As a modern brand, it is essential to look for ways of being able to improve security as a business, and this is something that plays a massive role in long-term success you might have. It is important that you come up with some of the best approaches you can take that will help you make your company more secure. This is something that Cyber Essentials Plus is going to help you with, and you need to make this a key focal point for the company.

When you are looking to take the best possible steps, this is something that you need to bear in mind as a business. Having a more organised and secure setup is going to play a massive role in allowing you to make the most of this. It is important to gain an understanding of what Cyber Essentials Plus is, why it matters for your business, and how Creative Networks can help.

What is Cyber Essentials Plus?

What is Cyber Essentials Plus?

Cyber Essentials Plus is the follow-on award programme that businesses can apply for once they have secured Cyber Essentials. It helps to keep your online business operations safe and secure, as well as making sure that the essential components of Cyber Essentials are being correctly upheld. The NCSC came up with this compliance scheme, and it is an internationally recognised certification that is applicable to all businesses of all sizes.

The great thing about Cyber Essentials Plus is that it delves deeper into the core tenets of Cyber Essentials, and helps you to focus on ensuring that these areas are being properly looked after. Of course, you will need to make sure you get external vulnerability testing done to validate this. It’s worth noting that you need to have Cyber Essentials before you can secure Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation.

How Does it Differ from Cyber Essentials?

One of the most important things you need to understand when you’re looking to implement the right security processes is determining the differences between Cyber Essentials Plus and NIST. The main difference that you need to be aware of is that Cyber Essentials Plus is a security compliance designed to make your business stronger and more secure, whilst NIST is a risk management framework.

Both play an important role in making your business better, and this is something you are going to need to focus on as much as you can. Try to make sure you implement both of these into your company as much as you can, in order to achieve greater levels of success. When choosing what works best for your business you probably want to be looking at both of these things, and there are so many ways they can be beneficial.

Why is This Important for Your Business?

As a modern business, it is important for you to be able to improve the way you run your company, and this is something that plays a big role in your success. One of the key elements to think about when it comes to improving your business is through the use of Cyber Essentials Plus. You should always be looking at some of the best ways to make your company more secure.

You need to think about some of the best changes that all play a role in helping you to improve this process as much as you can. This is something you are going to need to get right, and making sure you focus on the key elements of the business in order to make it more secure is really important. You have a lot of steps you can take to work on this, and Cyber Essential Plus is one of the best and most effective options you can use.

Here are some of the biggest and best advantages to implementing Cyber Essentials Plus, and making sure you get this part of the process right as much as you can:

  • Improves business security
  • Helps you keep on top of things
  • Adds an extra dimension to your Cyber Essentials
  • Boosts company reputation
  • Allows you to be more compliant
  • Opens up more doors for you
  • Makes it easier to secure other jobs
  • Gives you peace of mind
  • Helps you secure other certifications
  • And more…
How Do You Get Cyber Essentials Plus?

How Do You Get Cyber Essentials Plus?

Securing Cyber Essentials Plus is something that all good businesses should be looking to do, but there is a process involved in it. One of the best things you can do to make the most of this is to ensure you have Cyber Essentials in the first instance, as you won’t be able upgrade to Plus without having the original first. It is also important to think about what it takes to actually gain your accreditation, and one of the best ways of doing this is to get your business independently audited.

Knowing what is required for Cyber Essentials Plus is important for this, and you also need to know how much it costs. When it comes to securing this accreditation as a business, you need to be clear about what to expect from this. Cyber Essentials Plus is something that you need to get right as much as you can, and there are a lot of ideas that will help you in this regard. Getting this is one of the best steps you can take as a business, and you need to focus on how to achieve this moving forward.

Is it Mandatory for Your Business?

When you are considering how to be more successful, it is important that you take steps that will allow you to protect and improve the company. Now, in a lot of cases, this will mean fulfilling mandatory requirements for the business, but Cyber Essentials Plus is not mandatory. This is one of those processes that you can elect to do yourself, but that all businesses should be implementing. It is the perfect way of being able to look after your business, and protect it long-term from threats.

It also illustrates that you are serious about your company and its future, and you want to be as secure as possible. This is ideal for providing you with peace of mind, and helping to give your customers peace of mind knowing that you are focused on looking after their sensitive data and information. Whilst it is not mandatory for your business, we would strongly recommend all businesses to make sure they are implementing Cyber Essentials Plus into their working day, and improving the company as a result.

How Much Does it Cost?

You probably want to know about the cost involved, and whether this is going to be in your business budget. Cyber Essentials Plus starts from a cost of £1,650+ VAT, and the price rises depending on the size of your business. We believe this is a very affordable price, not to mention an essential business investment, so you need to try to make the most of this moving forward. Sometimes in business you have to spend money to help you make money, and this is a good example of that.

How Can Creative Networks Help?

How Can Creative Networks Help?

At Creative Networks, we have a dedicated team of talented and knowledgeable experts, who are well-placed to be able to focus on this, and it is vital to use the skill set we have. Not only do we have a wealth of knowledge and information to provide you with when it comes to Cyber Essentials Plus, we can also give you advice and guidance on how to get certified, and what tips might help you.

There are plenty of measures you can take that will allow you to secure this without difficulty, and our advice is going to help considerably. We can also work closely with you to help you understand why your company needs Cyber Essentials Plus, as well as what is involved in securing this. Get in touch with our team today, and let’s get the ball rolling on this as soon as possible.

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