For anybody looking to find simple ways to optimise their business practices, even the smallest amount of research would have pointed you in the direction of Microsoft Dynamics. That being said, sometimes the jargon used can be a little intimidating and confusing, that is why we are here to share the information you need in the simplest way possible.

In this blog, we will share all the relevant information required to answer the question ‘What is Microsoft Dynamics used for?’

For any budding business, that’s just got its feet wet in their industry, or for those on the brink of breaking the bank, having your business optimised and in order is critical in maintaining and gaining momentum.

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What is Microsoft Dynamics?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a subscription-based service that is aimed solely towards business owners who need efficient IT-based operations. This differs from Office 365 which is accessible to anyone rather than for businesses specifically.

Microsoft Dynamics is one of multiple choices available for businesses to use, that being said, having an established business like Microsoft releasing a system optimised for businesses is a game-changer.

This is because Microsoft is renowned and thoroughly established within the computing space. Whether this be from its devices, or software, Microsoft is a trusted name for a reason.

Considering their success as a business, it would make sense that others would want to emulate the business practices of a highly successful company like Microsoft. So introducing a software made by leaders in the field of computing, software and business, is sure to catch people’s attention, and for good reason.

Is it better to have Microsoft Dynamics or Office 365?

Office 365 is a reliable software for businesses and individuals alike. However, Microsoft Dynamics is optimised specifically for business practices. This would make it the better option to have over Office 365 for businesses.

That being said, if you are a business who already has Office 365, it can easily be migrated into Microsoft Dynamics should you require that.

Is Microsoft Dynamics only available for PC?

No. Microsoft Dynamics is available to Mac users aswell as PC users. Additionally, Microsoft Dynamics has the capabilities to be installed as an app, making it available on smart phones and tablets. This enables the incredible functions of Microsoft Dynamics to be used on the go.

What is Microsoft Dynamics Used for?

What is Microsoft Dynamics Used for?

In the simplest terms, Microsoft Dynamics is used for businesses of various levels to organise a large variety of tasks that aim to optimise efficiency and improve the general operation of the business itself.

Microsoft Dynamics achieves these results through the large variety of tools it has on offer. These tools can deal with many things such as enabling automation of certain processes, database analysis to create relevant KPIs and predictions, and so much more.

The best thing is, that you only need to get what you need at the time, you can use more tools if your business growth requires it. Similarly, if you need to scale back your business, Microsoft Dynamics can accommodate for this too.

Can any business use Microsoft Dynamics?

Essentially, yes! Microsoft Dynamics accommodates for businesses of all sizes, and ages too! The latter is relevant as there are some businesses who have not fully committed to optomising their business via an online space.

A natural question that would arise would be around the amount you need to learn in order to use this system properly. Luckily, there many ways you can learn Microsoft Dynamics.

That being said, the best way to learn Microsoft Dynamics quickly is through Creative Networks. After a consultation, we tailor Microsoft Dynamics to the needs of your business, and the aims you are seeking to achieve.

As a result, you only need to learn what is relevant to your business at the time, our service extends beyond our initial consultation, we are here to provide assistance 24/7. Whether you want to add or remove functions, need help using a function, or are experiencing technical issues, we are on hand.

Is Microsoft Dynamics required to run a business?

No. Microsoft Dynamics is not a required software you have to have to begin running a business. However, it is fair to say that Microsoft Dynamics is required in order to run a business that has the best chances of survival and growth.

We say this because Microsoft Dynamics has all the tools you need. It can help your business maintain growth, address issues, and provide data for innovative/required changes that may cause stagnation or worse had that data not been seen.

What is the cost of Microsoft Dynamics?

What is the cost of Microsoft Dynamics?

The cost of Microsoft Dynamics will vary depending on the type of business you run, and the features you require. Usually, Microsoft Dynamics prices are offered on a ‘per user basis’.

If you are considered purchasing Microsoft Dynamics, we strongly recommend to contact us first. We can guide you in making the correct investment for your business when selecting the options available for Microsoft Dynamics.

Does Microsoft Dynamics need updating?

Yes. Like any software, Microsoft Dynamics will need to update at certain times. This can be in accordance with new features being installed, fixing compatibility issues with existing features, and more.

Does Microsoft Dynamics use AI?

Yes, certain functions used by Microsoft Dynamics are facilitated with the help of Artifical Intelligence. An example of this can be a prediction based on relevant data that has already been provided in the system.

Can Microsoft Dynamics be used in any country?

Microsoft Dynamics currently has over 50 languages available to choose from this enables connectivity with customers outside of your country, in addition to employees who are internationally based.

The language capabilities of Microsoft Dyanmics will undoubtedly grow to meet its increasing user base. As this continues, the ease of understanding available to users will only extend, causing further growth in the businesses that have an international consumer base or employees.

Do Microsoft Dynamics partners run the system?

No. A Microsoft Dynamics partner is a person or organisation that has received an official accreditation from Microsoft that proves that they have learned Dynamics to a point in which they can officially teach, or provide assistance to others that use Microsoft Dynamics.

The inner workings of the Microsoft Dynamics system are run by employees of Microsoft. They handle many factors including but not limited to…

  • Security
  • Updates
  • Analytics
  • Technical issues
  • Optimisation
  • Consumer feedback
  • Functionality

and much more

Make the most out of Microsoft Dynamics today

Make the most out of Microsoft Dynamics today

At Creative Networks we make it our business to make your business run smoothly. With over 15 years of experience, we help to optimise the running of your business in an ever-advancing digital age. Our expansive list of partners in the IT industry over the years is a testament to the stellar services we provide, as per our values.

In this blog, we have insightful information and answers to the question ‘What is Microsoft Dynamics used for?’

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