Rochdale Sixth Form

In the short time since it first opened its doors, Rochdale Sixth Form’s results have truly established it as ‘best in class’. The secret of their success lies in the fact that they always put the students needs first. Rochdale Sixth Form is the only college in Rochdale to specialise in A-Levels.

Amelius Solicitors

Amelius Solicitors, a local legal firm, was at a position to grow it’s business, but was hindered due to the lack of IT infrastructure. There was no resilience in the email system, the Case Management System (CMS) was slow, users were unable to work remotely, and there was no inter-office communication. Even the online presence was well below standard for such a firm.

BP & Afton Chemicals

BP and Afton Chemical partnered on a joint venture to explore the next generation of fuel. With surging demands for fuel, it is vital for leading companies like BP and Afton Chemicals to stay at the forefront and constantly develop and refine fuel for both economy and efficiency. Whilst doing so, it also is fulfilling their social responsibility to protect the environment.

CNC Profile Engineering

CNCPE was truly traditional. They did not have a PC let alone a network. Using traditional methods was no longer efficient. Consultants from Creative Networks advised on the benefits and efficiencies IT can offer. Once convinced, Creative Networks was formally engaged. The lack of any infrastructure meant cabling, telecoms, computers, wireless and web services were missing and all needed implementing.

Robert Scott & Sons

The family business was first established in 1925, when a spinning and weaving mill producing cleaning cloths was opened by Robert Scott’s father James Scott. The business passed to Robert in 1939 and he continued running the business until 1959.

Language Empire

Language Empire was established in 2001. The company provides and supplies professional interpreters mostly to public sector organisations in the UK. The company first started providing services to organisations in North West England but later expanded its remit to other parts of the UK.