AI is a tool that has many industries excited thanks to its efficiency offerings and money-saving qualities. However, a recent report by the UK government on Frontier AI has highlighted that potential cybersecurity risks can be greatly enhanced due to this digital resource. This is a point of view that digital experts Creative Networks have long backed and is one of the reasons for the constant advances being added to their cyber security service.

Opening The Gateway For Malicious Intent?

You may be reading this article and slightly confused about how AI can increase risk. That is something you would not be alone in thinking, as overall, AI should be a tool that keeps operations safe. However, along with the hands-off approach that is offered, so are the added opportunities for hackers to take advantage of software. 

Generative AI allows the faster creation of content but also offers larger-scale methods for hackers to access content. This is done by creating bespoke phishing methods and replicating malware, which is enough to trick the AI tools into allowing access at the minimum of levels. This represents enough room for access to be gained and data to be affected.

Most digital threats associated with AI relate to online fraud, impersonation and cyber-attacks through the hacking of AI settings. However, it is not all doom and gloom, as the same report also highlights the soaring potential that AI offers for strengthening cyber security setups for companies of all sizes. With any risk also comes opportunity. Thanks to this forward-thinking approach to AI configuration and robustness, hackers are quickly becoming outnumbered when compared to clued-up companies who know how to keep their AI tools protected.

Using AI Confidently is Key

Although the risk may be higher, so are the opportunities for AI to provide a resilient barrier to malicious activity.

Creative Networks confirms that having a cyber security framework and strategy is vital to using AI effectively. The experts help organisations from all sectors create a cyber framework which works for them. This involves using the right tools, having educated teams, and regularly updating processes to keep security measures current. Without all of these factors working together succinctly, AI does offer a way for hackers to access company information. 

One of the methods that Creative Networks helps organisations group these factors is through security compliance certifications. The most attainable of these is Cyber Essentials, which requires companies to update IT infrastructures with given management tools that promote resilience. When using generative AI, strong configuration is needed, which is also how hackers can get into a company’s network. With Cyber Essentials and the other cyber security compliance measures on offer, these risks are greatly reduced.

The tech experts also offer cyber awareness training, which includes AI support. They believe that giving employees the tools needed to operate confidently is more than half of the battle when it comes to eliminating the chance of hacking.

Creative Networks are constantly learning about AI risks and apply those findings to their plethora of clients. To learn more about the risks that your business could be facing or to enquire about support, contact the team today.

About Creative Networks

Creative Networks has been supporting companies in achieving safe IT operations since 2005. With their original Managing Director still at the helm of operations, the company has gone from strength to strength with an ever-expanding set of services that meet the modern demands of IT operations. 

From supporting security compliance implementation to acting as an extension of in-house teams, the company has a team of expert engineers offering professional support. Their work spans many sectors and industries, with expertise available to support various needs. With big names associated with the business, including BP and Suzuki, their companies’ credentials speak for themselves.

In recent years, Creative Networks has been at the helm of hybrid advancements, having supported many companies to transition to modern ways of working with complete ease. As experts in AI, cyber security, and everything else, this Manchester-based business is a brilliant choice for wary companies across the UK looking to create safe digital landscapes.

To learn more, visit or call 03303 337337.

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