Microsoft Dynamics is a certified game-changer for businesses, once you get it, it may be overwhelming to those with little knowledge on how to optimise it. Having a little tech support is a life-saver in instances like this. But not anyone can help you make the most of Microsoft Dynamics. You need a partner.

In this blog, we will share all the relevant information required to answer the question ‘How to become a Microsoft Dynamics Partner?’

For any budding business, that’s just got its feet wet in their industry, or for those on the brink of breaking the bank, having your business optimised and in order is critical in maintaining and gaining momentum.

That’s where Creative Networks comes in, our vast experience in optimising business practices has allowed us to help businesses at the start of the journey, and those at their apex.

Since 2005 we have established a community with our customers and partners that has enabled us to gain notable accreditations. To see how we can help you, click here.

What is Microsoft Dynamics?

What is Microsoft Dynamics?

Microsoft Dynamics is a subscription-based service provided by Microsoft that is designed especially for businesses. It grants access to a host of helpful tools that can enable organisation, efficiency and growth of a business, without increasing costs.

In a world where fine margins can be the difference in sustaining and exponential growth, Microsoft Dynamics provides the sharp edge required for cutting away from the competition, and moving towards bespoke optimisation.

So now we understand the basics of Micrsoft Dynamics, what does it mean to be a Microsoft Dynamics Partner?

What is a Microsoft Dynamics Partner?

A Microsoft Dynamics Partner is an accreditation given to an organisation that has received official certification from Microsoft. This certification states that they have sufficient experience in installing and configuring Microsoft Dynamics.

In layman’s terms, it is the seal of approval from Micrsoft that the certified organisation is qualified to configure and install Micrsoft Dynamics for new and existing users.

Why should I be a Microsoft Dynamics Partner? Is it worth it?

Yes. If you have any intention of developing an established career in IT,  a sector that has never stagnated, and is always integrating unique solutions, then it is worth becoming a Microsoft Dynamics Partner. Especially considering the average salary of a Microsoft Dynamics Partner is around £55,000 a year, which is far above the national average.

Becoming a Microsoft Dynamics Partner opens the door for a career in IT. Its accessibility is only limited by your enthusiasm. With the online space being prime real-estate for every business, it is almost a certainty that those with a thriving business, or the intention to have a thriving business are using Dynamics 365.

As a Microsoft Dynamics Partner, you have the official approval from Microsoft to use Dynamics 365 to usher businesses of all sizes to use the very best IT-based solutions for businesses.

In turn, this allows you to expand the network you have created by facilitating the service you provide via Microsoft Dynamics. Your progression and growth are exemplified through the acquisition and retention of new and current customers. With country-specific functions for over 50 countries (including language and grammar modifications), you become well-equipped to handle customers on an international basis.

How to become a Microsoft Dynamics Partner?

How to become a Microsoft Dynamics Partner?

Becoming a Microsoft Dynamics Partner is a process that can take time depending on your learning process. Here is a step-by-step walkthrough on how to become a Microsoft Dynamics Partner.

  1. Register as a Microsoft Partner: This step has to be fulfilled first before becoming a Dynamics 365 partner.
  2. Understand the agreement that works for you: On the path to becoming a Dynamics 365 partner, you must know what kind of services you would want to deliver to your customers. This is known as your commercial agreement.
  3. Register to obtain relevant resources: You must register with a Microsoft PartnerSource. This is an online platform exclusively for Dynamics 365 partners. It grants access to incremental resources that will enable you to build a successful practice as a Dynamics 365 partner.
  4. Join the community: The Microsoft Dynamics social community is the best way to keep afloat and in the know regarding product updates that can affect you and your customers. The social community also provides an opportunity to network over a network, creating connections that allow you to expand and solidify your Microsoft Dynamics network.
  5. Begin a refined recruitment process:  The success of your Dynamics 365 team will largely depend on the people you hire to enable and support your chosen commercial agreement. Ensure you hire people who are willing to learn and have a committed passion for IT solutions.
  6. Lost and Found – Secure customers: Ensure that you have the right resources to find customers who need you. But also don’t forget to make it easy for anyone who’s looking to find you, preferably first.
  7. Don’t forget the aftercare: Your job is not over once you have installed and optimised Microsoft Dynamics for a customer. There are always going to be queries and practical problems that require streamlined solutions. Managing this effectively creates a reliable relationship with your customer, only serving to improve your reputation.
  8. Aim for Silver, go for Gold: Microsoft has had competency programs tiered as Silver and Gold. These were the highest levels of certification given to those with an established track record of providing fine-tuned and thorough services for Microsoft Dynamics users.

    Although this has been discontinued, Microsoft likely will once again seek to provide elite levels of certification to those deserving of it. Keep an eye out for any new enrollments for further competency programs. 

    The only way to get these is to keep up the good work!

Where can you find a Microsoft Dynamics Partner?

If you require a Microsoft Dynamics Partner to help you organise and create a unique optimisation solution specifically for your business via Microsoft Dynamics, then Creative Networks is the best option for you.

Whether you have no experience or are used to Microsoft Office 365, we are acutely poised to create the best solution for you. As it was made by the same developer, Office 365 has the potential to be integrated into Microsoft Dynamics, if you have been using it already.

Even if you decide to use Office 365 after the fact, we make it easy for you to keep it smoothly integrated, organised and relevant to your business.

Our services don’t end after optimising Dynamics 365 for you. On the contrary, we are available to answer any queries or provide assistance via troubleshooting or other means 24/7.

Whether this be an issue in functionality, or the need to change your use of Dynamics 365 to reflect changes in your business, we are on hand.

For more information on how our services can help you, enquire today.

Optimise Microsoft Dynamics with Creative Networks

Optimise Microsoft Dynamics with Creative Networks

At Creative Networks we make it our business to make your business run smoothly. With over 15 years of experience, we help to optimise the running of your business in an ever-advancing digital age. Our expansive list of partners in the IT industry over the years is a testament to the stellar services we provide, as per our values.

In this blog, we have insightful information and answers to the question ‘How to become a Microsoft Dynamics Partner?’

Whatever size your business is, and whatever size of help it needs, we have it covered, it is our goal to help you grow. You can find all of our company news here. For more about our story, follow this link. If you would like to get in touch with us, you can contact us here.

We are Creative Networks, we are IT.

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