Given the operational demands imposed by the modern world, IT support has become more critical than ever before for companies of all sizes. From the perils of the dark web, which means cyber security needs to be more intelligent, to the complex demands of hybrid working teams, IT teams must be able to accommodate it all.

When looking at ‘what is full service IT support’, we wanted to ensure that we covered not just the components that make up this active service but also the reasons why it is so intrinsic to business success.

Outsourcing complete IT services is also a trend that has picked up momentum, with 44% of chief intelligence officers more likely to outsource tasks than five years ago.

Keep on reading to find how IT service agencies like Creative Networks can offer full support, which has the power to benefit every department.

What Is Full Service IT Support?

Full service IT support represents complete management of a company’s IT networks and tasking but an outsourced agency (otherwise known as Managed Service Provider or MSP). This involves building and overseeing IT services which can be summarised as the application of technical knowledge to enable the full adoption and use of software and hardware products.

The overall reason for bringing in complete IT support is to allow a hands-on approach to management which offers benefits such as cost saving, improved security, and better alignment to wider business strategies. To achieve this level of operational excellence, IT services that provide a full service seamlessly blend into any company’s structure as if they were an employed team member.

IT support has long been a requirement of daily life for all companies, but it is set to surge in demand during 2023 and beyond, resulting in the need for companies to invest more in their service desk functions.

Full service outsourced IT support keeps a company running safely whilst they are able to achieve business objectives. This service provides are essential IT consultants and technicians all in one, which offers brilliant value for money and improved success rates. Our full service IT support covers security compliancecyber securitybackupcloud managementIT supportdisaster recoveryserver maintenanceMicrosoft 365 and telecommunications management, and our strategic expertise.

The keyword to consider is service. This means that everything is provided with client happiness in mind, meaning end-to-end management of all issues with no stones left unturned.

How Can Full Service IT Support Benefit Companies?

What is full service IT support
What is full service IT support

Covering all factors of IT management has many benefits, with many people essentials within everyday operations. Some of the top benefits of choosing to work with a managed service provider who offers a full IT service are the following:

  • All skills are accounted for with just one cost. A full IT service support agency, such as our own, possesses experts covering many technical requirements. From network engineers that keep operations running smoothly to computer programmes that can create bespoke code for your systems, this offers cost-saving solutions.

The full service also accounts for each phase of IT management which we refer to as strategy, planning, implementation, and reporting. By having one company that manages all of these aspects, there is also an improved chance of succinct performance, which leaves fewer gaps for security breaches or operating failures to occur.

  • Improved efficiency is ensured. A full IT service will solely focus on successfully running a company’s IT networks. These leave no room for error and ensure that the foot is never taken off of the pedal when it comes to the intense momentum needed to remain safe.

The full service element also means multiple projects can be managed at once, meaning faster outputs and productivity benefits to your entire company. Finally, 24/7 support is often provided, which means that a company’s IT performance is protected and elevated even after the employees have finished.

  • Security compliance is made much easier to achieve and retain. With benefits including wider cost savings, improved company image, and lessened security risks, compliance is a word that every organisation should be very familiar with. A full IT service ensures that each element required to achieve this operating excellence is always facilitated.
  • Stronger disaster recovery and contingency planning are guaranteed. Forbes states that “disaster planning is no longer optional”, and we agree. The risk of cyber threats and business influences that could stop operations as we know it has proved, in recent years, to be a real issue that everyone must contend with. Full IT support services ensure that your business has a more targeted approach, ensuring both the planning and implementation are spot on.
  • Full service IT support can also grow with a business as it scales. Knowing that, as a business, you have the option to change your operating style is essential for being dynamic. Full service IT support can help companies make changes whilst offering the same high-level hands-on assistance already being delivered.

Are There Different Levels of IT Support?

Whilst a full IT service covers every aspect of IT performance, it is still helpful to understand how different tasks can be characterised. The below levels are widely used within the industry to define the management of the entire IT skills mix and to help teams share out workload so that skills are always being optimised to their fullest.

Level One: Level 1 IT support is the first level of support for companies. This is the first line of defence when it comes to trouble shooting and the daily management of tasks such as help desk support, employee assistance, and systems access management. This experts in this field are also responsible for categorising the requests so that they are successfully passed through to the right member of the team so that issues can be resolved efficiently.

Find out more about Level 1 IT Support by clicking here.

Level Two: Level 2 IT support is the next level of escalation which contains more expert tasks that level 1.This could include anything from a software access requirement to cyber security risks that need specialist escalation measures. These professionals are responsible for working with all levels of IT experts and often also provide support for customers and business contacts who require access to a companies operating system.

Find out more about Level 2 IT Support by clicking here.

Level Three: The most senior level of IT support an organisation can have is Level 3, which relates to the top-level activities needed to keep a company operating safely. This can cover anything from security compliance to whole company cloud performance, offering a unique form for every type of business. This offers a huge benefit when outsourcing support as the professionals at this level command high salaries meaning that companies with small budgets can still have access to expensive talent.

This level, like the others, is largely automated but does rely on specialised support from the most senior or IT personnel to keep things operating successfully.

Find out more about Level 3 IT Support by clicking here.

What Skills Can Full Service IT Support Provide?

What is full service IT support
What is full service IT support

The below roles are all covered by full IT service support:

  • IT Technicians
  • Cloud Architects, Consultants, and Engineers
  • Computer Programmers
  • Network Engineers and Architects
  • IT Analysts
  • Software Managers
  • UI and UX Experts
  • Hardware Managers
  • Telecommunications Specialists
  • Systems Architects

As you can imagine, the skills attached to these roles are broad and advanced, meaning that companies get access to all this talent from just one service provider.

One of the main areas that a full service benefits is network security. If you want to find out more about network security, you can click here, but in short, it is the complete management of a business’s operations to protect it from breaches. The experts covered by this level of service mean that every inch of an organisation’s security is covered. Everything from email security to entire network positioning can be succinctly managed.

The skills also lend themselves to companies within all industries. For companies with greater risk, such as eCommerce providers, every part of the offering lifecycle can be expertly designed and controlled without needing additional parties.

Finally, one of the main benefits is not having to give multiple companies access to your sensitive data. By having one agency that manages everything, data processes can be controlled much more closely, which reduces risk and improves efficiency.

Does a Full Service IT Support Sound Like Something That Your Business Could Do With?

With the fast-paced nature of modern business, it is not uncommon for there to be many different agencies contributing to a businesses success. This is great, but can cause for some unalignment from strategy is too many people are involved.

IT is one of the departments that you can streamline by choosing to work with a full service agency. Providing you with peace of mind that your needs are being met without budgets being exceeded, this allows companies to stay in control of their budgets and meet their strategic needs.

You can find out more about our own services by clicking here.

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