Although ISO 27001 is the world’s best-known standard for Information Security Management Systems, it seems that for many companies, the transition from planning to obtaining the award is a confusing subject for many. ISO has a global growth rate of 20%, which speaks volumes for the success that the control measures can offer companies.

ISO 27001 is required to establish successful ISMS systems and ensure the policies, processes, and people associated with them are all operating at the best level of security compliance. As a framework that provides guidelines for establishing, implementing and managing ISMS needs. ISO 27001 offers a model that can be applied to any business. You will find plenty of advice online and from experts, such as the Creative Networks team, on how to manage, but in this article, we will look at how you can obtain the award in the first place.

Keep reading to find out exactly how your business can achieve ISO 27001 and how our team can support in the process.

What Is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is an award given to companies that demonstrate superior levels of cyber safety when it comes to ISMS operations. Awarded by the well-known ISO standards agency, the award is focused on cyber security being woven into operations. By looking at the people, processes, and technology that a company uses, the standard works to improve company-wide compliance with safeguarding security measures that minimise risk.

Having been adopted by some of the largest organisations, ISO 27001 is an essential component that many suppliers, customers, and competitors look for when assessing the status of a business. As we can check if a company is ISO 27001 certified via an online search, businesses can also showcase the award within their marketing materials, making for a compelling value proposition to all stakeholders.

The award uses the ISO approach to compliance based on process auditing and regular system updates in light of the latest threats the business and wider industry will likely face. This means ISO 27001 is never outdated as it offers an effective strategy to meet current risks. You can click the following link to learn more about what ISO 27001 is all about.

What Are the Requirements of ISO 27001?

A significant part of becoming certified is understanding the many requirements of ISO 27001 and how your organisation can successfully implement them. Without the right processes and measures, a business will not pass the first stage of auditing, as demonstrating both an understanding and working systems is vital. This is one of the reasons that some people consider ISO 27001 to be better than Cyber Essentials Plus, as many more requirements must be adhered to to provide a wider set of barriers to malicious activity.

ISO 27001 is made up of 114 controls. This may sound overwhelming, but we can confirm that it is, in fact, seven that are deemed as requirements to adopt for being formally awarded a compliance certificate.

The first is to have a defined ISMS project scope, which comes in the form of a published set of guidelines, including how things are managed, the controls in place, the expectations for long-running adherence, and the disaster recovery plan in place should a breach occur. This document carries out audits, so it is one of the most important requirements. Similarly, there must also be an official risk assessment procedure and published calendar for when assessments will be carried out. Forming the operations and strategy parts of ISO 27001 gives everyone in the company the tools needed to work while being compliant. Both of these requirements are also supported by performance measurement outlines responsible for assessing the ongoing ISMS performance and adherence to the broader ISO 27001 control measures. Relevant to individual and top-level performance, this also forms part of the audit structure deemed essential by the company to keep everything on track.

On the subject of people, several requirements satisfy this part. These are resource planning, non-conformity management processes, and demonstrate commitment from leadership. ISO 27001 is hinged on compliance from an entire business, and when audits take place, they touch on every person and process available; hence, it is a formal requirement.

Last but not least are defined security objectives, which must have company-wide awareness. These must be compliant with ISO 27001 but also reflective of the company’s operating sector to ensure the best chance of success.

How Does the ISO 27001 Certification Process Work?

How Does the ISO 27001 Certification Process Work?

The process for becoming ISO 27001 certified takes place across a few stages which are outlined below:

  1. A detailed gap must occur to understand what work needs to be done to get the company to the level that ISO 27001 expects. It is also recommended at this stage that companies choose their awarding body and IT support that will see them.
  2. A two-step audit occurs once the business is confident they are at the ISO stage. The official accessory conducts stage one audit and includes a pragmatic look at all documents and processes. During this phase, the suitability of your published policies is examined to ensure safety is guaranteed over the long term. This is followed by stage two, a scoping exercise carried out during phase one. It is vital as sufficient alignment, and robust policies are the only way you will pass this audit.
  3. The assessor then sends all audited findings for official certification if happy that the requirements and controls have been successfully implemented.

How Long Does It Take To Become ISO 27001 Certified?

How Long Does It Take To Become ISO 27001 Certified?

Becoming ISO certified is a different process for every business, as you have likely ascertained from the previous information in this article. This means confirming a set time is impossible, as organisations will all enter the process at different stages.

The advice that we can provide is to be as prepared as possible. Carry out the gap analysis, engrain the ISO standards within the company culture, and work with established professionals who can keep the process running efficiently for you. It can take anywhere between a few months to a year to obtain the certificate.

After three years, an application must be made again to obtain the certification. However, as the processes should be well established and the ISMS functioning safely, it will take much less time than the initial application.

How Can Creative Networks Help Companies With ISO 27001?

With the cost of ISO 27001 certification being higher than some other compliance standards, we are sure you all want to know how to pass the first time. There are also additional expenses, such as staff training and internal operations changes, that are factored into the overall cost that will be spent, which is why we always say time is of the essence.

At Creative Networks, we offer various ISO certification support, with ISO 27001 being one of our most popular. Our team can help with all stages of preparation and ongoing ISMS support to ensure audits run smoothly with positive outcomes. Our wider cyber security services also feed into a healthy ISMS, which means we can tackle issues before they are even included within the ISO remit.

We also offer a full consultation service, which means questions such as, “Should I get SOC 2 or ISO 27001?” and “Do I need Cyber Essentials if I have ISO 27001?” can be answered directly to your business. Contact us today to learn more about how our team can support you. As experts in all things ISO 27001, we can help any business become and remain compliant in no time!

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