At Creative Networks, we are proud to be a company that holds ethical and fair trading in high regard. That is why we are thrilled to have become an official G-Cloud 13 partner to further enhance the services we are able to offer.

What is G-Cloud 13?

g-cloud supplierDesigned to make IT procurement easier for small and medium-sized companies, G-Cloud 13 is a framework for approved suppliers that offer digital purchases. Available for the public sector and government-based businesses; the structure allows for simplified procurement processes with a range of qualified companies to choose from. All companies included are fully compliant with industry standards and meet the various needs that can be found within the Public Contracts Regulations that were published in 2015. 

Not only does the G-Cloud 13 framework represent a modern approach to public sector digital purchasing, but it also allows for uniform governance to be applied to all companies involved. This provides the client with improved peace of mind and allows for projects to be awarded much more quickly.

We are a fan of cloud-based services, which is one of the reasons we wanted to become a registered G-Cloud 13 supplier. Not only do they offer companies a chance to adopt contemporary and hybrid ways of working, but they also offer superior security and flexibility, which elevates IT infrastructures to no end.

As a government-approved supplier, we are proud to bring quality IT and security services to various businesses. Achieving brilliant value for money and speedy services is at the very core of what we do, which is further enhanced by this position as a trusted partner.

G-Cloud 13 is a digital marketplace which allows public sector companies to search for trusted companies to fulfil their IT needs in a compliant way. We are included within the supplier directory, so we can be found easily alongside some other companies that hold professional operating as a core value.

Our extensive portfolio of IT services means we can be found within many different categories, and as such, we also offer cross-reaching bespoke services so that companies do not need to pay for multiple different suppliers.

G-Cloud 13 allows businesses to select the supplier they wish to work with and award the job directly, removing lengthy procurement and negotiation processes. From councils to schools, the platform allows efficiency to be improved for organisations of all sizes, resulting in stronger IT performance and higher levels of compliance.

Being able to place your company faster and know that you are choosing from top talent is a huge benefit.

What are the business benefits of using G-Cloud 13?

G-Cloud 13 has been founded out of a desire for public sector companies to be able to trade more wisely and professionally. The benefits of choosing approved and trusted partners include the following:

  • The service contains more than 40,000 services which allows companies to easily compare different offerings so that the right commercial decision can be made. As advocates of companies being in control of their own IT infrastructures, we believe that this is a brilliant option for public sector companies who are often constrained by many other regulations and procedures.
  • Jobs can be awarded quickly and easily which allows IT networks to be strengthened when required. As experts in cyber security, we believe that companies should always have the correct protection in place so that no data is exposed. For public sector companies, this is even more important as there is potentially more sensitive information which needs to be retained.
  • Insurance premiums are likely to be lower. By public and government sector companies choosing to align with approved suppliers, insurance companies have better peace of mind in knowing that legitimate companies are assisting with their client’s IT needs. This can result in lower premiums and an improved chance of being accepted by industry-relevant bodies.
  • Service providers can also be changed easily if required. The pre-approved procurement process means that a database of ready-to-use suppliers are on hand to fill company needs as soon as they arise.
  • Lower costs can also be experienced as rates have already been approved as being industry suitable. Information is also readily available for companies to see meaning they can choose suppliers that fit their own business models right from the outset.
  • The G-Cloud 13 agreement also boasts partners that are at the top of their fields. This means that the best experts are available for companies to access, allowing brilliant value for money and improved chances of project success.

The biggest benefit that we see is security compliancy from companies that are backed as being professional and safe to work with. As you can see from our case studies, we already support a wide range of different businesses, so we are thrilled to continue doing so within the public and government sectors.

One of the reasons that we are ideal for featuring within the G-Cloud 13 network is that we offer services that cover the entire breadth of the IT services industry. From security to facilitating daily work, we do it all.

IT support. You never know when your digital systems are going to experience issues. By having our team on hand 24/7, you can rest assured in knowing that any technical problems are resolved quickly so that no delays are caused to your company. This offers a cost-effective way to outsource your IT needs whilst ensuring that teams are never set back by issues that are outside of their control.

Managed phone systems. We can ensure your teams have access to all forms of communication software needed to operate professionally. From calendar-integrated in-house systems to mobile solutions, we can manage every component of your communications structure with complete ease. We also ensure any communication channels are safe to use which is essential for sensitive public sector data.

Disaster recovery services. As well as creating safe networks for teams to use, we specialise in creating recovery solutions that mean companies are never put in a vulnerable position. Ideal for businesses of all sizes, this form of contingency planning is essential when operating in the digital marketplace.   

Connect your teams with Microsoft Office 365. Used by over one million companies worldwide, Microsoft 365 allows your teams to access the software they need to work anywhere.

Data management. Take the stress off your shoulders when it comes to keeping your data and content safe with our team’s help. By professionally managing your data backup and storage, you lower the chance of losing vital information and improve compliance simultaneously. For public sector and government companies, this can be a complex process as it requires multiple levels of sign-off to be able to share access to data. By choosing a company that is already listed within the G-Cloud 13 network, these checks have already been done saving time and money for everyone.

Why choose to work with Creative Networks?

With more than 15 years of experience, we genuinely bring knowledge and resource that helps companies achieve operating greatness. By aligning with the G-Cloud 13 network, we further provide our professional IT management approach. Whether you are looking for help via the platform or require support in a different sector, our proven track record as a 5-star Google-rated company highlights how much success we have had to date.

Our services make sure your teams are put at the heart of everything, resulting in happier and much more efficient teams. From cloud-based technologies that facilitate collaborative working to glitch-free systems, we make it possible for you to create a strong company culture. We also have a deep understanding of public and private sector IT needs, making us the perfect partner, regardless of your business background.

When you choose to work with us, you will also gain access to not expertise in all areas of IT, as our team has varied skill sets. Bringing that talent in-house would cost you greatly and be different, given how hard IT recruitment can be. You can also check out our blog to represent how many IT areas we have specialist knowledge within.

Not convinced? You can find out more benefits of working with Creative Networks by clicking here.

Creative Networks is proud to be an official G-Cloud 13 partner. Our services have been perfected over many years and celebrate professional business operations as a core value. From improving data security to bringing hybrid teams together via established networks, our services prove that you can have a one fits all solution for every aspect of your IT infrastructure needs.

When you choose to work with us, you are not just benefiting from expert services, but also choosing to follow in the footsteps of many other successful companies who have also been happy clients of ours.

Please do contact us today to find out more about the benefits we can bring businesses as a G-Cloud 13 supplier.

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