Finding the best software options for a business can be a complex task, thanks to the many available options. With over 3.6 million companies using Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Dynamics proving popular with over 74,000 users already, it’s clear that the software giant remains a popular choice.

One of the reasons we have such an established set of partners at Creative Networks is that we offer software services from multiple providers. Our Microsoft services are incredibly popular as a way for companies to harness the power of the technology powerhouse in a way tailored to their requirements.

A common question is whether Microsoft Dynamics comes with Office 365 or the tool is separate. In this article, we will answer that question as we all run through some ways companies can use these tools. To learn more, keep reading.

What Is Microsoft Office 365?

Before we jump into the purpose of this article, let’s first look at what the different programs offer, starting with Office 365.

Microsoft 365 is a suite of programs that can be used for personal or professional usage. Having launched back in 2017, the software combines the most popular Microsoft tools into one place, offering excellent value for money. This also allows the software to work together via the OneDrive tool that allows real-time syncing and offline working. Some of the most highly recognised programs included within Microsoft 365 are Excel, PowerPoint, Word and Teams.

The cloud-based solution is designed to boost productivity and meet the needs of all users. Whether someone needs to create a proposal document, build a financial spreadsheet or connect with colleagues via IM, Microsoft 365 allows it all. Although the software tool is ideal for home users, it is popular with commercial clients. As such, Microsoft reported more than 300 million active users per month during 2022.

What Is Microsoft Dynamics?

Microsoft Dynamics differs from Microsoft 365 as it’s aimed solely at business users. Aimed at small to medium-sized enterprises, the software package elevates performance while helping professionals reach their goals.

Dynamics 365 includes tools for finance and operations, sales, marketing, customer service, project service, field service, retail and talent, meaning all core functions are accounted for. The portfolio of intelligent business solutions has been created to allow companies to adapt to business needs in record time. This is made possible thanks to the advanced technology within each tool and the option to fully configure the portfolio of solutions depending on the customer’s needs.

Is Microsoft Dynamics Included Within Office 365?

Hopefully, you now understand how the packages differ. Office 365 is a cloud-based service, while Dynamics 365 is a subscription. As such, the two are not provided together, but companies can still harness the power of both software tools. A benefit of both is that customer and company data can be managed efficiently by configuring the software tools to meet each organisation’s requirements. This represents the opportunity to use both tools simultaneously.

The benefits of adopting this method include the following:

  • Stronger communication throughout a company but also with its customers.
  • Full access to software that is all backed up to one central location and covered by one set of security protective factors.
  • Allow each workforce member to configure their suite of programmes at no extra cost to the company once both memberships are accounted for.
  • Data and analytics can be pulled from all programs and fed into other software, allowing ease of content management.

How Do I Integrate Microsoft Dynamics With Office 365

How Do I Integrate Microsoft Dynamics With Office 365

If you have decided that you want the best of both worlds by combining the tools, you will be happy to know the process is simple!

Under your Microsoft 365 account, select admin and then choose integrations. Select Dynamics 365 and choose Enable. You will need to follow the authentication tools to link both accounts. Fully paid-for profiles will need to be available beforehand, and the master admin account is responsible for providing access to those requiring it.

Once integrated, users can benefit from access to programs from both software options, allowing full account customisation.

The Creative Networks team are on hand to help facilitate the integration of both Microsoft Dynamics and 365 for users. With one of our missions and values being to create stronger and more secure networks for companies, this helps us meet one of our core objectives. By working with our team, companies can not only establish a secure integration of both of the tools, but also effectively configure user accounts that are ready to use. This takes away the guessing work from employees who may not have used the software before instead replacing it with an informed and productive workforce. Providing access to the best software is something our leadership team are passionate about so it makes sense that this is one of our most highly used services. Contact us now to learn more.

What Are the Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics

What Are the Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics allows organisations to take their operational performance to the next level, especially when integrated with Office 365. As well as unlocking the full potential of teams, the benefits include the following:

Built-in Analytics For Informed Usage

Helping teams to remain informed, the integrated reporting and data tool allows insights into usage and trends to be derived. This provides an accurate representation of business-critical factors as it includes information that has been formulated using real-time information. Furthermore, Microsoft is constantly making usability updates to the tool, meaning data continues to become more intelligent and accurate as a company uses the tools.

Simple To Use

Each tool included within the Dynamics model is easy to use and configure, making them ideal for all users, no matter their skill level. The software allows users to create personalised accounts using the available tools to ensure the suite truly works for them. As with the other Microsoft tools, all programs are intuitive and include built-in support features should the user need more help. Furthermore, Dynamics includes country-specific functions for more than 50 countries, including language and grammar modifications.

Affordable and Efficient

The amount of programs included within the Dynamics suite offers excellent value for money for commercial clients. Prices for individual tools range from £16 per month and complete suites of programs from £85 per month. When you consider how much software can cost per user in an organisation, you will quickly understand what excellent value this offers companies. Whether you need tools for an account, marketing professional or CEO, the suite allows access to everything that could be possibly required, all within the one price per user.

Additionally, the advanced functionality and wide-reaching tools eliminate the need to outsource certain duties. The intelligent tools get the job done perfectly well. As the software is also cloud-based, this removes certain hard drive jobs for IT teams, allowing another area for cost savings to be noticed.

Ideal For Scaling

Last but not least, another benefit of Dynamics 365 is that companies can use the tools for easy scaling. The software suite can facilitate any activity, whether a business needs to pull back on operations or rapidly increase them due to a new opportunity.

The type and number of subscriptions can be altered easily, as is the case for the suite of programs that employees can access. As the name would suggest, the tools can offer a way for companies to operate dynamically if they are configured and used wisely.

Why Choose Creative Networks For Microsoft Dynamics Support?

As you can see from our accreditations, our proven experience is ideal for helping companies of all sizes. When it comes to creating unique and usable Microsoft suites, our team is best for the job. Thanks to our vast experience, knowledge of different sectors and IT expertise, our team is on hand to ensure your Microsoft suites are ideal for elevated success.

To find out more, click the link to learn who we are.

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