ISO 9001 is the number one global solution to quality management success. This is just one of the reasons that ISO 9001 certifications have risen by 4% in recent years. By adopting this security compliance standard, companies can showcase their professional approach to the market in which they operate. This is a decision that many companies across the world have made, with more than one million ISO 9001-accredited businesses at present.

If you are weighing up the pros and cons of spending on becoming ISO 9001 certificated, your decision might be made easier for you if you operate in a sector that recommends the compliance standard. Continue reading to discover which industries benefit most from this certification and why starting the process sooner rather than later is important.

Is ISO 9001 a Legal Requirement?

Let’s start by clarifying that ISO 9001 is NOT a legal requirement. It is instead a highly recommended compliance measure that certain industries benefit from immensely.

While it is not legally needed, there are several scenarios in which the standard may be requested, such as within tenders or supplier contracts. Due to these reasons, and its global prominence, ISO 9001 is regarded as a must-have certification by many.

When considering the ISO 9001 accreditation, it is important to pay attention to its purpose. With the aims including improvements to customer satisfaction, streamlined decision-making, and issue resolution, it becomes clear that the benefits to companies are plentiful. At Creative Networks, we think companies should have an option as to which forms of compliance they adopt, but ISO 9001 is one that we highly recommend.

Which Sectors Benefit From ISO 9001?

Which Sectors Benefit From ISO 9001?

ISO security compliance implementation is a brilliant option for all businesses, but some stand to benefit more than others. While not a legal requirement, we highly recommend that each of the following industries become compliant.

Healthcare Sector

It will likely not be a surprise that healthcare is on our list. With quality of care being the core value for most institutions worldwide, ISO provides the support needed to ensure that patient experience is never compromised.

The NHS defines that “quality data plays a role in improving services and decision making”. This represents why ISO 9001 is a great option for healthcare companies, providing the structures needed to obtain that information. The efficiency benefits also mean that long-running issues, such as waiting times and employee experience, can be improved. The systems implemented through this ISO standard give leaders the tools needed to improve processes and provide everyone a better standard of care. Whether working in private or public care, these factors remain important.


Only 47% of construction professionals have a quality process, which is shocking to us. As an industry that is dictated by standards, regulations, and customer expectations, we believe that all construction companies should have a proficient quality management system.

ISO 9001 is becoming a standard that some suppliers and customers now ask for within the building sector as it shows the company’s strength in question. Not only does it mean that risks are lowered and outputs will be of better quality, but the companies stand to benefit from cost saving and improved staff performance.

Manufacturing and Engineering

Any form of manufacturing or engineering business would greatly benefit from ISO 9001.

Both industries have similar requirements, which is why we have grouped them. Firstly, both are responsible for creating output products which must be consistent and high quality. Whether a physical product or a digital service, the end item culminates in different teams coming together. ISO 9001 ensures that the right processes are in place that produce the same high-level output every time.

Manufacturing and engineering are also reliant on a positive customer experience. In both circumstances, clear processes must be established to gather and pass this information to the relevant departments. Without this input, competitiveness and product success levels will be greatly impacted.

ISO also facilitates accuracy and detail-oriented decision making, which both sectors benefit from.


Another industry which uses the word quality across most of its core values is hospitality. In fact, 63% of customers expect good service, which we believe is facilitated through quality processes.

As everything hospitality companies rely upon is customer-focused, ISO 9001 is a great solution. It ensures that customers are placed as the most important element in any business activity and allows for efficiency in operations. With the sector still crawling back to its pre-pandemic glory, this is not just a nice to have but essential to achieving top profits.

ISO 9001 is also widely known, so customers and corporate clients alike will see how hard a company works to meet their needs if they see this stamp of excellence.

Last but not least is the fact that ISO 9001 can bring teams together. Communication is vital within the travel industry, with cross-team working paramount to success. With this standard, even team members based in a different region or territory can benefit from a concise way of operating which reflects in the customer experience.

Technology Providers

Last but by no means least on our list are technology providers.

This industry should adopt ISO 9001 accreditation because of the complexity of the information being managed and the speed at which the sector changes. With new technology advances coming out by the hour worldwide, keeping up with trends is not just a nice to have but essential.

This ISO standard means that companies can constantly integrate their performance with the latest technology demands without their efficiency taking a hit. Creating a standard process adds all new factors to a business with the same care and attention. For rapidly moving brands, there is more of a chance of customer experience fluctuating. With the support from ISO 9001, this risk is minimised as long as the process is also stuck to religiously. 

What Are The Benefits of ISO 9001 Certification?

What Are The Benefits of ISO 9001 Certification?

ISO certifications are an excellent option for motivated businesses to adopt. As we have demonstrated in the previous section, they stand to change how companies work for the better. It should also be noted that although we have included these sectors, all businesses can experience the benefits of this compliance standard.

Across the board, the main benefits of adopting the accreditation are as follows:

Improved Efficiency and Productivity

ISO 9001 provides the processes needed to ensure that systems run smoothly, no matter what product is being produced.

The standard improves performance and systems, including less wastage, faster deliveries, and improved employee participation. Efficiency relates to more than just time, but also money. Companies that work more wisely have a greater chance of witnessing stronger profits and less need for new system investment.

Quick and Accurate Decision Making

The uniform processes and data-led operations take any uncertainty away from decision making. This means that decisions can be made faster with everyone’s best interests ensured.

Customer Satisfaction

The main goal of ISO 9001 is to improve customer experience. To gather and use information for the greater good, ISO 9001 gives you the tools needed to provide excellent service in a way that makes the most operational sense.

Improved Competitiveness

Suppliers and customers look at companies that confidently demonstrate their professional approach to products or services. ISO 9001 is a loud statement which shows that the business is a force to be reckoned with.

Due to its international recognition, it improves competition with customers and also attracts a higher calibre of suppliers.

Does Your Industry Need ISO 9001? Apply With Creative Networks

Creative Networks is known for being ISO experts. With a range of services alongside our ISO 9001 support which covers both ISO 27001 and ISO 22301, our team are ready to help you achieve your quality management goals.

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