being efficient for longer as they have been set up and managed professionally.
  • Improved chance of being protected against cybercrime as the support is more attentive than in-house teams can sometimes offer.
  • Improved business insights and reports are also often available, which can benefit various other functions and decision-making.
  • Stronger disaster recovery planning is also experienced as IT agencies often have 24/7 processes that protect their clients if issues arise outside of normal office hours.

How Do I Choose the Right It Support Company for Me?

Choosing the right agency for you is a complex decision as you need to know that they have the skills in place to be able to help your business.

A great place to start is to look at the work that the agency has already done, as this indicates both the industries that they cover and the skills that their organisation has to offer. We often provide our case studies to clients as it gives them peace of mind in knowing that our services cover companies of all sizes and from various industries. Whilst IT processes are standard across different sectors, it is worth understanding what experience the agency has in your own one as certain aspects, such as security needs, could be heightened.

You should also consider the number of services on offer as the last thing you want to spend time with an agency and then find out that they cannot fulfil all your needs. The ways to tell a high-quality IT support agency apart from the rest are the covered areas and the available accreditations.

For example, we are an official G-Cloud 13 partner, which represents our ability to supply to government and high-profile tenders. This accreditation means we are equipped to provide many services, meet the strict criteria of government supply, and have the experience needed to help a wide range of companies.

Collaboration is also important, so you should choose an agency that offers you brilliant communication and the option to design your own services. Our approach is to provide access to experts who can seamlessly blend into your own business. Whether you need support in one area of need everything managed, we can work with you to fit your company culture and give you access to professionals with no barriers getting in the way.

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Are You Ready to Find Your Perfect IT Support Agency?

Now that you understand exactly what do IT Support Companies do, it is a great time to consider your next move when it comes to place an IT support agency. We would be happy to answer any further questions and share more insights about our own services to help you achieve this.

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