Did you know that employees averagely spend 33% of their working day using the phone? Making calls and sending messages is one of the main ways your teams can connect with people in your business and in other companies.

Professional Phone Services from Creative Networks have been created to allow companies safe ways of maintaining strong lines of communication. Whilst this business activity may be traditional, it has not been able to escape the risks of modern operations. Phone Services are a vital component of cyber security aid and require expert management.

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Why are Phone Services important for a business?

Phone services for businesses cover the entire breadth of online and traditional communications as a way to facilitate essential activities. You may think that this form of action doesn’t need much consideration, but you would be mistaken if that were the case.

Phone services are important in companies of all sizes for the following reasons:

Keep teams connected. 75% of employees believe collaboration and teamwork are pivotal to strong experience levels. All forms of phone services allow hybrid and remote teams to stay in touch even if they never work together. This also improves operations within an office, as updates can be provided quickly when the right communication channels are in place.

This prevents frustrations and makes for a happier company culture.

Reaching customers. As many as 62% of customers say that speaking to someone over the phone is a benefit as it provides a human-to-human interaction. Phone services are therefore essential for allowing customers to connect with teams and employees to be able also to call out.

There is also a lot that can be said for saying something instead of typing it. Stronger bonds can be built from phone communications which offer companies a chance to improve brand perception, customer loyalty, and team cohesion, all with one investment.

Increased agility and efficient ways of working. Phone services of all forms make employees more productive. The more system and hardware solutions available, the more efficiently a team member can work. This offers further benefits, including time-saving, issue resolution and risk mitigation, to name a few.

Ability to work from anywhere. With 78% of employees still working hybrid or remotely, phone services facilitate the modern way of working. This proves that it is even more important to manage the process professionally, as this form of operations can expose a company to further Cyber Security risks.

Can I choose not to have Phone Services for my business?

You can, of course, choose to work however you see fit, and if that is without phone services, that is your choice. We do think, though, that not investing in a professional phone setup hinders performance because of the above-listed benefits. While virtual messaging offers a great way to add additional forms of communication into the mix, it doesn’t cover all needs.

If you had a customer who wasn’t online, experienced a software issue, or didn’t have enough staff to monitor the digital inbox, your business would quickly receive negative attention.

Phone services are an aspect of business that has been in place for a long time and, despite digital transformations, remain the best way of connecting people for various needs.

What do Phone Services from Creative Networks include?

The professional Phone Services products from Creative Networks cover all forms of communication. Our approach to Telecommunications is focused on collaboration, security, and ease of use, which all our solutions embody.

Phone Systems

Offering a way to install in-person and virtual systems, our teams work to configure both hardware and software for your bespoke operating requirements. Do achieve the best results, we have chosen 3CX Phone Systems and engineers to do this.

This modern approach to traditional handsets ensures that teams have access to intelligent technology that meets the needs of each employee. The systems can also be used onsite and connected to safety when working, thanks to the application management additions remotely. We are also Gold Partners with 3CX, meaning we have our own expert knowledge of how to implement these bespoke phone solutions for any business.

Our phone systems further our commitment to the cloud by offering full connectivity and back-up services from any location. Finished with sleek hardware and ongoing support, these solutions will suit companies of all sizes and help teams always to feel professional.

Cloud Solutions

Speaking of the cloud, we also offer desktop and mobile UC applications which do not have to be connected to existing phone equipment as another solution for managing phone services.

With features including 3-way calls, built-in authentication, full call management, and integrated security, it covers all bases for working remotely. To further improve the use of this form of phone services, our team are also expert in configuring software and providing hardware as a worker is only as good as the tools they have.

This form of phone service means that operations always need to continue, allowing companies to work 24/7 if they so wish.

Mobile Phones

We also offer brilliant sim-only deals for business clients. We have partnered with phone experts Vodafone and O2 to ensure unique service terms and competitive pricing, as we understand that mobile phones are essential for any business.

Having a professional mobile service is about communications and giving employees access to other operating programmes. An example is that 60% of employees say they use at least one app to carry out their daily tasks. With the right sim-only contracts, you can ensure that teams have enough data to efficiently manage their operations without incurring costly additional expenses.

All our sim-only plans also come as a 30-day rolling contract, with 4G internet and nationwide coverage. This ensures your teams have full accessibility without the financial commitment of a long-term and restrictive contract.

Why is it a good idea to choose professional management for your companies Phone Services?

Phone services are still at risk of security breaches, which is why we would always recommend professional management and solutions.

If you have a Cyber Security plan in place, your phone services should already be an intrinsic part of this. Threats include unsecure Wi-Fi, phishing scams, line interceptions, and spyware attacks to name just a few.

Our experts know exactly how to keep companies safe. That is why each of our Telecommunications solutions is embedded with top security that keeps your company and employees safe. If not considered, you could be unknowingly letting hackers access to your company with each phone call!

This is also essential as phone services make up most remote operations. As a part of the wider IT network, they are therefore covered by compliance regulations and vulnerability management.

Why Creative Networks?

With more than 15 years of experience, we know a thing or two about installing professional phone networks into companies of all sizes. Whether you want traditional handsets or need to take things mobile, we have the solution for you! Also suitable for both small and large teams, we can create bespoke networks that keep your business always communicating effective.

Our services make sure your teams are put at the heart of your security plans, meaning everyone feels informed and secure in how they can communicate. We offer a range of solutions that meet the operating needs of a business as we believe that everyone should feel empowered by the technology and software that they have been given to work with.

We also work directly with management and IT strategy planners to ensure that you have been given access to all possible choices. Need to change your set ups? We can also work with already established phone services to ensure you are upgraded to the way of working that your business deserves.

When you choose to work with us, you will also gain access to not expertise in all areas of IT, as our team has varied skill sets. To bring that amount of talent in-house would cost you greatly and be different, given how hard IT recruitment can be. You can also check out our blog as a representation of how many areas IT that we have specialist knowledge within.

You will also benefit from best-in-class service as providing excellent results is something we hold highly important, which can be seen in our 5-star Google rating!

Not convinced? You can find out more benefits of working with Creative Networks by clicking here.

Ready to connect with the wider world thanks to interruption-free Phone Services?

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