The abundance of features available with Microsoft Dynamics 365 can make it a complicated process when it comes to learning everything you need to know. This is especially true for new users.

So Is there a way to learn everything quickly and easily? Or is every user required to put hours of research into learning how to use the software?

In this blog, we will share all the relevant information required to answer the question ‘How to learn Microsoft Dynamics 365?’

For any budding business, that’s just got its feet wet in their industry, or for those on the brink of breaking the bank, having your business optimised and in order is critical in maintaining and gaining momentum.

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The basics of Microsoft Dynamics

The basics of Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics is a software available on almost all devices that operates on a subscription basis. Designed and maintained by Microsoft, this software was designed with businesses in mind.

As such, it has a variety of tools that redefine what it means to organise a business efficiently whilst optimising for growth and not increasing costs.

In a world where fine margins can be the difference in sustaining and exponential growth, Microsoft Dynamics provides the sharp edge required for cutting away from the competition and moving towards bespoke optimisation.

If you are familiar with Microsoft Office 365, you can expect an in-depth and highly customisable platform with Microsoft Dynamics. Furthermore, some capabilities allow you to integrate Office 365 with Microsoft Dynamics should you require it.

Is Microsoft Dynamics free?

No. Microsoft Dynamics is available as a paid subscription service. Depending on the functions you require from Microsoft Dynamics, the price paid can vary. However, for those hesitant to invest, a free-trial version is available to give you a brief understanding of what to expect with Microsoft Dynamics.

How to learn Microsoft Dynamics 365

How to learn Microsoft Dynamics 365

You can learn how to use Microsoft Dynamics in numerous ways. However, this depends on the reason why you have Microsoft Dynamics in the first place. We will address the two main reasons why people have Microsoft Dynamics and the methods they can take to learn it.

1.   To become a Microsoft Dynamics Partner

A Microsoft Dynamics Partner is a person or organisation that has received official accreditation from Microsoft that enables them to install or deal with Microsoft Dynamics on behalf of other users.

Being a Microsoft Dynamics partner can be a fruitful endeavour with the potential to earn a respectable wage, it is worth an enquiry if I.T. is your passion or something you want to explore. Potential Microsoft Dynamics partners can learn by…

  • Registering with Microsoft PartnerSource.
  • Becoming part of the Microsoft Dynamics social community.
  • Install the free trial version of Microsoft Dynamics to get a basic understanding of how it works.

2.   To use the system for business efficiency

If your intention to learn Microsoft Dynamics is to bolster the capabilities of your business, there is a simple way to learn all the relative functions you need. By learning in this way you will be bypassing any irrelevant information, and learning what is solely relevant to you.

By obtaining the services of a Microsoft Dynamics Partner, you are taking the legwork out of learning the whole system from scratch. A team like Creative Networks is here to optimise your business by its size and needs.

What this means is that you only need to learn the functions that are relative to your business at the time. Additionally, you are under the guidance of experts who can assist you with any issue you may be experiencing with Microsoft Dynamics.

Why should you learn Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Learning the way Microsoft Dynamics operates, and how your input can make that operation better for your business is key in harnessing the benefits that Microsoft Dynamics can provide.

If you don’t learn how to use Microsoft Dynamics, or at the very least, understand the processes required in operating the software, you can quickly be overwhelmed by the features and functions available.

Of course, there are instances in which a lack of time or even physical issues can prevent someone from being able to learn Microsoft Dynamics. This is where Creative Networks can help, as we can install and optimise Microsoft Dynamics for new or existing users, in addition to being available to address technical issues.

How easy is it to learn Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Depending on the level of application you bring, Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be relatively easy to learn. Understandably, the time spent using the software will truly determine if anything has been learned or not.

If you are already using the services of a Microsoft Dynamics Partner, then it is in your best interest to ensure that you are taught to your level of comprehension.

Although there is no written test required to prove what you have learned, seeking the services of a Microsoft Dynamics Partner who is invested in your learning is key.

The benefit of having the assistance of a Microsoft Dynamics Partner is that you don’t need to learn any more than you need. As we mentioned, the software has a large range of tools, depending on the size of your business, you may not require their function immediately.

You can learn as you go, and learn as the needs of your business develop, this, in turn, lightens the load you have to carry when juggling learning a new system and handling the day-to-day runnings of your business.

Finding a Microsoft Dynamics partner for your business

If you require a Microsoft Dynamics Partner to help you organise and create a unique optimisation solution specifically for your business via Microsoft Dynamics, then Creative Networks is the best option for you.

Whether you have no experience or are used to Microsoft Office 365, we are acutely poised to create the best solution for you. As it was made by the same developer, Office 365 has the potential to be integrated into Microsoft Dynamics, if you have been using it already.

Even if you decide to use Office 365 after the fact, we make it easy for you to keep it smoothly integrated, organised and relevant to your business.

Our services don’t end after optimising Dynamics 365 for you. On the contrary, we are available to answer any queries or provide assistance via troubleshooting or other means 24/7.

Whether this be an issue in functionality, or the need to change your use of Dynamics 365 to reflect changes in your business, we are on hand.

For more information on how our services can help you, enquire today.

Make the most out of Microsoft Dynamics today

Make the most out of Microsoft Dynamics today

At Creative Networks we make it our business to make your business run smoothly. With over 15 years of experience, we help to optimise the running of your business in an ever-advancing digital age. Our expansive list of partners in the IT industry over the years is a testament to the stellar services we provide, as per our values.

In this blog, we have insightful information and answers to the question ‘How to learn Microsoft Dynamics 365?’

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